GoDaddy's "WebSiteTonight" sucked. How do I get rid of it and upload html pages?

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I got a quick question: GoDaddy's "WebSiteTonight" sucked. How do I get rid of it and upload html pages?.

I also got another question:

I live here in Omaha. In fact just up the street from WestRoads Mall.

I just knew there would be some person that would try and capitalize off of tragedy once again. Just like VA Tech.

Someone from LA. Just sickening.

Record expires on 2008/12/06 UTC.

Record created on 2007/12/06 UTC.

Would you try and sell a HostGator name off of such a tragic event?.

Your Thoughts...

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Your question was: GoDaddy's "WebSiteTonight" sucked. How do I get rid of it and upload html pages?.

The FBI should raid that dude's house right now!.


Comment #1

I cant believe someone would do that. Shame to the HostGator industry..

Comment #2

If you have never been to Omaha, it's a big city but it still kinda has a small town feel to it.

It took a day for me for the gravity of this event to sink in. And when I seen that Mall Massacre HostGator name registerd on the same day. I just felt kinda angry and shook my head, like man how do you have the balls to want to make money off something like this?..

Comment #3

Never even crossed my mind to check - not that I would have regged it...

I guess not much surprises me anymore.....

Comment #4

You know the thing is Reece. If this was not registered on that day or registered say a year ago or something. I would not have a problem with that name. It is the intention behind it that bothers me...

Comment #5

Certainly in bad taste if it is an individual. keep in mind, it could be an entertainment company or a producer who wants to make making a movie about the incident or a writer who plans on writing a book with that title. if they wait to register, it would likely be gone. it's one thing for someone to register it and a completely different issue for someone to publicize or use it immediately.

Btw, it wasn't me...

Comment #6

I dont think that we have legit proof that it is being sold at the moment. But I could be wrong...

Comment #7

WOW! I just figured out who registered it. And unfortunalty it IS a NP member.

Very, Very, Very disappointed. That is all I will say.

I am not going to mention that member but if they would like to tell us this was not purchased due to the horrific shootings to make a profit.... Go right ahead...

Comment #8

Why are you guys so shocked, there are a strong percentage of people who have no morals( not saying in this cae because I dont know) the HostGator industry is just a reflection of society, many domainers are just after making money off anything they dont care if it's child porn, murder, rape TM infringement it doesnt mattter for th first time in history every piece of society is represented on the net. My fear is domainers will continue to be classified as gutter scum because of actions of some of us...

Comment #9

I guess you get more shocked when it is in your own backyard.

I was shocked about VA Tech, but probably not near as shocked as the kids on that campus. You know what I mean?..

Comment #10

Thats below no morals. That is wrong on every possible level. I hope this domainer shows himself and offers an explanation to the members here at Namepros...

Comment #11

I completely agree. Say they just need to check on all loose ends, you know, just in case the person that regged the name was involved in the shooting. After that, people will think twice about regging names and trying to make money off of such tragedy!..

Comment #12

In my opinion, this individual has nothing to explain to you or anyone else...

Comment #13

Why not put up a memorial site or something? Why try and profit from it? Explain that Devil Dog. And if you lived here you would be angry also. I take my wife and son up to that store all the time.

I guess I am just grateful I did not go there the other day...

Comment #14

Visit the page. At least he has "Gun Control" links up on it, which this all boils down to...

Comment #15

I did visit that page. And if it did not have the inquire about this name. It would not be as big a deal. I guess?.

I just sold this member a name not to long ago. I know it is a for profit site.

It made the hair on the back of my neck stand up when I made the connection.

Here's the thing. If I ran across that HostGator on NP I would think...oh that is a good name for a Horror Movie or a Slasher Movie, or a movie that probably had already been made. But the fact is that it was purchased the day after the real tragedy. And it is for sale. Thats what makes me sick. Now after he winds up selling it, only us members are going to know that is was purchased and sold for that reason...

Comment #16

Understood and sorry for coming accross as insensitve it's just that in this day and age nothing surprises me anymore...

Comment #17

Dont get me wrong I am against this profiteering by domainers as much as you all, It makes me sick to see people profiteering from others heartaches people lost loved ones this holiday season many grandkids lost their grandparents and some lost mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, and children. Our HostGator community better clean itself up or we will be all looked at as scum..

Comment #18

Look, the main reason I brought this up is because this is a HostGator issue and also a human issue.

I just wanted your thoughts on the HostGator aspect. I am very pleased to see that there are very thoughtful members here at NP and that is what keeps me coming back to this site...

Comment #19

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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