Website builder programs????

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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: Website builder programs????.

My 2nd question is: I know that .cn and .in have taken off.

.mobi is looking good too.

.info seems to be growing stronger also.

But what would you say is the next big TLD?.

I'm gonna put Europe and North America out of the picture. They've already happened..

Africa will take 25 years to even become 10% of North America.

So that leaves us pretty much with Asia and South America.

India, China and Japan are three obvious markets. But other than this, and seeing the population and Internet usage trends, Phillpines, Pakistan and Malaysia look good (All have approx. 14 million users. Not a lot, but still decent - and bound to go up only).

I'm actually surprised to see the lack of interest in South American domains. Brazil has as many internet users as India, and Argentina has 14 million+ users too. Even though the the penetration of english is pretty low in both the countries, Spanish and Portugese are pretty common.

I haven't seen much Australian names either, even though Australia has roughly the same number of internet users as Philipines (14mil) and an english speaking population coupled with 70% internet penetration.

So what would you pick as next big internet market? Not now, but perhaps 5 years from now (so that I have a small fortune by the time I graduate!)...

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Your question was: Website builder programs????.


Btw I just checked.... has reg fee of 350 bucks!.

And has fee of 50 AUD.

Thats a lotta wonder most aren't interested in Australian and Brazilian names..

Comment #1

There are LOTS of people interested in Australian names, but you have to be a registered Australian business to buy a name, which is what is keeping most people here from doing so...

Comment #2

Yes, I am an Australian and can verify that names (the main Australian extension) are very heavily regulated and those that register a without proper authorisation eg. business name, product name etc. can be prosecuted heavily...

Comment #3 has a company only policy. They also have policies against parking and trading is a very successful HostGator extensions in terms of influence within a country as most Australian companies will prefer to use over .com...

Comment #4 would've been very very successful if it perhaps had more lenient policies. 70% internet penetration means a LOT of customers...and rich customers, to add to that. It would be more successful than .ca for sure..

Comment #5

I have no doubt that IDN will be the killer punch in the coming years particularly China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam etc...

Comment #6

What are you talking about?. is a very successful and respected extension...

Comment #7

Personally I think .Tv is going to explode in the next couple years with the mobile devices coming out today...

Comment #8

The mobile internet is the next big internet market. I would start developing mobile websites now whether they are .mobi or .com...

Comment #9

I agree with the .mobi thing.

I checked out the iphone...if that is how the future phones are gonna be made, then mobile browsing will actually be popular.

The browser is smooth and slick. and since mobiles usually have different standards than regular computers, the .mobi might just sound like a 'different' extension for a different activity (than web browsing).

.tv is good too.

And IDNs..I've never been able to understand how they're used. I'm a complete noob at IDNs. Are you supposed to type in the code (say when you go to an IDN website?.

I think the fact that IDNs will require a set of new learning skills will stop people from using them.

And also, especially in China, native languages are taking a beating, even to the point that not knowing english has become something of a 'social outcast/work hazard' phenomenon. i'm still betting on names.

Japan seems a bit different though. it's already an established market and doesn't need to change itself for the rest of the world. IDNs will work pretty well there because I don't see english really booming there...

Comment #10

Which part of China are you referring too? Chinese (Mandarin) is what most of asia ,and many in the west - is trying to learn as a second language- it is where the majority of the world's business will be directed to in the coming years - even now.

And usage - it's simple you type your own language, you know- like Chinese ,Japanese, Thai etc. Just the same as you type in english now.

Think about this simple question - "what language would you prefer to use on the internet , your own or a foreign one you don't understand?".

And we were all newbs once - IDN's offer a massive opportunity for domainers with a little vision- that said the pickings are somewhat slim nowadays - many people already realised the huge potential particularly the locals in the various countries. Chinese IDN forums are booming...

Comment #11

The problem I see with IDNs is the constriction of the market. A HostGator in Chinese can and will only cater to the Chinese. I wouldn't want to have any kind of informational website in Chinese. It'll simply mean that ANYBODY who does not speak the language won't be able to access the site. Sure, China is a big market, but isn't that too much localization in a Globalized world?.

All the Chinese people I've talked to in my University have told me how the Chinese government wants to make english the second language of the country. One told me about Beijing 2008 and how that has made the government rapidly increase the penetration of english.

Fact remains that in 10 years, the only people not speaking/understanding (at least some of it) will be the ones in small towns and the rural areas. But these users are of no use to the online market anyways, since they do not usually have access to the internet. That's what I've seen in India too. It'll take 15 years for the internet to fully reach to the smaller, hindi/other local language speaking areas. And then too this market will be very small due to their lack of disposable income..

Comment #12

Me too!.

Any ideas when the people like us can register? and is there any pre-registration available?.

I know I probably won't be able to get, but maybe I can bag and!..

Comment #13

Afaik, if there will be more than 2 people wanting to register a HostGator in .asia, that HostGator will be auctioned off. So I don't think that you will be able to get trully premium domains for registration fee.


Comment #14

Guys I live & work in Tokyo in a Japanese internet company..

Believe me, the stories in these countries that they "want" people to be bilingual & have English as a second language is just that... stories..

The same feelings you guys have about not wanting to surf in other languages is the same way non English speakers think.

Even confident English speakers don't want to put credit card info into English sites.

This discussion is good I actually like .mobi for the US market because it can spur interest for mobile development.

In general ccTLDs that you can identify as large markets would be good to invest in. Just make sure you only buy commercial terms that cater to the average user in that country.

There are dot com owners that have held out for 10 years & concentrated on monetizing their investments. I believe I can wait at least 5 years for the market I got in early in to be mainstream.

If Australia's domains would be more open that would be a good healthy market. I run a few online ad campaigns for clients targeting Australia & it's a pretty healthy market.

I relate domains a bit to Hip Hop in the 80's. Everything was about New York. To book New York Rappers it started costing a lot & places like the West Coast, Texas, Down South started to use their own people who had their own following eventually. The market started to diversify.

My little brother who grew up in Georgia told me about down south rap for years. For him & his peers what was local was mainstream already, even if it wasn't seen the same by the East Coast crowd.

I used the same concept investing in international domains. I have pretty good mixture of dot coms, dot jps in English letters & native Japanese.

Find a market you might be familiar with & start small one that you can see has real potential. Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Portugeuse... ccTLDs, IDNs, Latin letters, there's a wide variety.

Stay away from ccTLDs where you never heard of the country before & have no clue what they speak...

Comment #15

Oh gawd, you guys are our future. You have convinced me that HostGator names in native languages/ characters will be useless particularly in China...

Comment #16

In Japan , Korea and most parts of East Asia, most people don't know English. When I needed clarifications from our Japanese equipment suppliers, I had to wait for weeks if the translator was on leave. It is always safer to invest in a market you are familiar with...

Comment #17

I was thinking about IDN's today, and thought about the following scenario, let's say you develop a popular IDN HostGator website let's call it in a non-english language X in country X.

You travel to US on a business trip, and want to access it but the keyboards don't have the necessary foreign letters, how are you going to access it? One way is to cut and paste letters you found via google but that is so tedious. Doesn't this create a new type of mapping portals opportunity here, have I discovered america?..

Comment #18

That .com tld thing. The smart money is here. It may take some time, but it'll take off. Wait and see...

Comment #19

I've thought the same thing before. I must admit, I've never seen what any other type of keyboard looks like but I imagine the asian keyboards are very different. Is there not a program they can have that will make there usual character keys actually type letters? To be honest, I am clueless when it comes to ccIDN, foreign character DNs and the such.. And I also understand what Sashas is saying, I really don't know how these are used or work either..

How does translate to "chinese characters".com? Is there a list somewhere of what letter/hyphen combos make which asian characters?.

It would be unwise for me to invest in a market I know little is my playground for now and I'm happy with that..

Comment #20

I predict the next big internet market will be keyword biz domains..

Comment #21

Where did this thread get a bump all of a sudden?.

Its always interesting when older threads get new posts...

Now, having been in this for 3 more months than my first post, I'll go with Spade..the next big internet market is still .com...

Comment #22

Yes has a great presence here in australia , you would be crazy to register a .com if you owned an aussie business ..... people look for the local names, I think the .tv revolution has begun ....... it covers the whole world, not just a country !!! and with the internet becomming video/tv based ..... it should be a winner..

Comment #23

I guess I don't quite understand that concept.Why would someone register and not want AussieFlowers.comAre Australians really that biased against .com HostGator names.. Just 'cause it is a .com doesn't mean it is not local. And doesn't every business aspire to become globalized eventually anyway.. ?

I don't go to .us websites hopeing to find USA only info.. lol But that's probably the big difference between the US and the rest of the world.

Also.. I have sold .com HostGator names to business in other countries where they held the but not the .com. They were very happy to buy the .com...

Comment #24

I agree with you completely.

.com is and will always be the world's local (along with .net, .org and .edu).

As a business, I would first have the .com of my name, and then branch out to the ccTLD to show that my business is also local. Thats what all major businesses do. Google owned the .com first, and later all the other extensions (at least the ones not taken up by squatters)...

Comment #25

HostGator hack and .TV will be the next big thing IMO.

Now that HostGator hack is getting more recognition I could only assume that in 5 years and beyond this type of HostGator would be more valuable. Since HostGator hacks lose it's country's identity it doesn't matter what country it is IMO. There is no substitute for HostGator hack unlike that can be substituted with,, and other ccTLDs.

I have seen some descent sales with these type of domains in $x,xxx range. You won't see many sales in HostGator hack..why?..because not too many solid HostGator hacks really existed and that's what makes them more valuable. HostGator hacks are rare and most hack holders won't sell their solid hacks for less than $x,xxx.

I also think .TV will be the next big thing in 5 years and beyond.

When you visit many sites you will be more likely to see some videos and videos online are increasing in numbers dot TV will perfect for this demand. dot TV will also be perfect for interactive media.

I think these two will be the next big thing in the internet..

Comment #26

The next big thing is only keyword and no suffix..

Comment #27

I agree. As of late, I been seeing a big rise in many mainstream companies using the .TV extension for supplemental or promotional sites to their .COM's.

With the rise and peak of Internet video, this is no surprise. I saw it coming a long time ago.

Too bad the .TV extension is rather pricey. NO, what you have discovered is that we need new keyboards!!!! LOL..

Comment #28

I'm a big .com fan, but also a big cctld fan of my own country..

What you have to realise and many americans don't , is that many countries prefer their cctld over com..

Particularly countries where it has been established longer in peoples mindsets..

Perfect examples, .de etc.

Now, the public dont realise enmasse anyone can reg a com, etc.

(different for some countries obviously), but feel safe with their country code & it is the thing they see on tv, ads etc.

Many companies are waking up to the fact that if you're a big company you're losing a fortune by not having the com and global branding..

Australia is a dood example where they have a respected extension and the businesses genuinely are not bothered about the .com on it's own, they have it already of sorts. Ask any Australian.

Also for Americans, .com virtually is your cctld lol.

.us virtually doesnt exist and is rarely used, i'm not saying it doesnt have a future as it does and is a great looking extension as cctlds go, it will take YEARS though for it to pick up imo.

Imo stick to .com as it will always be number 1. invest in a cctld that is your own or that you understand the market.

These are two golden rules, I also firmly believe in the ongoing success & future for .mobi.

.info also has a bright future imo & crosses over languages and cultures..

Comment #29

Before I came into domaining, the only extensions I knew were: .com, .net, .org, .edu,, and .de (because of, lol).

But I'll still say that unless I have a very localized audience, getting the .com of my name is vital...

Comment #30

And the reason why some Americans do not understand is simply because, let's face it, the Internet was created by the American military (that's right, Bill Clinton and Al Gore did not create the internet!) and America's ccTLD is essentially .COM.COM is more popular in the USA than our actual ccTLD, .US.COM is more or less the grandaddy of all TLD's and those non-US companies that buy the .COM equivalent to their ccTLD domains understand this.

I'm not saying register the .COM and forget about the ccTLD. That would be foolish, too. I'm saying register both - if you can.

I think it is foolish for a non-US company to not buy .COM equivalent of their ccTLD and redirect it to their ccTLD, whether or not they do business globally.

But that's just my opinion...

Comment #31

I find it interesting that often when someone suggests what the "next BIG thing" is going to be, the names they are selling in their signature often match their description...

Comment #32

I agree, i'll always take the com over my own cctld. but then i'm a domainer..

Just saying the non-domainer market doesnt see it like this in general. rightly or wrongly..

Comment #33

I started this thread about 3 months back. I don't think I started this as any sort of propaganda about .in names.

But 3 months back I was a complete greenhorn at domaining. Now, after 3 more months, I've changed my stance; .com is the next big thing (as always).

Personally, I'm getting rid of most of my names in extensions other than .com. I hope to build a primarily .com portfolio, with some .net, .org, .info thrown in.

So if .com is the next big thing, I might be guilty of promoting it..

Comment #34

Of course any smart company would like to go world wide , but if your in australia , and you see a address as the internet address ..... you know they are local , it's good business to be identfied as 'reachable' .... just a cheap phone call away perhaps ..... also consider that some .com equal may not be available , I feel most people associate .com with america , but having said that yes hacks and .tv I hope are the next big thing , I have one name registered in, .com, .eu,, .mobi and .tv ........... I am waiting until feb to do the .asia , so I do agree good have a world wide presence , ....... but only if your business is aimed that way..

Comment #35

I agree with .tv becoming very popular in the coming years.. Just because everyone associates it with television.

But I don't really think hacked domains are going to be the "next big thing". IMO most non-domainers or lightweight net surfers get confused by those names. I tested a freind of mine the other day. I told her to go to delicious and she went to LOL I said nope.. Go to

LMAO Seriously, those types of name are confusing for people in my neck of the woods. Plus how do you relay it to others for word-of-mouth traffic? Do you say "Go to Delicious", or do you say "Go to del-dot-icio-dot-us.. Kinda hard to remember a few hours later if you ask me. Even the shorter hacks are going to loose traffic to the .com version of the full word.

I think .com's are the past, present and future. Then .tv's , .info's and .mobi's...

Comment #36

Yep, agree fully. although I think out of the other hundreds of extensions, the brightest futures are for mobi, info & tv..

Mobi the brightest, although I agree .tv could be huge and potential is there for all to se..

I only own 2 .tv, but they are quality..

Comment #37

I agree some HostGator hacks can get confusing for non-net savvy nor non-domainer when you ask them to visit I even get confuse typing in but when I ask a non-domainers to visit as BLO dot GS normally the question they ask were NO dot COM? and of course I said no dot com.

I've seen so many comments about .TV and other ccTLDs and most of the comments were like non-domainers won't remember those extensions. These responds somewhat surprise me..why?.....We live in an information age and we get bombarded with millions of information from television, magazines, and online for that matter but we tend to remember what we see or hear unless of course our IQ is way low and cannot comprehend.

I agree that .COM becomes a second nature when typing in but human nature always like new things and like learning new things...

Comment #38

I agree that the next big thing is .com.

And everyday it's amazing to see how the best names are still not Regged..

Comment #39

Of all of the hack names is the most confusing !!!!!!!.

My hack ... is easy as far as I am concerned , as for remembering a name , true word of mouth is good ..... but most that see my hack remember it , and that's without any real advertising , I still think .tv will be the next big thing with some hacks finding fans ..... my 2 cents..

Comment #40

I lug my laptop around. It has foreign keyboards pre-installed. Most versions of windows require a couple clicks to get those keyboards on there also. It's not a big a problem as you think it is. The most important thing is for me is: can everyone else access my site who the site is targeting? If yes, who cares (some will, but I don't). I've also memorized the punycode for some of my sites (LOL...

So that works as well.

I'd get into stats about IDNs to back things up and stuff, but I'm not here to argue or try to convince anyone these are worth investing it. There's already to much competition.

Also I forgot to mention this:

Was hard at first for me to understand the value of IDNs when I first started. To be honest, my first IDNs were words I just liked in a particular language. When I saw the traffic (even though minimal) right after I reg'd them, I was like wow. Maybe I should get these on Sedo like my other ASCII... and then when I saw money/clicks coming in, that's when I just started buying more. Wasted some cash in the beginning, but you live and learn. Now I know what to buy and what to stay away from...

Comment #41

Hey sahsas,.

I dont know what registrar has this price, but in it costs R$30,00 (it is about US$15 per year)... the problem is that the site is in portuguese.

If anybody need a help and want to reg just PM me..

Comment #42

Hi Ashouri thanks for the post, which site would you recommend to buy IDNs from , I'm interested in polish IDNs, I like

I should learn more about changing keyboards in windows, thanks..

Comment #43

I usually use (referral 838D8W8ma6A8p6L) cause of the ability to delete domains in case you mess up.

If you're not a native, be careful. Do a bit of research with all the available tools online. You should manage to pick up some good ones if you look hard enough... and when I say hard, I really mean it. In the last month I probably spent ~20 hours trying to find bits and scraps of whats left out there in IDN world, and have come up with only 10 IDNs that are really worth while (I stopped buying names that I just 'thought' are good). 4 of those IDNs have already received ~300 uniques...

The rest of the world is still using IE6 -> Once IE7 update comes (or Firefox takes over), things should be a LOT different. Traffic has increased exponentially since last year.

Check your PM box. I hope you find that helpful...

Comment #44

Though I am a bit of a newbie, I'm learning quickly and have been thinking about his for a while now.

Will there ever be a time that people are allowed to register there own unique TLD, extension. Like I will be able to register .cecil and be able to create my own DNs. like Party.cecil and Home.cecil and Office.cecil for my various uses. The web is infinite...

Comment #45

That would be awesome. I'm sure anyone can create their own TLD... if they have the money to pay up!..

Comment #46

The next big thing is .COM domains reaching the $xxx,xxx,xxx mark. Can't wait for that to happen.


Also I like .INFO domains, especially when you can register them for $1.99 at !.

- Bob..

Comment #47

When the internet conquers TV, that will be big for domaining, I can see generic domains becoming web channels just like TV but interactive...

Comment #48

You ask for future markets, as in markets not well developped yet but with potential to grow. So I don't see why Africa should not be put at the same level as Asia and S.America then? The African internet market may take a bit longer to develop but it will happen just as well in the end, so it is worth looking at Africa as well when discussing future markets. Especially countries like South Africa, Namibia, Tunesia, Morocco, maybe Congo .....

Comment #49

What are these "non-domain" extras you have to buy to get this price?..

Comment #50

All .INFO on are $1.99 for a limited time only. You don't have to purchase anything else to get this sale price...and you don't need a promo code.

You don't have to buy any NON-domain extras to get the $1.99 for .INFO domains. The NON-domain extras are to get $1.99 for other extensions.

Also, if you reg 5 or more .INFO domains, you will also get free private registrations.

Hope this helps.

- Bob..

Comment #51

Sounds good , I have ....... you never know ??..

Comment #52

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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