DNS question...!?

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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: DNS question...!?.

My 2nd question is: I would like to create a post to HELP sellers that have decided to sell domains at

If you have listed and sold some domains, please feel free to help everybody out. The more info you can provide the better.

1st things 1st. How was the process? Getting domains over to snap (Transfer) who paid for it if there were costs involved, how long until you got payment, payment options etc.

What did you Start (Price) your HostGator at, and why.

How many bidders were in the auction.

Did you promote the domains you listed and where.

Did you list some that did not sell.

How many domains did you submit.

What did your HostGator sell for.

Where did you buy the HostGator you sold at snap.

And any other helpful info you can provide...

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Your question was: DNS question...!?.

How was the process? Getting domains over to snap (Transfer) who paid for it if there were costs involved, how long until you got payment, payment options etc.

The process was smooth , I had to pay $15 per HostGator to get the domains to Snap , I was paid 1 week after the auction (wire transfer , $20) , I could also choose check (free) ... What did you Start (Price) your HostGator at, and why..

$1252.85 , because it was a nice round number ... How many bidders were in the auction..

A lot ... about 5 to 6 thousand ... Did you promote the domains you listed and where..

Everywhere ... I painted the HostGator name on the moon with a nice blue color and it looked really nice ... Did you list some that did not sell..

No , but I sold some I did not list !?!?!? How many domains did you submit.

About 50 to 60 billion ... What did your HostGator sell for..

5 Million dollars each .......... give or take a few cents ... Where did you buy the HostGator you sold at snap..

I didn't buy them , I found them on the street ... And any other helpful info you can provide..

I can't provide any more .info ... I mostly have .com now .....

Comment #1

^ LOL ... auaaaaaaaaaaaaa ... going to add you rep !..

Comment #2

Considering I am seeing a lot more people adding domains for sale at Snap, I figured a couple people here would have listed and sold some.

Anybody besides Godian (who's in his own world) sold any?..

Comment #3

I am in the process of setting up my first listings there ... hope to have some sales to report to you soon!..

Comment #4

I submitted a list of 20 domains to Snapnames and 8 of them scheduled for Auction on Sept 25th.

Don't know anybody has picked my domains to their Cart already or not. (Maybe Snapnames would show me the status only when Auction started). $300.00. $500.00. $500.00. $1,500.00. $1,500.00. $300.00. $1,500.00. $300.00.

I don't promte my list anywhere (This is the 1st time to display my list). I want to test does Snapnames works or not without any special promtion.

For Snapnames auction system, I don't like they use the Reserve as the initiate price. I could not know what is the price of my domains in other domainers mind if nobody start a bid because of Reserve is high. The Sedo system looks better in this point.

Hope to know more experience on Snapnames Auction from you and Hope some one would pick my Domains...

Comment #5

Elliot of has conducted this test with good results..

Alot of his names have sold. Although Snapnames has increased the.

Listing fee. But alot of names seem to sell their with 1 bidder. Still a.

Good venue to sell if you deduct fees and list prices accordingly...

Comment #6

I will be in the process to list some domains there. Will update the thread as soon as I will have them listed.

I have a question though (since Snapnames support gave me an answer without reading my question). The Snapnames registrars are those 32 registrars listed on their site, including DomainSite? So if I have a doamin at DS, I don't have to transfer it anymore?..

Comment #7


[shuffled voice].

Reporting from Godianland ... Mr Yofie ... we don't have more helpful .info on the subject ... if we get any .info , we might as well transfer some ... a push on the current registrar might be cheaper though.

[/shuffled voice].


Comment #8

I really don't get why you making fun of this thread...

Comment #9

Huh ? ... I think you just misunderstood ... I am not making fun of this thread , I was just being humorous ...

When I first saw the question , a couple of funny answers popped into my head , so I thought I write a funny post that might make Yofie and other members laugh ... eg. zoki understood the humour and even sent some rep (thanks zoki) ... I am sure Yofie also understood I was just being funny and not trying to berate his thread or subject ...

The reply was again a humorous post because Yofie said I am "in my own world" ... sooo I sent him a humorous message from "Godianland" lol ... the purpose was again humour , as well as say to that I did not have any info regarding the user-submitted-auctions on SnapNames ... the "push the .info" part was just a wordplay on ".info" and "transfer".....

Comment #10

I got the Humour.

Back on subject, I have not listed any domains at Snap yet because I would like some data first (i.e this thread). I have noticed several domains that I would backorder, but the sellers are setting the starting bid higher then they should (i think). Listing any HostGator with a low reserve is a risk, but taking a risk at snapnames is probally the best place! Prices like $59, $79 and $99 most of the time I would not even know that if it's a Seller or a Drop, nor would I care, but when you see domains at $199, $599, $1,500 and whatever else, it makes it clear that it's a seller.

I would suggest setting the price at a normal snapnames price ($59,$79 or $99) and let the crazy SnapNames bidding do the rest. Me personally, I would set them at $99. With setting the higher price, that holds people back from getting into the auction, and many of those people, most likely will bid higher then that starting price anyway in the actual auction. I always think, once people are in the auction and see the price going up, that makes them dig more into the domain, which they will normally find more "good" info and the price will go higher...

Comment #11

Maybe you are right, but this is a hogh risk action. And since Snap would take 20% as their commission, so you may lost your investment even your domains sold quickly.

So I would not set a $59 or $99 reserve at the 1st step if I don't need money urgently. I may change the setting price later if all of my domains are Zero bidder. Snap doesn't charge listing fee if sales failed, right?..

Comment #12

They do not charge listing fees that is right.

But I will set them to the lowest minimum price. It depends if you are a long term investor or a quick flipper. I, for myself need liquidity at the moment...

Comment #13

I should of added a couple things.

If your HostGator is a "Great One" set the starting price at $99. (That's what I would do, but you don't have to) Your HostGator will get market value and then some. Again, it is a risk, but life is a risk and the ones who takes risk, also make lots of money!!! (most of the time) lol.

If you do set your price higher, it's most likely to sell for that price as well, because your bidder count will be Low, if not 1. I would think people listing for $199 are hoping to get a lot more then $199, so why not just take the $100 risk and have a lot more people in the auction!.

I can understand listing a for $99 is a risk, but anybody would pay $5K for an right now, so it would be atleast that amount. If it's a premium letter, it will go much higher...

Comment #14

I see there some other problem,.

Most ppl are going to Snap because they see HostGator is.

Going to expire in month / week / some days.

And this is part which is missed when you send it there to auction.


Comment #15

SnapNames had been strictly an auction house for dropping/expired domains. It has recently opened up it's auctions for sellers and is in the BETA program in doing so. I have a few domains that are going to auction early next month with Snap and am a bit excited over it.

As advised by my SnapNames representative, most names at auction will be starting at low reserve/initial bid prices around $99, few higher @ $299. Initially I was a little taken back by his suggestions, buy I soon realized that domains on auction there will likely get bid to actual value (or more hopefully).

The transfer process is a bit tedious (and costs $6.70 if I am not mistaken) you must obtain auth codes from your registrar, and send them over into your account. They take a while longer than I thought to "land" there. Also the domains you want to sell there must be in the account at least two weeks before your auction is scheduled or auction date will be pushed back. I am told this is so that they can properly market your domains prior to auction.

Domains I'm selling there have either been bought on ebay (in a lot) or were hand registered (3+ years ago) Hope this helps out......

Comment #16

Yes, there do have lots of crazy bidders for expiring domians on Snap. But their may stick on the expiring domains only. The Snap Sellers Program's list is seperate from the expiring list. I don't know how many people are checking that list regulor (And nobody has experience since it just started) so maybe don't have enough bidders even I set my reserver as low as $99.

So I don't suggest set the reserve much lower than what you actually expected and assume there would have as many bidders as for expring domains. The program is in Beta itself. So maybe better test it with high setting price, then adjust it when we have more experience / news on it.

Just my 2 cents..

Comment #17

Is the only place where you can transfer your domains, or they can be transferred at any of the 32 partner registrars (including Domainsite and NetSol).


Comment #18

I have domains going into auction on October 3rd. Most have a $99 starting bid. This will be the first round of domains to go through their auction house out of my portfolio.

My SnapNames Rep says they like to have two weeks to promote the domains. What this entails exactly, I do not know, however, I think there will be notices sent to prior buyers from their platform.

I am taking some risk by listing domains at $99 that have received higher offers before. I made it clear to my rep I am concerned about losing a great HostGator for 99 dollars. He assured me there will be many bidders, of course there are no guarantees. Hopefully, the 20% fee is warranted with high sales prices.

It is still in it's beta round, I'll keep you posted as to the success of the 12 domains listed.

Note: Currently only com net org and info are accepted into auctions...

Comment #19

From my experience, if you set your price really low at anauction, more people will bid for it since it is still affordable at low price. The more people bid on your item/domain, the higher the chances that people will compete for it...

Comment #20

Precisely. More people will enter the auction. I have structured listings remembering this.

One thing about the process is having to pay a year registration fee and transfer to their registrar. It's either this or signing a fax at this point for auction houses. There are registrars within their network such as DomainSite that do not need to be transferred.

There could be alternative methods for auction houses to remain safe and avoid such disasters - like what happened to perfume dot org on Sedo.

Anyone have a foolproof agreement for a HostGator auction house?..

Comment #21

Reason for the two week delay for promotion is I and others receive a list of names from them by email, of the auction which allows me to do some research before bidding.....

Comment #22

What kind of email?.

I received some .ca auction notice, but have never received any .com ones...

Comment #23

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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