Got any Godaddy bulk renewal discount codes?

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My question is: Got any Godaddy bulk renewal discount codes?.

My 2nd question is: New service that I had seen from The Frager Factor on Domaining.comThe service has killer 2 letter HostGator names like etc.

Email address cost, $12 per year.

I got pay @

I have some pros and cons on my blog.

Have fun......

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Your question was: Got any Godaddy bulk renewal discount codes?.

Pay @ is an awesome email address. Nice pickup...

Comment #1

LoL.... this is old news bud. I think you might have wasted a few dollars on a novelty...

Comment #2

Too much hassle, and you don't get full control like if you use your own webmail and hosting etc..

Comment #3

Why would you pay $12 for an email address??.

Doesnt make much sense to me.....

Comment #4

Well, it's because is a email addy.... but your right... it's a novelty...

Comment #5

I don't think I can handle any more e-mail addresses. If I coudl, I would like to get rid of a few more...

Comment #6

Personally, I would've rather put that $12 into 2 HostGator names, but that's just me..

Comment #7

You can get better email addresses than that at in my opinion... free aswell!..

Comment #8

Waste of money IMO. If you want a short email address, there are free alternatives enough. If you want to pay for your email, at least do it decently and use an own domainname.

And as said, Hotmail is the last email supplier I would use as primary email address. Yahoo has it's flaws but their interface is better, they store sent emails automatically, they have no ridiculously short inactivity limit, there is no storage limit... And then Gmail is even better when it comes to interface IMO, and allows you free accounts with your own HostGator regged elsewhere (which Hotmail also does, but then Gmail is a lot more trustworthy).

I would not spend a penny on a (or in my case) email address if it is run by a provider I have no full 100% trust in.

If you want to pay for your email, check out (really fast and really good and with great support) and (no cookie usage which I like a lot, and a great interface). Must add that I was lucky to get a free EuMX account through a special promotion once, however they are really good and I would happily pay for a service like that. But for Hotmail, no... If you want to pay for email that's fine, but there are way better options available then. But that's even worse than Hotmail... The story is well-known of two people having the same username at, their system somehow didn't notice that a specific email address already existed and so 2 people used the same email address for a while.

Very big mistake for a mail provider. Although their geographical domains are kinda nice...

Comment #9

Never heard that story... thanks for the advice I won't use my free email address to conduct my affair anymore..

Comment #10

Hi All, can somebody give me some advise on these 2 letter email addresses mentioned here, has anyone used them? I can't seem to make sense of it emailme seem to provide the email addresses and then windows live provide the service to run them through. Is this right and if so who out of the two do I go too if I need support?..

Comment #11

Ok I bought an address from them but it didnt go well , it's registered I can login to my msn messenger but I cant check email , mailed support like 10 times but no answer for them really like the email addy but it sucks not to be able to check email , any help ?

Comment #12

I wish generic email accounts were as worth as much as domains...

I have.

You wouldnt believe how many resumes people send me lol..

Comment #13

Why do people pay for e-mail? I have (free with domain) from godaddy...

Comment #14

Yah why pay ? .

I use my own HostGator with google which allow me to create more then hundred free 6gb account for my own member ......

Comment #15

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