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I have this domain and just wonder if GOGOLE is a trademarked typo of Google?..

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I'm not asking how much is it worth. I just need to know if "GOGOLE" is a trademarked typo of Google? I need to know this, as if it isn't, I can park it with Bodis. It receives some type-in traffic...

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Read my sig... and that jsut isn't for the OP...

Comment #2

The point is not whether 'GOGOLE' is registered a TM as such, but if it is confusingly similar to a well-known brand (most likely: yes - imho)..

Corporations are not going to register and trademark all possible typos and variations of their names. Still that does not mean it's safe to do typo-squatting. Google has sued people many times over confusing domains..

I think you may be playing with fire..

Comment #3

This guy is well on the way to a career flipping burgers at MacoDonelds...

Comment #4

What could happen? If they contact me regarding the domain, I will give it to them for free right away and I'll be OK, won't I? You mean me?.

I registered this domain, as it receives some type-in traffic (very little tough, almost 0)...

Comment #5

Maybe. Maybe not..

But the big corporations like google are aggressive in defending their brands and have in-house legal staff or lawyers on a retainer..

I would suggest that you get acquainted with the various regulations governing cybersquatting including the ACPA:

PS: I'm not a lawyer but it doesn't take a law degree to understand the implications..

Comment #6

Maybe, depending where you are and how aggressive Google or some other.

Trademark holder might be...

Comment #7

Did you read post #6???? maybe you should read it again.. it will be very very helpful...

Comment #8

If people never did anything that was against american law, there'd be lots of bored people committing suicide..

Comment #9

If people tried to abide by the law maybe they would sleep better at night..

Comment #10

The thing is, I've seen LOTS of Google typos, even on sale at Sedo. Why is that they get away pretty much scot free? is still active, and that is as legitimate a type as you can get.

Why is that some typo squatters get away with such stuff, while others dont? And if companies started going after EVERY typo squatter out there, they'll spend millions in lawsuits. I can count 50 typos of Google alone..

And didnt those typos of (I believe it was Pocker and sell for over $150k?.

Some of the most respected members here at NP have typo domains, and they make good money off them.

Face it. Domaining is an unethical profession. We're in a way even worse than sleazy real estate agents or used car dealers.....

Comment #11

It's likely a matter of time before they get hit..

Also I would like to remind you that the chief legal counsel of microsoft attends this board. The industry watchdogs are watching..

Concerning that particular domain:

It's owned by Google itself. Maybe it has not always been but microsoft and google have won back a lot of domains from cybersquatters..

Typos of generic keywords may be OK, typos of TM domains are not. Definitely disagree..

Domaining is legitimate business. You can choose to conduct business ethically or not. It's up to you..

But I reject the cybersquatter label...

Comment #12

And a lot less tax dollars spent on courts, jails, law enforcement, lawyers.... Most of cybersquatting and TM infringement involves intent. From this statement and your posts, your intent seems to be to monetize the traffic intended for google. What other use could that name in an off the wall TLD be valued for? From the intent I perceive, yes they could go after you as a typo of their registered google name. Are you prepared to defend yourself in a Venezuelan court, WIPO, UDRP? it could happen. Win or lose, it can cost you money and/or reputation.

Based on almost 0 traffic, they may not bother going after you, but they could. If you want to insure they go after you, throw gasoline on the fire bu putting adsense on it or redirect to another search engine.

You might successfully defend making money off a typo traffic of a generic name like amazon or apple since they are generic words (if the PPC are non-infringing), but defending type traffic off of non-generics is a long shot and just not a good idea. Google is such a large target that they probably can't go after every domain. They probably prioritize and go after the ones that they see as most threatening, easiest to enforce based on user origin or financing, country, jurisdiction, status of TM in that country, ccTLD policies, etc. Just because someone robs a bank and gets away with it doesn't make it right for anyone else to try. "poker" is a generic word, and might not even be awarded as a TM for that reason. "Google" is not.

However, trade in generic non-infringing names has attained accepted status as investments by legitiimate business worldwide. Not all real estate agents or used car dealers are sleazy either. Just like domaining, it's the unethical ones who hide flaws that give the legitimate ones a bad name...

Comment #13

Now you have really scared me guys. So a good idea would be to forward it to and leave it. However, it seems like the domain can't be forwarded. I can only change the DNS nameservers in the control panel...

Comment #14

No there wouldn't. Attempting suicide is illegal in a lot of states.

(and, yes, I said "attempting"... successfully committing suicide was illegal under English law, as it allowed seizure of a criminal's property, but it is no longer illegal to successfully commit suicide in most states. Some states have eliminated the criminal penalty for attempting suicide, but they will lock you up in a mental hospital instead.)..

Comment #15

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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