website tonight questions...?

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Before I begin, I wanna ask: website tonight questions...?.

My next question is: So on my way home last night from work I was behind a city bus and something had caught my eye. Here in Montreal, to find the schedules for the buses/trains, it was common knowledge that you would go to their website to figure them out. Now instead of having on the back of the bus, it has been replaced with (societe transport de Montreal). I chuckled a little bit and thought some of you might be interested to hear about how the city of Montreal has adopted the .info domain. Might give a bunch of you some new leads on end-users...

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Your question was: website tonight questions...?.

I have always been a big fan of .info *IF* the ext fits, what I mean is example your places, facts, one worders, health.

I have noticed in the uk a few more here and there now being advertised, even on tv.

I think the rather long promo didnt, in the end do the ext any favours but hopefully now things will settle and the names will grow.

I am keeping and renewing and looking for more .infos all the time.. I dont think I'm gonna be rich over night by any means but I'm hoping they will at least pay for themself and maybe a dinner one night.

I know there are LOTS of peeps that dont really like the extention but I think it's great for *information* and fits well...

Comment #1

Agreed is my personal favorite. Perfect example of a tourism information website...

Comment #2

I'm not from Canada, but I think it would be easier to remember rather than

I character less, but much more memorable.


Comment #3

Just love info if they fit the domain..

Its so easy to remember and make a difference from the nets and orgs..

Comment #4

.info is also cheap to reg and renew, so that's a plus...

Comment #5

Only Too Good keyword info are getting popular,that $1 regfee has messed up with sells...

Comment #6

I bought my first .info today. I really like the idea of .info..

Comment #7

.info's are the second best TLD in my opinion and soon enough will the absolute backup plan for a taken .com...

Comment #8

I have also noticed in my local city that the local authorities are using the .info tld in thinks like or, mycityshopping etc etc is looking good for the future once the rest of the world gets more familiar with it which is starting to happen now...

Comment #9

Totally agree with you nikki. Will try and incorporate them in my portfolio ^_^..

Comment #10

They r simply the best to resell .yesterday I sold a .info for 15$ which I picked up 4 days baxk for 1$.thats five times your make such return on .com you will have to sell it for 100$..

Which is equal to a few months wait(not if you have a great domain).

Note:i picked that name from the list of expired .infos posted on this forum..

Comment #11

.info domains are definately picking up. I can see the gap between .com & .info prices down the track becoming closer than they are today..

Comment #12

.info lost it's value after they lowered the prices. But it gave a big boost to numbers in the registry..

Comment #13

Here in Australia .info are very popular for buses and trains, here in Sydney I recall every train ticket being printed with the domain:

Domains owned and advertised by the The State Transit Authority of New South Wales include:

*edit*: came across another thread regarding Sydney's transport .info's:

Comment #14

Great to see INFO picking up. I really think the generic names are the best with the INFO extension than any other, and one-worders haven't had a better match.

I'll have to pick up a few...

Comment #15

That's great to know. Here in the states, .com is still king.

Is .mobi doing anything down there in the outback?.


Comment #16

.com is king but you also need a kings ransom to buy a good one/two word generic combo - which or course many people simply cannot afford.

There are so many potential uses for .info and it does'nt seem out of place no matter which country you live in - Potentially a great extention for developing.


Comment #17

Of course, I was just mentioning the fact that we see .com far more than we see .info.


Comment #18

.com is King but .info is a going strong. Been some really nice .info sales on DNJournal lately.

Picked up from TDNAM.

Is French for Financial , so "Financial Information". Was the $13 well spent?.


Comment #19

Well of course it would be stronger, much stronger. Would have picked finances over financiere anyday, however not bloody likely I could snagg finances for $13If you see it somewhere for $13 please let me know!.


Comment #20

I'd say $13 for is money well spent. I bid the Thai guy who owns on Sedo and he wanted $100,000 for it.

As the sale of for $145,000 showed goodness of fit with an alternative extension is critical for maximising keyword value. The same logic applies to .info.

The continued success and recognition of .info is down to two things;.

1) Excellent promotion by Afilias. The $0 and $1 promotions tapped in to the snowball growth dynamic for alternative extensions. The result is 5m .info registrations and a thriving aftermarket from $1 to $100,000.

2) .info means something and is widely understood and recognised across different languages and cultures. A large % of Internet users are looking for specific information.

Sedo wrote a great promotional report in September 2006 on this topic.

The key to good .info investment is;.

1) Alot of people want information on the keyword..

2) When they find the information they want, they might buy something from whoever provides it.

3) Selling them the product or service is profitable.

In a nutshell, you have to think how much money you can potentially make by providing information on the keyword.

If anybody's looking for the next .info, my prediction is .pro. You can register them for $99 from

Like .info, .pro means something, it adds credibility and legitimacy to keywords, and it's meaning is widely understood internationally.

The downside is the registration restrictions are so extreme that pretty much everybody, even professionals in qualifying countries, needs Encirca to register the domains by proxy, and they cost $99 per annum to register.

If registration restrictions are eased and fees cut, there could be a major landgrab in 2008 and 2009 ahead of the renegotiation of the registry ICANN contract in May 2009...

Comment #21

Now that is a lot of money to ask for. Maybe he is confused and is really asking for 100k in Thai baht!.

Great post with your analysis of the .info tld akcampbell!.


Comment #22

I have also seen this, I live in Sydney too, I picked up recently, have big plans for that in future.. I agree, info's are looking great but they should not be compared to .com's as that is a different ball game & It would be good to be able to discuss the value of domains without the need to always be reminded that the .com is King, I think we all know that!..

Comment #23

Yeah, that's a nice name, great potential! Travel is really one of the best industries for the web.....

Comment #24

Thanks, yeah travel works well with .info & I recently purchased quite a few citytravel or travelcity & some countrytravel & travelcountry .infos plus some ones like that for hotel/s then sold and it was great news..

Comment #25

I like .INFO domains. Always have... they are a good way to test out an idea to see if the site or business model will work. The reason being is that .INFO are pretty cheap in prices and you can get them for the fraction of a .COM.

.INFO from my experience are treated very well by the search engines for SEO as well.

You can register .INFO for $1.99 at registrars such as with free private registrations so for the price you really get the bang for your buck.

- Bob..

Comment #26

I have only one .info >

Well, i'm selling it if anybody is interested in buying this domain...

Comment #27

My best ppc name is an info. I love 'em (as long as they fit the extension)...

Comment #28

I have recently become a huge .info fan too, and I am starting to add more to my portfolio! I am continually surprised at whats still out there waiting to be reg'd...

Comment #29

I am in a love affair with dot infos as well. Picked up a couple of beauties over the last couple of months, eg. Blue Collar, Toy Dogs, Phuket Thailand etc.

I am no expert but it feels like infos are getting much more attention and recognition lately. Been some nice sales recently,. $18,500 2007-11-28. $42,000 2007-11-28. $12,500 2007-11-28. $23,805 2007-11-09.


Comment #30

One word is most popular, selling at $XX,XXX..

.info is may popular than .org......

Comment #31

I do completely is strong TLD Those who invest now will be sitting on gold in few years. But one should remember renewel fee is not $1...

Comment #32

I`m storaging exactly because when people will realise how good .info is and how undervalued has been by resellers, I`ll have a nice smile.

I`m getting increasing traffic on my parked ones plus I sold 3 for:.

$100 (received e-mail by whois).

$110 (sold @ SEDO).

$150 (received e-mail by whois).

.INFO is the 3th strongest TLD just after .com and .net..

Comment #33

Have just started registering more and more infos..

Thanks to this thread..

Comment #34

I love infos as well. I noticed as well that for SEO they are very good and also in Italy info s are quite popular. I have a couple I like in my sign...

Comment #35

Maybe this link can settle the dispute whether .info is in 3rd or 4th place Seems like is sniffing on the 3rd place...

Snips from the above link (posted on sevenmile and domaining): and..

Comment #36

Interesting link - only problem is that it takes the few top sales only so the data is somewhat lacking. Thanks for sharing! Rep added...

Comment #37 was on sedo home sales page section other day $10k I think..

Comment #38

.info is becoming more popular by the day, and in rate of growth is out pacing .org easily. Putting aside the ccTLD's (.de,, .us and .cn) I think the general value table is now definately:.






As has been pointed out it is the universal appeal of .info that is exciting and it's ability to 'make sense' with so many HostGator names (especially when compared to .org)...

Comment #39

I still have lots of cvcv.infos for sale for only $5.50 each. Check out the link in my signature...

Comment #40

I'm a seller/dropper of .info domains, but I keep buying more..

Comment #41

IMO. All extensions will increase in popularity.

The registry will try every means to market their product. The domainers would do everything to earn...

Comment #42

I have always loved .info .. Yes they have had a long promo (which imo), was too long but I thinks it's great for those names that fit the extention *im not into brandable .info*.

I have renewed most of my .infos for a couple of years now and they do ok parked and have had some nice *not fantastic* sales.

I think it will continue to grow and I know many out there dont entertain the extention but it doesn't do us all to like the same....

Comment #43

One of the great things with .INFO is the great entry price. Unlike other extensions, you can get .INFO domains for $1.99 for one years registration on registrars such as

I like to use .INFO to try out great ideas and they are really good to start forums and wikis.

- Bob..

Comment #44

Yes agreed .info rocks , the names says it all I think , I have , like the extension I may have to wait a while , but one day a good thing , I even decided to keep my and I was going to let them drop , but not now..

Comment #45

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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