GoDaddy customer reviews : Suggest I order GoDaddy?? Google listing my site as harmful - when it isnt

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Hi guys,.

I just did a google search on my site to check the rankings, and I found they've listed my site as harmful,

My site is

Its a website for my business, I own a dealership selling cars to US troops oversea's and in no way is my site harmful.

How can I proceed with this, as google is costing me ALOT of money with this incorrect listing,.

I have a guy on NP doing seo work for my site, but he hasn't accessed it at all, ive checked all the files and there is nothing in there to suggest it's harmful at all.

Any help you can provide would be great!!..

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What did Google say when you asked them about it?..

Comment #1

Click the link it states malware link from within your site...

Comment #2

Google said nothing, zip nada!.

Its costing me about 5 sales a month which to me means about $10K in commisions!!!!.

There is ZERO malware on my site, check it and see, it's been live for over a year with no issues, then I have someone do seo work (which was not done on my site, they had zero access to it, someone from NP with good rep).

And I get that message, I'm stuck really stuck and google wont reply.

There is ZERo malware on there, no ads, no nothing just infoamtion!..

Comment #3

Have you made any recent changes to your site at all?..

Comment #4

Nope nothing at all, I checked everything twice to be sure, the only thing I can think of is if:.

A: the seo guy linked me somehow to a not so good site.


B: I was hacked into a files changed.

So I verifed every single file, and the databases there nothing is changed at all, no code out of place or put in, I jsut dont understand this at all,.

I was fine all last week, in fact all last year and most of this year, it just happened, ive contacted google and to no avail, and I'm losing a possible $10K a month because of this..

Comment #5

For $10k per month, I'd fly to Mt. View, CA and talk to Google personally...

Comment #6

And lose the other commisions from face to face sales, hell no lol.

This is my business, my work, my customers are seeing this harmful content message and going to my competitors,.

I am really surprised theres no phone number or anything to call, ive searched high and low.

I just got this from goolge, it clearly states my site HASNT hosted any viruses, the IP address that goolge is showing isnt even my IP address (my server IP).

This is crazy..

Comment #7

"If you are the owner of this web site, you can request a review of your site using Google Webmaster Tools. More information about the review process is available in Google's Webmaster Help Center.".

Stupid question, but have you done this?..

Comment #8

There was a rash of hacked servers serving up spyware - maybe your server was one of them and the server admin has since corrected the problem. I accessed your page and neither my spam or virus software flagged anything. Ask your web host if they were hit or not - they might not tell you if they were, but a web host worth their salt should...

How you get that removed is another matter as you have found out - dealing with google can be a real pain. But as the notice you quoted shows - contact them via google webmaster tools. But be sure to ask your server admin if there were problems and if they have been fixed first. It would also be a good idea to do a full backup from files you know worked before submitting a review...

Comment #9

Have you bothered to look at your source code? You're hacked most likely...or it's someone with a bad script...that's outside your HTML tag...probably malware...

Comment #10

You should ask for help in the coding marketplace... I'm sure someone will be able to help you for relatively cheap...

Comment #11

I checked the source yesterday and didnt see that!! I checked the files today and didnt see it,.

I just searched for your quote and found the text!.

It was in my index file, since theres no input on there I am to assume someone placed it via the contact form or cell phone input?? (the inputs are all from php includes).

Thanks for spotting that labrocca I appreicate it alot!..

Comment #12

I can still see the bad JS code in the source code of this page: (look at the bottom of the source code).

You must go over ALL the pages of your site one by one and clean them in order for Google to lift the flag...

Comment #13

I found the problem!! thanks a mill for all the help, I completly removed the loose code and deleted it from the server, I asked google to check it again,.

There was a exploit in the reviews on cars which allowed the code in...

Comment #14

Most helpful thread I've seen in a while. Gold Stars to labrocca for finding the bad code...and to AHA7 for the follow-up...

Comment #15

Wow, that's just awesome that labrocca & AHA7 were able to help!..

Comment #16

I have a site every now and that get injected with this style of code.

Glad to have been some help...

Comment #17

Im glad you were able to help as well lol,.

Thanks to you taking the time you spotted something I had missed, as did AHA7 which I am greatful for...

Comment #18

How were you able to determine "what" it's costing you, and I have a hard time believing you're raking in 10K in commission from that little web page,. no offense...

Comment #19

LOL have a hard time all you want sir,.

We sell over 40 cars a month, we are selling to us forces oversea's that little web page as you put it serves only as a we are here site, nothing more, lol, your comments are a joke, if only you knew how to run a succesful dealership you'd understand how easy it is.

As for determing how I know what it costs me, simple on average I get 40 web leads a month, when the harm sign went it it dropped to less than 10, it's that simple enought for you?.

Leads = sales = commision, you following yet?..

Comment #20

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