for new business?

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My first question is: for new business?.

My next question is: Does anyone use WebNIC Registrar service? I just saw that WebNIC is running a promotion where new sign up will be given 8 .CD for free. Yeah, I know .CD is not that popular, but I do manage to get some friends who likes those funny ccTLD , that used for their own blog or website. So, it would be great if this promotion is offering to all existing customer.

WebNIC, I have been dealing with you for almost 2 years. Your pricing are not that attractive, but I like your service very much! I feel so sad that this promo doesn't benefit your existing customer. You are celebrating your 8th years annivesary is because you have a bunch of layalty customers support you for the past 8 years. :sad:.

Those who with you for the past 8 years should enjoy the Free Gift!..

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Your question was: for new business?.

I am a partner too and was not aware of such offers. YA...why are we the existing partner not informed of this promotion? Why give aways to new partners and not offers to us?????? I do not agree that those with Webnic for past 8 years to get the free .cd..if they can offer to any new partner, then why not also offer to me....Free anyway..WTH ;(..

Comment #1

I think you can no longer withdraw that money but can only be used to register another domain...

Comment #2

Agreed! But I do not mind as I has been buying com, .my and asia from them. At least I get 8 free .cd to parked....The Account Manager is going to get a nasty email from me....hehehe..

Comment #3

Is this registrar anything reliable?.

Also, is it obliged to take 8 .CD domains or can you also just take 1 or 2? I do think I would like maybe 2 such domains or so, but I don't want to register 8 and risk delays with reimbursement of +300 USD. So isn't it possible to just buy 1 .cd and have the HostGator paid back?..

Comment #4

Will include that in my email to them and update if it is obligable to get 8 or can be less. I want my free cd!!!..

Comment #5

This is standard practice with a lot of companies. Why give discounts to existing customers the are already giving you money, why not just offer the new customes to entice them in...

Comment #6

The bad part is you are only refunded the moiney back into your account and not back to your bank, meaning you can only use the refunded money for more domains...

Comment #7

WebNIC registrar works in prepaid model, where you need to top up the money into your own account before you can purchase the domain. So, is not a big deal for me, IF they are giving me free 8 .CD! Guess they will not force you to take 8 .CDThey will be more than happy if you don't take any at all...

Comment #8

My point is: if they refund the money back into your WebNic account, unless you can then withdraw it back into your bank all you can do is use the money to buy more domains or services so it's a win-win situation for them. If you end up buying more domains because the money isn't refunded to your bank, you're only getting 50% off.. not free...

Comment #9

Webnic Account Manager agrees to offer me the free ha ha, sometimes you have to fight for your right...

Comment #10

Issit ....

We have to buy all 8 cd or can buy two - three HostGator only ???.

I going to send them a email too ... wahhahahha ...

Btw their service doesn't that great, I call my account manager (mobile) few time but none of the call got pick up after I spend few k on dot my HostGator (should be her mobile phone show my account with low credit) .....

And their system always down, when new extension launching ......

Comment #11

If I understand it well, there are 8 "free" .cd's but they just refund the money in your account so that you can buy more domains from them? Then that is not what I call "free" and thus a bit of unreliable information or even false publicity.

If I offer you a small gift when you purchase a car of mine, then the gift may be free but only if you first spend lot of money on the car you don't really need... This sounds like false publicity...

Comment #12

For me is ok .....

Cause the 320 refund I can use for renewing my HostGator .....

Is good promotion for exiting user (we are prepaid base) and advertising gimmick for new comer .....

Comment #13

Hi, SonnyCool,.

Agreed, It is better then nothing. Yes, they refund the money back to my account, anyways I need to buy HostGator names plus renewal. so not big deal.

Now with webnic offering free .cd, will godaddy also offer free .me? then EuroDNS gives aways free .tv and Enom free .cc, Directi free .in, dotser free .fm, free .asia...

These will create a stir in the HostGator registrar business and benefit us domainers!!!.

For others who are buying from other registrars, can you help to spread Webnic's offer and pressure your registrar to offer you something free, otherwise, threaten to move to and see their would be fun!!!..

Comment #14

Yeah that offer is pretty much pintless, who wants credit...

Unless they got .com's for $4.99.

Then i'll listen.. lol..

Comment #15

I don't think any registrar will offer .com at 4.99. It is too much to ask for. But they are giving away $40 worth of .cd, although .cd is useless, but, so what...I get it for free.

I hope that enom/godaddy can offer .tv or .fm for free too!..

Comment #16

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