Going through Stress while on Medifast?

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Sorry for the title - but thats the only thing I could think of to describe what I'm going through.

When I'm stressed, as I am right now, I have no appetite and the thought of putting food in my mouth makes me feel ill. Yesterday was an especially stressful day! I ate 2 Medifast meals early in the day, and then had about 10 ounces of fresh tuna loin that was cooked on the grill, with 3 tb honey mustard dressing for dipping. Thats it. Water was about 1/3 of what I needed..

Up until yesterday I have managed to stay 100% on program, with the exception of maybe twice missing my last medifast meal in the past month.

Technically I was off program....... my total calories for yesterday were only 750.

So....... when stress makes it difficult to eat...... what do you do? I can't force the food down...

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Tomi, no level of stress I've ever experienced has given me a ticket to the "can't force food down" planet. Apparently my passport doesn't allow travel there..

I'm sorry you had such a crappy day. I hope it gets better soon. As for what to do - can you drink a hot cocoa or a fruit punch? I say just do the best you can and be kind to yourself.....

Comment #1

Hi, Tomi!.

Stress is a real killer. I mean, literally, it can kill you..

When you are under such a great amount of stress that it affects the way you care for yourself, it's time to change something whether it is the circumstances of the stress or the way that you deal with it. I went to therapy for a few years and learned to deal with my feelings, and that really helped me..

The 5&1 plan is aptly named if you go below or above 5&1 you are not going to see the same results, and you risk derailing yourself and all of the success you've had until now.

Look at your ticker you ARE worth it. You are worth the effort it takes to stay on plan. And it's working for you..

Good job, you will be in the Southern Carribean in your bikini body before you know it. I never believed it could happen for me and it is...

Comment #2

Freya, you slay me.

Tomi, we all struggle to stay on plan, whether it's going over or under. You can do it and you are not alone...

Comment #3

I'm sorry you had such a bad day. In the beginning of my Medifast journey I had issues eating all the food and I found that sticking to the drinks enabled me to eat everything I had for the day...

But what seems to be a bigger issue is how you handle those stressful days. This diet gives you an opportunity to see all the emotional issues tied in to eating. I hope today was better and you have so much more success to come!..

Comment #4

I'm with Freya on this. Stress makes me want to eat like a monster...

Comment #5

Thanks everyone. The stress has been a gradually building mountain! Yesterday I felt like the mountain fell on me. Today isn't much better. I've had a pancake today, but it's now 12:35, and I should have eaten another meal by now since I got up at 6:30.

I'll try the drinks and see if that helps so I can at least get the 5-1 in me.

Why can't the world just spin in the right direction all the time?.

Freya under normal stress or feelings of sadness, food would be my companion - but when I'm super stressed and ready to crack - as I am now - food repulses me. I force myself to eat only to keep from passing out. So - our passports are probably pretty similar..

Comment #6

When i'm not feeling hungry and I have more Medifast meals to eat....i drink shakes or have a cup of hot chocolate...

Comment #7

It's 2:30. after a nap to get rid of a splitting head ache I'm having a coffee with hot cocoa in it. Its going down ok, but I had to psych myself up to it.......

Thanks for the replies.......

Comment #8

Is whatever that's causing you all this stress more important than your health? Address the stress source...

Comment #9

How does marriage troubles stack up against my health? for me, it's pretty much a toss up. I don't want to be without either one! I'm addressing it - but as you all know, it's a partnership, and the partnership can make or break the deal. I'm pulling out the big guns to come to the rescue...

Comment #10

Hugs, Tomi!! I'm sorry to hear about your troubles. I wish I could give you better advice, but if you could at least get the minimum 800 calories and 80 carbs, that might help keep you on track. I hope things work out for you...

Comment #11

I have the same problem. When I am under acute stress/anxiety or grieving my appetite disappears and I can't stand the thought of putting food in my mouth. (Though chronic stress made me eat my face off). The way I would keep my nutrition up was to eat Instant Breakfast or Ensure and would drink it fast. Perhaps an all liquid Medifast diet would help you get the Medifast meals in and then maybe an on program soup for your lean and green such as vegetable beef or chicken and vegetable. I make an on program soup with lean beef cubes, op veggies, beef broth and spices.

I know exactly what you are talking about and it is not fun at all...

Comment #12

I find something like the brownie or the pancake to be so small it only takes a few bites. A large drink can be harder to get down. Also, before eating, lay down for ten minutes and breathe deeply all the way through your stomach relaxing after each breathe. It can unkink your stomach enough to feel less squeezed in that area of the body. If your stress is going to go on for awhile, then call see your doctor and get a temporary sedative or anti-anxiety med. I mean, if you truly can't eat and are only drinking minimally you'll be in serious trouble before too long...

Comment #13

I agree about seeing a doctor. Anti-anxiety meds can really help for the short term. What happens when you don't/can't eat is that you start to feel physically drained which increases the anxiety...

Comment #14

Thanks everyone for all the thoughts and advice. I've made it through today only one Medifast meal short. My sweetie and I talked some things through and he seems to be more in tune with reality now! So, the stress is fading away. But it caused a really nice fibromyalgia flare up! So, it's now 12:30 in the morning and I can't sleep cuz I'm in a lot of pain. If it isn't one thing it's another!.

I'm going to go back to bed and give it another try. You girls are awesome and I'm so thankful to have you along with me on this journey! Strangers we are, but friends we'll be!.

Big goodnight hugs all around!..

Comment #15

Tomi - Oh how I feel your stress/fibro pain! Do you take anything for it? No body knows better than me how hard it is to do what I'm going to tell you. You MUST eat, stress or no stress. Have a fruit drink or a hot cocoa to get those meals in, whatever you have to do. Then you have to sleep, no matter what you have to do to get there (I usually have to pull out the Ambien to do this). Those are the 2 things I still struggle with every single day. Glad you were able to get some of the issues with your partner resolved. I hope you were able to get some sleep as well...

Comment #16

Thanks, De. And I know you're right about needing to get in all the meals and the lean and green. It was only one day that I really couldn't eat. As for sleep, I usually go to bed with 800 mg ibuprofen and 1000 or 1500 mg Tylenol. On a normal day this works pretty good, but on a flare up day it just makes me tired and in pain!.

My husband and I will work this through and be the better for it when it's over. I am Christian, and I believe God allows struggles to help us grow and learn. I know He is working in both our hearts and minds. Our church is starting a class called "Fireproof Your Marriage" - it begins, appropriately enough, on October 13 - our anniversary. I don't believe in coincidences...... We are registered and ready to dive in......

So tell me......... what exactly does, "I snark, therefore I am" mean? It makes me smile everytime I see one of your posts...

Comment #17

Im the opposite...I EAT to not think about anything...but I have been stressed through out this program the four months that I have been on it, but I just deal and get through it!..

Comment #18

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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