GoDaddy user reviews : Advise I pick GoDaddy?? Godaddy's mistake costs me a domain :-(

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A very important domain

Anyone have suggestions? I dont have $$ to go through WiPO.....

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I'm sorry to see yet another Godaddy victim. They claim their fraud department is there for the very reason it's title would make you assume, to prevent fraud. They are their to steal money, steal domains, and cause domainers havoc.

Awhile back they took several premium .tv's away from me, and went about putting the whois for those domains as showing the domains were for no less than themselves. Took me over a week (after I don't know how many attempts in emails and over the phone) to get an "official explaination", and it was so full of lies and BS that I wasn't sure if I should cry or commit a criminal act against the personage of Bob Parsons. They basically accused me of fraud. They got copies of my driver's license, two froms of federal ID, proof from my bank of me holding the credit-card I used, and emails from both me and legal staff. Yet they still said I am not who I or Uncle Sam says I am. I guess they think I work for the CIA, and they have the right to call me and the US government liers.

They said I'd have to pay several hundred dollars, per name, to get them back, and for them to recoup the cost - of me proving that I was right all along. When I refused to pay this (I know what extortion is), they put my original fees back on my credit-card, then saying that since I had been refunded they were legally in the clear. They are now still trying to sell those names for Lord knows how much (They didn't put them on their auction site {TDNAM}, but rather just have the whois showing them as owners and the names for sale).

I could go into great detail, asking you a million "did you ****" and "did you not ****" questions, just to make sure you are covering yourself legally here. But that could get something started with other members here (we have enough chaos around here as it is ). I am not a lawyer, so I can't give legal advise (that itself would be illegal ). But my lawyers are working on both ICANN and on civil lawsuit in federal court against the "almighty" self-imaged Godaddy. My lawyers are former federal prosecutors (always makes their legal views and the resources at their disposal interesting and fun to watch ), who do this for me on permanent retainer. If you wish to see if they have any advice (you'll have to be detailed and back-up everything you say without them having to ask..They play hard-ball and are all business), you can contact them via forwarded email at.

Alternatively, you can ask your questions of the much respected (in NamePros, as well as outside NamePros) NP member Mr. John Berryhill. Mr. Berryhill is one of the biggest lawyer names in the world when it comes to domains. But, if contacting him, same applies. Be VERY SPECIFIC and able to prove it.

This is not his job, and he owes members nothing Give enough details in here, for folks to help, and be specific enough, he usually reads this section of the message board anyway, and may just pop in with his advice on the matter.

Paging Mr. John Berryhill...Attention all customers...Paging John Berryhill to the Godaddy Complaint Desk...

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1 thing you should do is as godaddy say and email the abuse department. If you do not then there is nothing to stop them transferring away from godaddy, if you report the abue yes fair enough your domain will be down BUT they will also prevent it from being transferred away.

If you wait and it does get transferred then a wipo will then be your only chance to get the domain back..

Comment #2

Wow! thanks for the great writeup! I will certianly contact Mr. John Berryhill to see wha the has to say (assuming he has time!) thanks!.

I emailed all goDaddy ends possible abuse, undo, change Just waiting for a response..

I did receive an email from GoDaddy's Office of the president department things do look promising, but I don't want to ge tmy hopes up..

Comment #3


Misunderstanding (albeit, was from the post...not your fault ). is @ Godaddy (whois). Owner transfer, not registry transfer..

Comment #4

How long does a Registry transfer take? Seems like the person is attempting it (notice the nameservers are

Comment #5

Why is planetSRK valuable? I ask only because it seems like a big headache for a mediocre name. Would you be better served using another registrar and getting a different name?.

Godaddy is crap, has always been crap, and will continue to be crap. I predicted long ago when they announced a stock offering that a civil suit will be on the way. They have screwed way too many people with their terrible services...

Comment #6

These take several days with most registrars...average about 5 days. True, pOsSiBlY...Maybe it has some meaning we don't know. Besides, it was his, and isn't that the point? ( ) Rather it is worth fighting for, only he knows And I figured you were Mr. Parson's #1 fan..

Comment #7

Gtreat news! GoDaddy locked the domain!.

I agree the name isnt great but I dont like it when idiots get away..

I am also looking at legal proceedings..

Comment #8

No misunderstanding from what I can see, I meant that godaddy could block them from attempting to do a registry transfer. The obvious course of action the thieves would do is transfer it elsewhere so the registrar couldn't do anything to conbat it...

Comment #9

I made a very imporatnt update GoDaddy's response was really disgusting they wanted to sell me a service instead of helping the situation.

Comment #10

IMO, that would be the worst thing to do. GoDaddy will just keep pushing people further and further if no one fights back...

Comment #11

I'm sorry to hear about your trouble. GD screwed me on a domain that cost me hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Couple that with their inept customer service representatives (the only thing they have going for them is that you can understand theme.g. they speak English). I am now starting to move all of my business over to Moniker...

Comment #12

Actually if people stopped using them it would force them to reconsider their policies. Why fight something when you can use your power as a consumer to make another choice? I don't recommend anyone use GD. I suggest they transfer out the domains and boycott GD...

Comment #13

I am moving on with my life too many ppl were negative and I couldnt take the direct attacks...

Anyways, I am hoping someone can suggest a better registrar....

SO far i've taken a look at and Network Solutions any suggestions? I plan to do that.

Any suggestions?..

Comment #14

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