Going under on carbs during Medifast?

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Okay, I probably shouldn't admit this, since I've been on Medifast so long but...

The entire time I've been on MF, I have had my 5 meals, weighed my l&g, and that's about it. I haven't logged my meals or kept up with actual counts about anything b/c that's what drew me to Medifast to begin with - not having to count, count, count.

Anyway, my losses have sloooowed down, so I thought I'd start logging to see if there was a pattern. I noticed tonight that I the past two days, I haven't even made it to 80 carbs. What the heck? Now I'm wondering if I've been unintentionally screwing myself over this entire time.

If you find yourself under on carbs, what are you supposed to do? What do you all do?.

Thanks in advance~~!..

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Okay, sorry guys. I did a search before I posted, couldn't find much. Then I did another search and found a lot more info after I had posted..

The results seem to be split:.

Either eat higher carb veggies.


Don't worry about it..

Maybe I'll just experiment with higher carbs just to see if it affects my losses?..

Comment #1

Nutrisystem says that if you're consistently under, it could slow your losses. Lots of people recommend carb cycling - eating at the 800cal/80g carb end for a couple days, then at the 1000cal/100g carb end for a couple days..

People also report better losses when they keep their carbs lower, and other people report better losses when they keep their carbs higher. Go figure.

It can't hurt to try higher carbs for a couple days and see if it shakes things loose. Try higher carb veggies, Medifast meals, maybe a maintenance bar, maybe Medifast crisps/crackers..

Or don't worry about it...

Comment #2

Oh, and how much have they slowed? They are *going* to slow no matter what you do because you're smaller now. So maybe there's no problem at all, and you're trying to fix what ain't broke...

Comment #3

I have never made it to 80 carbs in 3 weeks and I also do exactly what is says. It's only been 3 weeks for me and I don't like a lot of veggies, but I may add in a higher carb veg now and again...

Comment #4

I aet 100% on program and when I started logging, I noticed that I wasn't making it to 80 carbs nor 800 calories at all. that frightened me a little because I wasn't feeling all that great. So, I started to add a packet of the Medifast snack crackers or Soy Crisps each day as a snack and that brought the carbs up into a better range FOR ME. I also started eating at the higher end of the calorie range....around 1000. I started to feel better and I had good consistent loses so I continued to do that throughout the rest of my 5 and 1 phase. Now, I am not saying this would work for everyone but it worked for me...

Comment #5

I try to stay above 80g of carbs. I read somewhere I can internally combust on anything less, and that might be bad considering how close I am to a fire house...

Comment #6

I've never hear that one. Interesting. I had a team member that absolutely shed the weight and she deliberately kept her carbs well below 80 every day during 5&1. I think this is a very individual thing. If you think too low carbs is slowing you up, then up them as you suggested. It could just be that your body is catching up and your losses are going to slow down a bit.

You're doing great so just play around with your veggies and see if that makes any changes for you...

Comment #7

Other times when I heard someone under on carbs they were not eating 3 servings of veggies everyday or they were not logging them right...

Comment #8

I never got to 80 carbs the first two weeks OP. I asked nutrition services about it and they said to lose weight faster it's best to stay between 80 and 85 carbs (with no advice for how to do that). So I decided to order some maintenance bars that have a few more carbs than the other Medifast meals (and they're yummy). That has got me right to the 80 to 85 range every day. I don't ever eat a snack. My DH eats the snacks (soy crips or crackers) and that gets him up to 80 to 85.

One other thing- part of my issue is that I eat the eggs almost every day and they only have 10 carbs (other Medifast meals have 12 to 15), so that is one reason my carbs were too low even though we eat the higher carb veggies pretty regularly...

Comment #9

I am almost always under 80 on carbs and under 800 on calories. I just checked and my average is 71 carbs and 740 calories..

If I have a stall, I will add more veggies or an oz or two of lean. That usually gets me out of it.

I agree that it is an individual thing...

Comment #10

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