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I was cleaning out one of my email accounts (it was full of hundreds of spam emails) when I noticed something strange...

From: legal[at]

Titled: "Govt of India desires to register "" for itself".

The body of the email is provided below. But to get to the point, they have forcefully taken one of my domain names which I bought from another member here at NP for $xxx figure not so long ago.

From what I understand, the government suddenly decided they wanted this domain name - so they took it. That was about it. Unfortunately I didn't see the email till earlier today (it was dated 2 months ago). According to the TOS apparently they do this as they please?! I find that rather disturbing.

The domain was continously registered since 2008. It is was a premium 3 letter .in domain. Now, I'm a little concerned how many of my other domains are at risk of being WANTED by the Indian Govt. I have close to 100 premium .in domains which are worth between $70-$200 on the reseller market, but worth a lot more to me as I bought them with a long term plan. I only sell the premiums at end-user prices so losing such a name is similar to a $1000 loss.

Not really sure I can do anything about this, I doubt theres much... just seems a tiny bit unfair.

Is this common practice? Has anyone else heard of or been victim of something like this?.

Body of email below:..

Comments (29)

As you have not posted the name can we assume that it relates to something associated with gov or similar?.

There have been a number of cases where .in's have been "taken" not just by gov...

Comment #1

It currently forwards to a Govt. site, I wasn't aware it was government related. Its a random mix of letters (CVC format) as far as I was concerned. I have a few other very similar names and I guess if they wanted another they could just as easily create an acronym and take it.

I've pretty much accepted the loss, I know theres likely not much that I can do. However, I am a little bitter that this can happen. At the end of it, we domain investors (or anyone who buys a domain) is at loss - the fact that the name was freely available to register and the registrar made money from us has no relevance at all.

Not sure if there is any point posting the name here - but I'll PM if anyone wants to know...

Comment #2

I'd ask the registrar under what Indian Government Rule they transferred the domain to the Indian Government...

Comment #3

PM please, I have a few that may border on the risky side!Likely to get some little jobsworth having a go at a lot now...

Comment #4

The domain was at - so I'll be in touch with them. However, I'm guessing they'll point to that "clause 12" as mentioned in the opening post.

Indian domains (especially make up about 30% of my entire portfolio, so it's a concern that something like this can happen. As I said before, if certain names are not allowed to be registered then why are they freely available? Shouldn't registrars be disallowing them from being registered?.

Anyway, PM sent to wot...

Comment #5


There is prob little you can do if the terms and conditions of registering .in domains includes such rights.

I guess it's a rare occurrence so you should prob not worry about the rest of your .in stock...

Comment #6

For what it's worth, a while ago someone suggested me to always register .in domains with notable indian registrars only because, in cases like this, you can get in touch with their customer care and they have a direct contact with the registry ( seems to be a good choice), unlike non-Indian registrars...

Comment #7

I thought the opposite and moved them to / :-/ I guess I should've researched rather than assuming. Either way, not sure it would have made a difference.

I probably only have about 20 or so names left at - but I'll keep that in mind for future reference. Thx..

Comment #8

This is why I quit investing in ccTLDs. The .SC decided to triple renewal rates with no notice. Then .TV raised premiums, lowered premiums, and later dropped some premiums.

The entire .cc spectrum is ripe for abuse. IMO...

Comment #9

Yeah I guess this is one of the downsides that we aren't always aware of. Its hard enough abiding by the rules of ones own country than to have to start learning and understanding anothers. Although, in this case I feel it's less to do with breaking any rules and more to do with someone just taking something just because they can.

Makes me wonder - what would happen if say the US or UK government deciced they needed/wanted one of my random meaningless acronyms? Can / will they just take it?..

Comment #10

Thats why I stick with .com,.net,.org and wont pay much for any ccTLDs...

Comment #11

Sorry to hear about this rico.the indian govt's action is not encouraging at all, but, I do think it's an infrequent action relative to how many .ins are currently registered.its not all that bad though,because you can still find some other good names to buy on np.i own 1 that the is a govt website, but I think thats it.hopefully we dont hear of another one of these cases for a while.....

Comment #12

Rico sent me the name.

I think we can safely say that as unfair as it may seem it was a name that relates directly to an Indian Gov department and internet biased at that.

Simply be aware and try to check names that little bit more before registering of buying-caveat emptor.

Hopefully it's a one off Rick!..

Comment #13

To me it doesn't seem right, you would figure as the govt of India you would be part of the registration/release of the .in.

With that said, they should then be part of registering these immediately before they even become available. Rather than wait for someone to develop and take the domain.

+1 for .us..

Comment #14

Sorry to hear about that but.....maybe you can get a lawyer to do some pro bono work for you(depends on the circumstances) :-) and sue the crap out of the ind. gov.!!.




Comment #15

It'd be interesting to see how things go if Rico actually sues the government. However, given their terms, I don't think there is any recourse whatsoever. As far as investing in ccTLDs go, I kinda stopped buying them given their low resale value (unless you get lucky).

I like geo ccTLDs and I do still buy .us at times. Our government is unlikely to use .us for redirection to a .gov.

Most ccTLDs are at risk when it comes to stuff like this as most countries do not even have a set of established rules when it comes to domains except for who can register. The more popular and important a ccTLD becomes, the more "rules" are added to it!..

Comment #16

That's exactly my point. When buying this domain I hadn't even considered that the Govt. of India would want it considering it was freely available to register at one point - and furthermore it was already registered for two years prior to my purchase.

As you say (GoQuickly) it is totally unfair this was allowed to happen. Had it been a certain TM and a company had requested it's release then I wouldn't feel as hard done by. But being the actual Govt. I'm annoyed that the name wasn't reserved prior to release or at least registered shortly after.

I bought it for about $140 but what if it had been resold to an end-user for my asking price (which was $1500)? That end-user would then have suffered a much bigger loss. Thanks Kemjika, I know it's a rare case and certainly hope it doesn't repeat itself much but the point is that we have no protection nor any chance of reimbursement.

As I asked before, would this happen in the .com / extensions? Lets say you'd owned for the past 10 years, could the US / UK government suddenly decide they want it because they've opened a new department which goes by that acronym? I'm not so sure, but I'm sure it would cause quite an uproar if they just decided to take it from the owner...

Comment #17

Rico, if you read registration rules for ALL extensions, you'll realise all domains could be taken by the relevant govt authority at any time.

Plus the registrar agreement concerning registrations also covers this, so you have no legal recourse, count it as a loss and move on.

I'm assuming the domain was parked, usage has a very important role to play with what is seen as 'legitimate' use...

Comment #18

Yeah I know, I wasn't planning on any legal action anyway - the TOS pretty much dashed that option out of the window. But I'll have to read up on other extensions (.com in particular) and see if that's also the case there. Seems very harsh if it is.

As for usage, it wasn't parked - just redirecting to my own site...

Comment #19

For anyone interetsed in "the LLL name"..I can guess and (I m sure) that the name is DoubleIncomeTradingin.

(First letter of all the above words highlighted in RED).

RicoShay bought is here.

NO offence but Just a little question to Rico:.

Why did you say it was "the best" name in the thread where you bought it?.

Didn't you really know what that meant??.

The result of that "particular search" still bring the govt's site at the first result..

I am sure that everybody of us make a "G" search before buying anything..

Just like everybody I am also feeling sorry for you,but it's just a little doubt that do we care before buying any name if it directly or indirectly belongs to the Government.??.

Also I am wondering what "Telepathy" is doing with G0V dot co dot in,a domain which gets almost 50K visits a month.I think the domain was previously with Jeff..

End Notes:.

01.I wasn't having money at that time,otherwise I would have bought that name..

02.I too have a domain that somehow relates to the Indian Govt...

Comment #20

Thanks for that, but if I wanted to make the name public I would have done so myself.

Nevermind. No offence taken. For me personally the two names I bought at that time were the best out of that list considering the price vs quality - both CVC with premium letters / usable as acronyms or as pronouncables / brands. Just looking at the two names I was able to come up with a ton of acronyms. No, I didn't realize it was a government "wanted" domain. I'm sure I DID search Google but I would most likely have ignored any government type sites as I would have assumed that had they wanted it - they would have reserved or registered it a long time ago.

I had about 20-30 random meanings in my head - that was the reason I bought it. Amongst the best acronyms I'd come up with, many started with "Dehli" or "Digital". But did I think it would be taken by the govt. because they forgot to reserve / register it before? No, I didn't.

All this is besides the point anyway - at the end of the day they took what they wanted - no questions asked... it just raises concern that this can so easily happen to any other name. And apparently to any other extension.

We all worry about and research Trademarks - having to predict and contend with what the govt. may want in the future becomes a challenge on a whole new level. It goes to further highlight how little protection we have as domain investors. Since we always compare domain investing to real estate - how about looking at this in the same light. You buy a piece of land in Los Angeles - two years later the govt. comes and kicks you off!? You don't have a say...

Now would that really happen without you being compensated?..

Comment #21

That could happen for sure, called the law of eminent domain ironically.

Without compensation, probably not, why you can't equate domains to property.

You can however equate it to a land leased from the govt, in that case the amount you paid for the lease is already been utilized by you, now the govt decides to take it back, so they don't owe you anything and inversely you don't have to pay the lease anymore...

Comment #22

I would not call that "abuse" but definitely with 150+ ccTLDs each one has it's own rules. So it's hard to keep up with policy changes etc...

Comment #23

It is important to keep in mind that each ccTLD is different..

They do not all confiscate domains. Example: Sticker Shock! 3-Letter Norwegian Country Code Domain Commands Over $700,000 In Year's Highest Reported Sale.

In the case of .in there have been some disturbing rulings too, tread carefully in that extension.

Also, I wonder if the fact that the owner is foreign, and the name parked, did make a difference...

Comment #24

That's from 2006 - in the meantime has acquired a Google PR8 ! Amazing feat, even for a government web site about healthcare benefits...

Comment #25

Even .us do that once in a while ref..

Comment #26

Yep, .US will retroactively take domains back.

I was among the first affected with FuckCensorship.US back in 2002 ... it worked for awhile, and then was suspended. Keep in mind that at the time I registered it, there were no such enforced restrictions - that came later when U.S. Department of Commerce put pressure on the .US registry operator to censor such domains, and to take back those that had already been registered.

One often hears touted that people in the U.S. have the right of free speech and expression and yet .US, by order of the U.S. government, censors .US domains.


Comment #27

There's no such thing as free speech in this country...The general consensus remains that Americans are still somewhat conservative. I believe .us is supposed to represent this country's values and and .us with a porn site plastered on still not welcome.

Dont get me wrong: I am not supportive of this but it's the way it is...

Comment #28

And while this case of the Indian govt is not pleasant at all, we can't take this incident to mean the Indian govt takes domains from legit owners as a frequent habit. there have been 100s of thousands of .ins registered by individuals and these take-back stories are not the norm. they seem to be outlier situations and I hope we don't find evidence countering that..

Also good to know that the indian govt is not not the only "rogue" govt when it comes to taking back ccTLDs.....

Comment #29

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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