Got any Godaddy coupon codes for CA domains?

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My question is: Got any Godaddy coupon codes for CA domains?.

My 2nd question is: Hi All,.

I'm intrigued by the BQB ads on this forum. No commissions? - It sounds great for domainers and buyers! Has anyone bought or sold from there? Is there a catch?.



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Your question was: Got any Godaddy coupon codes for CA domains?.

There is no catch that I can see, Reece the owner of makes money from extras like optional highlighting and front page featured and things like that, also he is looking to get the attention. advertises. Apart from that it is free, you are not forced to pay for extra options if you choose to go without them. From memory Reece was going to charge for membership, but then abandoned that idea and decided to make free. You do have to pass Reeces approval, as he only wants quality members..

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I was trying to say, BQB is a business. The model is to attract customers and then make the sales. Its one of the oldest promotion trick in business. People like free stuff, so it's offered as a way to attract initial customers.

Once BQB becomes (if) an auction house, it will start to charge commission like all businesses. It has to make money, unless the owner wants it to be non profit like craig's list...

Comment #2

I think Reece would be upfront about that, because originally he said will be free for the first year and then he was going to charge a $100 fee every year after that. Then Reece scraped that idea and said BQB would be free forever unless I have quoted him wrong. Anyhow I am sure Reece himself will join the thread soon.

On a side note: It is probably worth noting that Reece has just added HostGator name bulk listing upload capabillity to as of now..

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Hi Tech4,.

Commission isn't in the cards I'd rather close up shop than resort to that. At the end of the day, running BQB is suprisingly cheap, with most of the costs being related to advertising and custom feature development, both of which can be substantially reduced if money ever becomes an issue.

The dedicated server powering BQB is the only fixed cost and the server should be good for 10-20 times the member base BQB currently has, so it's probably safe to say costs won't be going up for a long, long time over what we're currently paying. Added cost features are currently bringing in about $300/month, so while still a money losing venture, with a member base 10-20 times the current size I think it's quite possible to see how this could be profitable with a no commission model.

We might look into having a one-time small membership fee like Afternic has in the future, however it would certainly not be applied to existing members, as I've made them the promise that their membership would be permanently free...

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I looked at the site, it looked rather unprofessional in my opinion so unfortunately I chose not to take my experience of the site any further...

Comment #5

That's the first I've heard of that I've had several people ask who I used to develop it because they liked the design so much.

What do you find unprofessional about it?..

Comment #6

Thanks for the answer Reece.

As for your site, I have a suggestion which may help. I see your FAQ is somewhat lacking in my mind. It doesn't stand out as a Q+A section. like. 1. How Does BQB works? 2.

3. Does BQB charge commission, if not how are transaction handled?.

You see where I am going and so forth...

Comment #7

All great suggestions, thanks mate.

I'll look into getting that added over the next few days...

Comment #8

Well that's too bad for you. IMO the site is clean, quick and user friendly. The best part about it is that the users are selected based on their credentials you will never have to worry about being scammed there. I have done several transactions through bqb and all were very smooth.

Oh yea, what other place can you recommend suggestions to the webmaster and see the changes you requested (assuming they were good) within a week!..

Comment #9

I haven't tried it yet. unfortunately 3 of my short .com that I regged here. I let them expired since they're not readable it came in a little late for me...

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Where did you get your info that CraigsList is "non profit"?.

FYI, Craigslist makes mucho $ just by charging (a small fee) for job listing classifieds.

I don't think they are doing it yet but at some point they may start charging.

The same small fee for Real Estate classifieds.

Craig, the founder, gave a class at The Learning Annex a couple of years ago.

Where he shared much info about Craigslist.

I was astounded that he could make a comfortable living and pay all his Tech and support staff just by charging a small fee for job classified ads.

This was just before Ebay bought a stake in the company and before they exploded with worldwide city listings.


Comment #11 is fantastic!.

Not just "anyone" is allowed to buy or sell at Everyone is pre-screened.

The site design is great, easy to use, and I know that Reece is very responsive to input. BQB is definitely one of my favorite places to buy domains...

Comment #12

I've also bought there, and I liked that place...

Comment #13

I agree completely. I just visited, and really liked what I saw. I think it looks early in it's development, but professional all the same. I'll have to check it out further when I'm not getting ready to head to bed. Nice job Reece!..

Comment #14

Thanks for all your replies and Reece for personally joining the conversation. It answers all my questions.


I do agree that the FAQ should have answers to more basic questions, like the ones Tech4 mentioned. It's what prompted me to post here.

RE: appearance of the site.

In terms of the appearance of the site, I think it looks just as professional as say, Afternic, for example, and the look certainly wouldn't deter me from joining BQB...

Comment #15

I really like the design, but when I visited, I did note it said "Its 7 a.m., Good moring!".

Might want to get that fixed to leave good first impressions! hehe..

Comment #16

I agree with GF. site looks very professional. business model is sustainable...i already registered and will start selling/buying names soon .....

Comment #17

Business is business, it might not be free forever but now is free for fact, no one can guaranty free forever include google, yahoo, msn and etc ...

Do agree on tech4 but it still depend on how the owner view, running a free site doesn't means no income at all (if the traffic is good, he might able to make it back by selling his product) ....

Btw the site design is clean and nice .... I do wish to join when I have qualified HostGator and reece is a very helpful member here .....

Comment #18

Reece's model for BQB relies on it being free. I don't think he has any intention on BQB becoming a paid service.

I've used BQB for a couple transactions. I find it useful for buying or selling to/from domainers, but you'll want to look for another sales avenue for end user/non-wholesale sales.

The only thing I'm not used to and this comes as a result of the site being free is that there isn't really a transfer "agent" to facilitate the transfer. The HostGator is sold on BQB, then you work directly with the buyer or seller through a messaging system to complete the sale. Support is always available to help with transfers with someone inexperienced with domains, though...

Comment #19

I would say that BQB is, in this way, more geared toward experienced buyers/sellers, and doesn't necessary pose a problem. If people want built-in escrow services, etc. it comes at a cost, i.e. commission! In this way, BQB is really unique and differentiates itself from all the other sites.

I wish Reece all the best with BQB and hope his no-commission business model is a success!..

Comment #20

I registered my account, but came across this. What if I don't have 50 domains? That's a featured listing!

I think the HostGator name is (7 dot AM)...

Comment #21

Hi Adi,.

The 50 HostGator part is mainly to make sure that prospective members are serious about domaining.

If you'd like an account, please feel free to signup and pm me your username always happy to have more NPers with good feedback on BQB. Yes, is a featured listing (one of the main ways BQB is currently making money). A great name at that As Steve and byallnames have correctly identified, one of the main reasons we're enforcing the 50 HostGator rule is to make sure members are familiar and experienced with transferring domains because with a no commission model we really can't be providing escrow service on all transactions conducted through BQB. We can certainly look into having an additional cost, optional escrow service in the future, however it will definitely be an optional service, never a required one. I have let some members on who don't own 50 domains anyone is welcome to pm me if interested in becoming a member and we can see what/if anything can be done about making that a reality.

If anyone has any further questions, you're welcome to direct them to my stickied thread in the Short HostGator Discussion section:

Thanks Everyone!..

Comment #22 that is a cool hack Bring Bring, time to get up..

Comment #23

I was actually referring to the "Good moring!". Unless a HostGator has an exclamation point it isn't a domain, and good morning has an "n" in it.

Again, just a minor spelling error that can easily be fixed, but it is in a prominent position so leaves an early impression...

Comment #24

It's a great-looking site. I can see it catching on eventually - these things always take time.

I respect the "short domain" angle as that could carve out a real niche. However, we also need this business model for other domains. How about a clone site like BQBQ,com , or something similar for compound domains?..

Comment #25

Cheers mate.

There actually are several small auction sites which do cater to compound domains, unfortunately none of them have taken off even to near BQB's level.

I think the main problem with compound names is that most domainers want enduser prices for them and the endusers are on sites like Sedo + Afternic. A 10% commission difference just won't make up for what a small site would get on a nice 2 word .com or (gasp!) 1 word generic.

With short domains, plenty of domainers aren't holding out for endusers which makes it much easier to buy/sell on...

Comment #26

Oh...ok..... that makes sense. I did not think about that. It shows you have thought this through...

Comment #27

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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