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A few months ago I was very stressed and wanted to get rid of this MJ site I run. Mostly because everyone on it was annoying me (it was a pretty active mj fan community site).

Someone offered me $26 for it but paid $25. oh well, anyways I just wanted to get rid of it.

The domain is

Well since then I got out more and you all know how depression is and I wanted to open the site back up. I asked the guy if he'd sell it back and he said he didn't have a problem with it, but would never give me a price. Said he might want me to do some work for him or design a layout instead but didnt know. So I thought cool I was going to get the domain back.

Anyways days and weeks past and nothing So I pm him again and he says he is thinking about it still.

So another week or so goes by and I email him again and I start offering him alot of things such as $50 and other domains. he said he wasn't sure if he wanted to get rid of a 4 car domain, so I offered him like 3 of them, but still nothing.

He doesn't even reply half the time and I never even know if he got my emails or messages. At least he could reply back and say it wasn't good enough?.

I got close to offering him $100 for a domain he paid $25 for tht expires soon, only because it had personal meaning to me. But he is being so damn complicated with it.

I can very well open my site and produce it again if I don't know what the domain is going to be or the title. I bought which I kinda like alot and has full words so thats always good. But still that older domain has alot of memories and all that good stuff.

So last night I emailed him again and offered him more money and other things and he replies saying he never said he was going to sale it back and that he even thought about selling it back to me for what he paid which was $25. The problem is is that I don't believe it. he would of done it by now.

It really seems that he's just being complicated and it's really making me turn evil because of how annoying it is. He shouldn't be giving mix signals and getting my hopes up on something like this. It's almost like he is playin some lame game people who don't get out much play on others. Sick twisted humor type stuff.

Is a simple domain worth that much?.

All the appraisals I got for it said it's not work hardly anything. Even he himself didn't get good appraisals.

Wasn't my deals good enough? I know Me emailing him once a week tryin to get updated on it might of been annoying, but he should of emailed me back on my offers you know?.

I feel like I have gone evil and are black mailing him now. It doesn't really seem that way, I guess I am just doin this to see if he'd take it.

His main site is so I bought trying to trade him it for plus $27.

I also bought because it's almost the same and I can let everyone who went to know the name change.

Anyways I guess what I am trying to ask is if all these seems worth it and am I coming insane over a dumb lame domain?.

What do you think I should do besides get a life? ha.

Im just really annoyed and tired of these stupid games he is playing.

I know my actions are very childish..

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I know how depression is because I've dealt with family members who have it (and OCD) my entire life. I have a touch of OCD, but I've learned how to suppress it over the years.

It sounds like you told yourself to just get rid of the name because you were in a depressed state at the time. Now you are constantly telling yourself that it was a big mistake to sell and have become obsessive about getting it back.

People who have depression often focus on one little thing that is out of their control until they become manic or nearly so. What your mind is doing now is keeping itself occupied with a meaningless detail. Don't let it paralyze you. Drop it. Move on to something else. is fine. I actually prefer it to the 4-letter domain. Redevelop your site and move forward. is not Let it go...

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This thread is in legal issues forum, but as far as the legality of it, there's not much to say. Since you never came to a mutual agreement to reaquire the domain, he's not obligated to sell it back to you. is a nice domain, and honestly I'm surprised that it's being valuated so low. But if it's getting to be frustrating trying to reaquire it, my advice is to just move on. Sure looks like the new owner already has ( see ). Use the opportunity to do something new an exciting with a new domain. is available, as are a number of other nice domains for a Michael Jackson fan site. While MJHQ is a good domain, IMHO it is overly ambiguous for what you're using it for.

Best of luck,.


Comment #2

As RJ suggested...get a new domain. Don't regret selling it and move forward...

Comment #3

It said Disputes so I posted it here..

That thing he has up is something people buy filled with content so they can some how make money via google adsense or other ad programs. I think it's actually DIGG or something..

How much do you think the is worth? I never got any good appraisals on it, even when I posted it here several times. Neither did he when he posted it here.

Comment #4

It's already sold...why is it even worth $100 to you? You can get a fairly decent domain for a lot less. This isn't a dispute doesn't matter what the new owner has done. It's his domain to do with as he sees fit.

Imho the domain of is worth $25-$50 bucks but as it's a built site it may be worth more now..

Comment #5

I know it doesnt matter what he did and he can do with it as he pleases, but it's still messed up that he'd say he'd be fine with selling it back to me and playing with me like that.

All he had to do was say he didn't want to sell it back and I would of moved on.

I don't know why it's worth $100 to me, I was wonderin that earlier. I think I'm just crazy..

Comment #6

You said it not me.

Also it's possible that when you contacted him he decided to monetize the site to see if it makes any income. It could have a bearing to how much he asks from you. Have you tried to send him a recent email about it? If you do try not to sound annoyed. Consider it business...

Comment #7

Well, If he didn't pay the full $26, then you still have a right to it, don't you?..

Comment #8

I sent him an email about once a week or so, mostly to see if he even got them. He never really replied until recently..

The site is the same now as it was the hour after he bought the domain from me.

The price was $25, I don't know why I thought $26.

I actually sent my last email to him today with my last offer. If he wants to be like that then fine. I do believe in Karma..

Comment #9

Drop it! Forget it! Move on!.

You sold the name. The name does not belong to you anymore. It is his name now. He can do whatever he wants with the name, including teasing you with it. Don't play his game! Seriously dude, I would not contact him anymore. Just walk away..

If you promise not to contact this individual anymore I will buy you any name of your choice (.com) at godaddy!.

Pm me with your name and info and I will push it into your account!.



Comment #10

Lol I'm not obsessed with the domain name, it just annoys me. I dont need another domain or i'd buy it myself, thanks for the offer though.

I told him my last email was the last to him and he could piss off..

He can keep it. no one goes to it anymore, only traffic he gets are the ones lookin for my old site. Just wasted alot of my time.

Thanks for the offer though..

Comment #11

I'm telling you, from a man who regrets far too many of his mistakes: Don't let your sympathies get to you. I see the sentimentality you have and MJHQ.COM is worth a decent amount but it's gone. Stop beating yourself up trying to reacquire it as said before: It's not a $xx,xxx+ domain like, so move on It's not worth the headache...

Comment #12

I would like a chance to say my word. I am the owner of as well as

First off, I am sorry if I upset damnidunno. I never fully agreed to sell the domain to him, though I told him I would be interested if he could give me a good offer. At one point, he was trying to trade me newly registered, worthless names like with no backlinks for, a PR 3 domain! That was one of my main reasons why I didn't want to sell the name. I don't think anyone appreciates lowball offers. Also, I've been very busy with lately. I did reply to a few of his emails, but his offers were so frequent and lowball that I didn't feel the need to reply to each one. If I didn't reply to him within 24 hours, he would email me again, even on weekends!.

The best offer I ever received was $50 for the name. He never offered anything close to $100.

After sending me many offers via email, this guy registered, a variant of, my website! is a large website and Damnidunno is trying to use the name as a "bargaining tool" in getting from me.

In his "last offer" email, he told me he would sell me the name for $27 and in return for He also mentioned the following:.

"I bought which actually sounds kinda good..

I also bought not because I wanted it, but maybe you'd want it and would trade me .com to go along with my .net.

Some people like both the .net and .com.

I might even develop it. Who knows.".

"so here is the deal. for and also i'll send you $27 via paypal.".

"You know I can delevop good sites and I don't think you want a competitor using a simliar name that can get more hits.".

"You might want to reply by tonight because if I convert everything to this new domain, another domain wont be as valuebly to me.".

Clearly, this guy is a cybersquatter. He also registered the domain in bad faith, an ICANN violation. He has no legal right to the name and his actions were unethical. I strongly recommend avoiding business deals with this person.

Now, he is developing! After replying to his last email, telling him what rules he had broken, he emailed me back and told me he would trade and it's content for!.

I have a thread at DigitalPoint on the issue:

Comment #13

Unless you can prove comon law TM, it may be viewed as competition. There are 3 provisions that need to be proved, he clearly violated one of them.

Then again, if what you say in true, damnidunno actions should be reviewed by the mods here. There is no place at NP for people who would do such actions to get thier way if in fact he did what was claimed...

Comment #14

I'm not sure which side to take... without enough meat to chew on, I'm neurtral.

But the entire mess could have been prevented if the new owner sent a simple reply with the 2 letters N and O...

Comment #15

Damnidunno..let me be blunt with are being a jerk.

1. You made the decision to sell domain.

2. You have no rights to it or the value you created from you SOLD IT.

3. You have sent repeated emails in an attempt to buy it but you are truly lowballing him. It matters not that you sold it off cheap...that was your mistake.

4. You registered his as a bargaining tool which clearly is bad faith. That's 100% cybersquatting. This thread is proof of such along with your email offers to him. Cybersquatting is a CRIME punishable with fines up to $100,000. I kid you not.

5. You started this thread which is not a dispute or legal situation. Well...maybe it is now but it's against you.

6. You are the one truly acting like an ass here. He is NOT obligated to give you a price or to even answer your emails. You should have gotten the hint and moved on as most here suggest.

7. Your minimal feedback here and at DP matter not. As a matter of fact I myself wouldn't buy anything from you after this thread.

8. The bad karma is on your end.

Thanks for reading...

Comment #16

Why am I being a jerk? Because this guy played me for a month and I get annoying and upset over it?.

Couldn't he of just said no? I think ajerk would do exactly what he did and how you replied.

You obviously didn't read or pay any attention to the posts I made an dI dont think offering close to $100 for a domain is lowballing..

Of course he didn't have to say No, But he should of. I would of been cool with it. and moved on.

The situation I had with this guy doesn't mean My selling record is bad. I sold tons and tons of domains/layouts and sites. This is the only one I ever wanted back and most people would simply say no if they weren't interested and it would of been one email ever sent.

I think you should work on being more of an understanding person when it comes to these types of things.

And I don't believe the bad karma is on my end. I'm not the one messing with people or being a jerk, maybe today I'm being one, but I've already stated that in my original post...

Comment #17

Damnidunno, you should probably stop at this point. You didn't deny any of the accusations against you and those actions are pretty unethical. I didn't see anywahere that SS stated his asking price and may have been stringing dunno along. This maybe a situation where 2 parties are playing with each other and one of them went over the edge.

I don't beleive this would come under squatting because I can't see SS being able to make a case for TM protection. We do allow competition and even though dunno threatened creating a new site, that won't come under UDRP or the Lanhan Act. damnidunno on the other hand is being shown as a very unethical person and I hope this is being looked at.....

Comment #18

I have stopped, I just reply to people's misunderstandings of the situations and making that guy look like the victim.

If finally getting upset at someone playing you for a while and being a real jerk via email is called getting unethical, then fine, thats me..

I didn't play him. I actually Did want the domain and was offering him 3x as much as he paid. Now I don't it anymore.

And no I dont want and Im really not going to produce it or anything. I dont like it nor the name. I was just angry and already told him he could have the domain. People get upset over a month when someone is just toying with them and over react.

If I felt I did something wrong or bad, Or if I did do it all mean spirited, then I wouldnt of created this topic stating all that in the very first post.

I am the one who keeps my word, so dealing with me is fine. He is the one i'd be wary with dealing with.

I don't want the mjhq domain anymore, he already ruined it. I really only wanted it back for the members of my site..

If you knew everything that happened, you could understand why I'd go insane over this, which is the topic title.

I dont just wake up, pick a domain I want and black mail and spam the owner until I get it. I emailed this guy asking if I could buy it back since he wasn't really using it. he has one of them content built sites that you just upload so I thought I might have a chance.

I told him It'd be cool if he didn't want to sell it back - that is in my very first message to him about him and thats all he had to say. I didn't start start showing my annoyance to him over the matter until the last emails - I just had enough of it.

This topic and a few of the understanding responses were very helpful. and than you to the people who posted them - it's nice to know someone actually listens to the situation.

I didnt get mad or annoyed that he didn't sell me the domain. I am fine with that, I am mad that he played me for over a month and at the end seemed to think it was funny and wasted my time. But I am over it now - people like that exist and get off on it...

Comment #19

Once I spent an entire year discussing the purchase of a site from a guy. He refused to name a price. Over the course of the year we discussed many things...I didn't always mention the site but he was well aware I wanted it. Eventually we became very friendly and still speak often on AIM. I consider him a web-friend. Eventually he did name a price and it was reasonable...I quickly bought it.

You have patience and do what you can.

Now the domain owner has said clearly you never offered anywhere near $100 for the domain. Personally a PR3 with fair backlinks and a decent 4 LLLL combo is worth $100 if not more. Now it can be aggravating he has not named a price. I might not either...I would see how far you would go with your offers. Obviously domain owner is a domainer looking to make money. It's your job to entice him enough to didn't do that.

As for PCFastLane being trademarkable..heck yeah it is. While using dictionary words...they are not generic to the field of use. Windows is dictionary term but it's not definable to the software environment. The same goes with the term "fast lane"...that's an automobile street or racing term. It's was the intention of idunno to register the .NET in order to sell or trade it to the actual TM holder...that's the true definition of a cybersquatter.

Wikipedia: As for your selling record. No your selling record is's your ethics that are in question...

Comment #20

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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