i have hosting and domain through them. just a novice but can't make my page.?

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My first question is: I have hosting and domain through them. just a novice but can't make my page.?.

My next question is: This is quoted from Frager Factor's blog.

''We are calling for a worldwide boycott and closure of the HostGator forum, namepros, for aggregious actions taken by masked cowards whose identities are about to be revealed, big time. Hand-cuff, leg irons and stale baloney sandwiches are the fate for one moron who is going where there are no internet connections.''.

The namepros thread 'the king is full of it' has been closed and we all seem to be heading for the hills, keeping our heads down - not to be caught in the crossfire. It started with the angry domainer saying the 'Domain King' aka Rick Schwartz, has no clothes - The HostGator king's grand openings and development plans for his generic names, appears to have not happened and are no more than parked pages. It opened the flood gates for people to express how they have felt in private about Rick, in public, feeling confident within a crowd. Now we have Frager latest blog with a veiled threat of legal action and the suggestion of doing time in prison.

Would not a counter argument from Rick been good enough or dignified silence, this latest development feels like egos are getting out of control and adds to the claims being made. What ever happened to not taking ourselves too seriously...

Comments (45)

Your question was: I have hosting and domain through them. just a novice but can't make my page.?.

I call for a boycott of boycott threads. Owen who?..

Comment #1

Owen gets moody some mornings when he doesnt understand something.. this isnt his first extremist post...

Comment #2

Can you believe this post?? He actually has more than 3 sentences in it!! Obviously he had to dictate it!! ..and that in itself musta been a feat!..

Comment #3

That guy gotta be kidding. Closure of NP over this?..

Comment #4

Who is Frager ? First time seeing him burst on the scene. In his wild dreams...

Comment #5

Currently Active Users: 2770 (495 members and 2275 guests).

Working so far - Huh ?

Comment #6

I can't believe there's a thread on that boycott. Ugh, and I can't believe I posted in it too...

Comment #7

To answer this with a historic phrase: "The King is dead, long live the King NamePros!".


Comment #8

And just another example of how Rick's crowd would ration free speech given the opportunity. I have stated it before. Now you see it with your own eyes...

Comment #9

I think we should Boycot anyone who mentions Boycot.

...or just do away with freedom of speech ....and lawyers !.


Comment #10

He trys to shut down Namepros, but will prolly end up shutting himself down LOL!..

Comment #11

Here Here!.

Sticks and stones may break our bones.

But names will never hurt us! <Something to live by,.

Even as an adult!..

Comment #12

Well, to shout Namepros down would involve pulling in an awful lot of favours at ICANN or simply getting a US Court to clamp down on free speech. The Dude is deluded...

Comment #13

The haves and the have nots. Its all about free enterprize...

Comment #14

Well there was not too much evidence of them at TRAFFICS this time out. Both sales and attendances down from what I can fathom. Time to do a bit of discounting and perhaps even include a bit of content that is useful for investors, rather than the kind of hype that just ends up costing most people a bundle...

Comment #15

^ This was my initial reaction, as well ... Geez.

Maybe my mind is still somewhat at the beach on sunny Cape Cod (for the long Memorial Day weekend), but is he actually stating to boycott our #1 Namepros ... because it supports the "dot Mobey" extension / discussion?.

Thanks for the assist..


Comment #16

Yeah, the boycott started out as you see on the first post of this thread. Now the blog post is just a rant about .MOBI being the justification for boycotting NamePros. I guess any reason will do.

I'd post a link, but I think the whole reason for this "boycott" is to get some traffic out of us...

Comment #17

No kidding, way too much drama around here lately. You can spend your time trying to call out all the jerks and morons in this world but you probably won't have any time left for anything else.

Not even just this recent Rick and the elites fiasco, I see random flame wars take off daily just because someone likes or dislikes a specific tld. Come on, grow up and live and let live!.

When I first got here I thought this was a forum of professionals, a lot of you don't act like it...

Comment #18

Bah, thanks RJ ... I think I'll go back and hit the hammock - with a few icey cold Corona Lights (21+) - for a few days, and hope that this dude's 15 mins. shall soon pass, IMHO.

See you then..


Comment #19

Money is the root of all evil.



Comment #20

The love of money is the root of all evil...

Comment #21

I recommend shutting Namepros down every morning at about 4am EST for 10-20 minutes...

Comment #22

How funny is this lol.

I guess peoples thought process dosent exist and freedom of speech in America.

Come on. I admit Rick surly owns some some nice names and gems but the truths are that he mentions all of his developement plans and old news on his site.

Then was a developed site and they went on record how it would be continued but yet it's a simple parked page.

Yes Rick is a top domainer and started the ball rolling. But he surly has an ego. You don't hear frank with that big of an ego or sahar...

Comment #23

In summary.

1. If you self proclaim yourself as a King of (fill in the blank, to taste) expect ridicule.

2. If you seek a high public profile, like a minor celebrity. Expect good and bad press.

3. If you like extolling your abilities and making big claims, expect some to agree and love you and others to question your claims and shout FOUL if they do not hold up.

4. But do not threaten legal action against every person that does not validate your believed greatness. If we all did this, we would all be Lawyers or in prison.

Read some of the slating matches on this forum, many have grievances but do not feel the need to take legal action.

It smacks of a little boy boasting in the playground and crying if the others do not believe them; how insecure.

The HostGator industry is moving on fast and others more talented will take over and drive it forward but never forget we all stand on the shoulders of giants...

Comment #24

From the planet of old-disconnected-guy and tears.

..thats right, I said it...

Comment #25

Did I miss something? what happened with the HostGator king thread??..

Comment #26

This is the Frager Factor blog to boycott NamePros , which has been deleted - in it's place it says.

"OK. Nothing more to see here. Accident cleared. Someone was having a bad day. Move along now.".

The King is dead long live NamePros...

Comment #27

LoL. Someone was cranky - it happens. Thats why you cant blog in the heat of the moment...

Comment #28

The king is not dead. He is immortal.

You can love him or hate him like Ron at Djn says. He will always be referred to as "The HostGator king".

The reason is years ago he (thru the HostGator Journal and all the articles written by Ron) Rick Scharwtz has taken ownership of the term the HostGator king.

He owns it on the internet folks.

He is not the biggest internet owner of names or has the largest amount of traffic, even if he does say so. But the term "the HostGator king" is branded by him and he will be known forever as the HostGator king.

I am not the one saying it, the internet search says it.

In a million lifetimes, I would never be big enough or lucky enough to lay title to "The HostGator king". Thousands of other domainers will never have that title either. Thats Ricks marketing genius I guess. He beat us all to that title. I guess Rick S. wins again...

Comment #29

Peace and Love.

That's what we should all strive for.

Even with people who irritate or offend us. Peace and Love...

Comment #30

For sure, it's the way forward and it's never too late - just please keep yer nipples in.


Comment #31

All this time I've been striving for beer and women... why go changing the rules on us so late in the game, -db- ?

Kidding, of course.

We all have good and bad days, this blogger had his bad day for the month, now let him be and we'll hope that next time somebody else gets the wrath of the random tantrum.


Comment #32

In the spirit of Peace and Love, shall we now close this thread, giving that all that can be said has and what ever the intially intention, of the angry domainer, has probably been acheived.

I think we all feel better for getting our views in the open. Time to share a drink and toast all those that sail in the HostGator boat. CHEERS..

Comment #33

Let's all reply to him, in his blog,and tell him he is full of crap. He will probably get more replies from NP members! So much for his boycott!.

Darn ,too late!.


Comment #34

He isn't worth the traffic or the added page impressions that will help him drive his ad rates..

I much rather lean back and wait for the next episode of "The Angry Domainer" - he's dead on, calls a bluff as he sees it and definitely doesn't kiss the backside of the self declared "establishment". All this without any personal attacks and you know that this guy is quite capable.

The (ludicrous) prediction would be that someone's going to create a DB with the combined works of the AD.


Comment #35

That's uh,......odd..... coming from the guy who made that second video.

The first one was good. IMO, the second one made -you- look bad...

Comment #36

I agree. Looks like he already changed his tune, anyway! wins!.


Comment #37

I was under the impression that there wouldn't be any more new episodes of "The Angry Domainer"?..

Comment #38

I want an "I'm an" t-shirt for TRAFFIC Australia..

Comment #39

One can only hope that "The Angry Domainer" reconsiders.


Comment #40

I always thought America was the land of free speach and living the American dream, if someone wants to slate someone then so be it, as we all know there have been so very heated debates here on np and always the same result, everyone having their say and moving on, It may have been a stunt to get some traffic to his blog, who cares, we are all still here and enjoying what we do.

Happy days ahead..

Comment #41

I want an Angry Domainer #3 even if it's Pay Per View.

And 1 Angry Domainer T-Shirt for me too please..

Comment #42

Those were the first 2 Youtube videos I've enjoyed in awhile..

Comment #43

I ain't giving his blog traffic and imho this thread should be locked and buried...

Comment #44

I like that idea!.

Don't worry, NamePros isn't going anywhere...

Comment #45

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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