Got any Godaddy promotional codes for UK domains?

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My question is: Got any Godaddy promotional codes for UK domains?.

My 2nd question is: I am impressed with firefox latest version.

You just type in the first part of the HostGator of the website and you will be taken to the website as long as the website appears as first result of google.


I just need to type in "namepros" in the search bar to go to

Therefore, they have created extensionless environment...

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Your question was: Got any Godaddy promotional codes for UK domains?.

I think that's probably because you have a bookmark named "Namepros". When you typed this name, Firefox uses this bookmark to bring you to the site.

Actually, Internet Explorer does exactly the same thing.

So, no extensionless domains, just plain old bookmarks.....

Comment #1

Lol true.

Although firefox looks so crisp and is so quick.

Ie is f*cked.

Retards use ie..

Comment #2

No I didn't do any bookmarks. You can type random names..

Type "dautie". See what happens...

Comment #3

Yes, like if you type "g" you get gmail.

Pretty convenient...

Comment #4

I use firefox and it does the same for me. My system at work doesn't have any bookmarks and the system is cleaned and purged after every use. The thing is, it doesn't always take you to a dot com or a page. Sometimes I get google search or another ext.

My takes me to

News takes me to

Music takes me to

Comment #5

I didn't know this. Yes, g takes me to gmail. Brilliant...

Comment #6

Odd - people think it is good. when M$ were doing it - it was big corps spying on us & command & control...

Most people (myself included) chose ff originally as it was different and we had a choice...

There is a generation of kids growing up who think that google & IE IS the internet.....

Comment #7

If you just type website HostGator name without tlds If you type website HostGator name and enter it without tlds..

Comment #8

Doesn't it just choose the top result on Google most of the time?..

Comment #9

Very good point. it's because it was/is "cool" to be hating on m$. it's funny/sad that some people are like this but there you have it... hypocrites!! lol..

Comment #10

I have found that for say products and keywords. not always com either. in fact not even half the time. it gives you the most popular site, like you say. had quite a few too.

Thing is by typing in g , why would gmail come up? automaticallywhy not biggest g string manufacturer?.

Now that would be a nice surprise..

Comment #11

Yes. And for the 'g':.


1. Gmail: Email from Google.

A Google approach to email. Gmail is a new kind of webmail, built on the idea that email can be more intuitive, efficient, and useful. And maybe even fun.... - 17k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this - Filter..

Comment #12

The future of web browsers are definitely going to make SEO more important than a HostGator extension. This is more bad news for .com...

Comment #13

It soundslike all firefoxisdoing is utilising the "im feeling lucky" feature in google search which just sends you to the top result forthe term you search for.

Firefox hasintegrated a lot of Google's features into the browser now (such as the malware checker etc which avg actually does as well now)..

Comment #14


When you type flicker.

It take you to:.

Which is googles top result for that keyword, and more.






But when you type NEWS.

It take you to google search which shows result of keyword "news".

So whats the formula of Firefox?..

Comment #15

I think new version of firefox will help extensions apart from .com.


If is developed and is parked domain, then obviously will be top search result in google and therefore if someone type in "namepros" , will come up.

Now I am just typing first part of the HostGator whenever I try to visit well known site.


I just typed "dnjournal"...

Comment #16

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