Going away while on Medifast?

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I will be taking my first trip away from home, since starting MF, this weekend. I will be gone for 4 days & I am very nervous. My biggest fear is that the restaurants we go to won't have very many, if any, options for me..

It's a trip for my son's sports team. So, it will be a family event, with most likely group dinner/meal outings. I already know there will be a Pizza Hut pizza party one night. What the heck will I eat that night?.

Other than maybe getting out once, or twice, alone as a family, for a lunch, or two, I will be a eating with this group..

I have also heard, from parents who have made this trip before, that there will be lots of drinking. One of them already said to me...You're going off this crazy diet for the trip right?.

Honestly, before I started MF, I knew about this trip & had planned that I would go off for it. But, that was before I started & knew about ketosis. I absolutely don't plan on it now!.

I have no intention of letting this derail my success so far. I am very motivated & after getting through Thanksgiving, I feel like I can make it through anything. Eating anything off plan is simply not an option for me right now..

So far, I have planned on a few things. I am bringing my blender. I have ordered enough portable Medifast meals to hold me over while away from our hotel room & for the road. Other than that, is there any other recommendations on what would be helpful?.

Anyone been through something like this? What was your plan?..

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If you are eating inside a pizza hut, they typically have salad bars. I don't know what to tell you about your lean though..

Most other places you can get grilled chicken in some form, even at Mcdonadls' you can order a chicken sandwich plain and pitch the bread...

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I would take enough lean string cheese (I like Polly-O 2%) to have 4 per day plus a big salad at a restaurant each day. Cheese doesn't have to be refrigerated for 5 days especially in the winter time, but if it makes you feel better you can pack them in a cooler. Pack your own salad dressing too if that helps..

I am always the non-drinker of the group only because my drug, I mean drink, of choice is Diet Coke. If you are someone who feels uncomfortable not drinking in front of people, you can always pretend to drink (glass of seltzer with lime, diet coke with lime and cocktail straw, etc.).

Some good advice I once got was that we can come up with reasons why each day is a "special occasion" to go off our diet. This trip isn't a reason to go off your plan. It's just a regular challenge in your life to work around. This is the kind of trip we all need to get used to taking without splurging on food and drinks. Good for you for thinking ahead on how to succeed!.

Have a great time and maybe take your camera and spend time taking pics instead of bites ;-).


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For your lean on Pizza hut night, take some string cheese with you and have a salad. I have found very few restaurants that don't offer something suitable for 5&1. As for the drinking? Is any one really going to notice if you are drinking a diet soda rather than a rum and coke? (just an example). And a reminder that the 2 words that carry the most power and need no explanation are "NO THANKS".

Sounds like you have a plan and are pretty mentally prepared to stick with Medifast while you travel. I think you'll find it remarkably easy to do...

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Great advice with the string cheese & salad dressing! I hadn't thought of that & if in a pinch, I can order a salad & use the cheese as my lean..


Comment #4

Thanks De..

Yes, the diet coke trick will work too!.

A woman at practice yesterday said to many cases of beer & bottles of wine are you bringing?! I responded...are we going into the wilderness somewhere? lol. I told her I wasn't bringing any & that I was sure there would be liquor stores around...I didn't need to pack any...

Comment #5

I know you can do it! I went on a retreat where all the meals were served and managed to pack a cooler with chicken breast, WF dressings, boiled eggs and string cheese. I used the most perishable foods first. You can always find a salad. Since it sounds like these people already know you are on a "crazy diet" I would think it might be easier to just say "yup, crazy diet comes with me".

Good luck, take lots of hot drinks too. Example: you can order tea with the tea bag left out and use the hot water for your hot drink on the road. Bring spoons and an extra cup to mix the lumps out...

Comment #6

What about eating the toppings (no crust) off of a few slices of pizza plus your salad? Cheese, sauce, meats, veggies.... would that be an option??..

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OK Here is the deal. It only matters how badly you want this. The rest is just math. It doesn't matter if OTHER people want it for you or think it is crazy. It is YOUR program and YOU hold your own "weight fate" in your hands..

Here is what I do when I'm not in control of where we eat and there ends up being absolutely NOTHING I can have. I make it a 6 Medifast meal day. Yup, you heard me.

Now, if at all possible, it is BEST to SPLIT your Lean and Green so that if the restaurant has NOTHING you can have atleast you've had 1/2 your lean and green for the day, but if you can't even do THAT (ie at someone's house and no appropriate Lean and Green is available) then just for that ONE DAY have a 6th Medifast meal instead of feeling the need to eat "something" that is just plain off program..

Then the next day get yourself to a grocery store and buy a rotisserie chicken and a bag or two of salad and keep it in the fridge of the house you are staying in so it doesn't happen again. This method (the 6 Medifast meals) should only be used in case of an emergency and ONLY if there is nothing you can have without going OFF PLAN. Better to stay on plan with a 6th Medifast meal and NOT gain the next morning than to use it as a license to have what you want..

Remember, YOU are in control of what goes in your mouth. Every time..

Wishing you the best success!..

Comment #8

As a recovering alcoholic, there have beeen many many situations I have been in with drinking where I had to learn to have fun without it. Not easy for the former life of the party. I used to pretend I was drinking and then started to tell people "no I cant drink becasue when I start I cannot stop until I "pass" out or the booze is gone. Then they shut up! People still love and except the new non-drinking me and I am happy about that...

Comment #9

You can also take those packages of tuna that come in the foil bag thing. Just open, dump on your salad bar salad and away you go. You have already decided you are going to stay on plan. and you are planning ahead. You have the first part of the battle won. Now you just have to get through the meal out while your gone.

I would also suggest you come up with a couple of things you will say if people are trying to tempt you to drink and go off program. As suggested above, "No Thanks" usually works pretty well. Good luck. Let us know how it turns out and I'll be rootin' for you...

Comment #10

Some things that get me through:.

Bring a sealable coffee mug and a big water bottle. I love starting my day with a capp or hot cocoa, and hotels always have coffee and hot water available in the lobby if not in the room. Also, some places don't have drinkable tap water, so being prepared with a water bottle was a big help. If the hotel has a gym, they often have a water cooler in there Or buying bottled water if you don't have decent water..

I split my lean and green, and do what I can to eat on plan foods. I switch to eating breakfast if it's available, because eggs or egg beaters are a great lean, and omelets can be ordered with mushrooms and spinach to get some of your greens. I'd be looking for something like this on Pizza Hut day..

Comment #11

Pizza Hut has a salad bar. As far as I know they don't have any lean in it other than regular cheese which is obviously a no no - but they have grilled chicken in back for their pasta dishes, so ask if you can have a order of that - cooked in no fat, no oil, no butter..

As far as the drinking is concerned, just don't do it. It's that simple. Just because the other parents jump off a bridge doesn't mean you need to. If they give you crap, oh well. It's none of their business what you decide to put or not put into your mouth..

Bring your blender and as many portable meals (bars, cheese puffs, pretzels) as you can. Keep one or two of the portable ones in your purse at all times in case there is a limit on what you can order at these restaurants. If there's nothing you feel safe with, then munch on your meal and eat your l&g when you're away from this group..

4 days isn't a life time. You can do it!..

Comment #12

Thanks so much to everyone for all your suggestions!! A bunch of them have really helped & I feel much more prepared to face this challenge!.

I will for sure let you know how it goes!..

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Here is what I do when I'm not in control of where we eat and there ends up being absolutely NOTHING I can have. I make it a 6 Medifast meal day. Yup, you heard me.


6 Medifast meals would put a person way under 800 calories and 80 g of carbs. If I had to make a Medifast meal only day I'd do enough Medifast meals so that my body didn't go into starvation mode... Maybe 7-8 depending on the Medifast meals nutrition counts...

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Just got back last night from my trip. I did pretty well while away. My L&G's weren't perfect, as I ate out for all of them & didn't have a scale. I had some cheese, when there was no other option & I know it was most definitely full fat. It was also hard to get all my water in...there was a lot of time spent in the car & the more water I drank the more pit stops to the bathroom I needed.

But, I managed to stay away from all carbs, sweets, etc!! There were buffets daily, full of tasty looking bacon, pancakes, potatoes, bread & butter, etc. We ate at a crepe place one day & my family ate smores crepes...butterscotch lattes...oh my. I was drooling. Sat there with my cup of coffee & a chocolate mint crunch bar & got through it. Went to a that makes a favorite beer of mine. The group we were with ordered pitchers of it. I wanted some sooo bad! But, I ate a burger {no bun, no fries} & had my diet coke.

So, I came home VERY proud of myself & with a renewed sense of accomplishment. I made it though Thanksgiving. I made it through a 4 day weekend in a hotel, eating out every meal. I know now that I can make it through anything!.

I was so worried to weigh in this morning, because even though I knew I was within, or at least very close to my calorie range, I was worried about sodium. Eating restaurant food, even if OP, is always higher in salt than what I prepare at home. I was also worried I didn't have enough water to combat my "salted" state..

I planned to wait a few days to weigh. But, Monday is my "official" weigh in & I wanted to stay on track with that..

SO, I weighed..

I lost 4 lbs this weekend!!.

I am thrilled!! Thanks for all the helpful tips everyone!..

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Isn't it amazing to realize that regardless of the situation, if you set your mind to it, you can do ANYTHING!! Believe it or not, the more you do this, the easier it becomes, and pretty soon you won't even have to think about things when you are travelling. It will start to come naturally...

Comment #16

Congrats on making it through and having a fantastic scale victory on top of it!..

Comment #17

Maybe have your L&G at lunch and just drink a diet soda at the pizza party..

If it's any sort of a reasonable restaurant, I don't worry about whether they "have options for me." What they have is a menu which tells me what ingredients they have in their kitchen. Then I order grilled/steamed/baked chicken/steak/fish, with steamed veggies on the side. No butter/oil/sauce/sides, dry spices ok. You can also get a salad, but I always order the specific things I want, like "lettuce, tomato, cucumber, hearts of palm." I don't try to find a salad that's close and remove the things I don't want, because I don't trust them not to throw croutons or parmesan or carrot shreds on a salad, even if it's not listed on the menu. Easier just to ask for exactly what I want..

I've had zero problems anywhere I've eaten...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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