and FTP Questions?

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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: and FTP Questions?.

My 2nd question is: Hi, this week I've received an email from a possible end-user regarding one of my domains.

The email is probably just a scam (it's come from a free mailbox, despite claiming to be sent from the vice president of a multinational company), but obviously I still plan to entertain it.

The thing is though, this is my first time receiving an email such as this.

It's actually kind of scary. They're asking me what I'd like for it.

Would it be acceptable for me to ask THEM how much they're looking to pay? Or would that tend to put people off.

The HostGator itself is likely not worth much over $400 reseller.

It's an LLLL.NET...

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Your question was: and FTP Questions?.

Oh dear. Nevermind.

I have just searched his email address on google, (), and it.

Looks like it is a known scam.

Oh well. At least now I don't have to worry about how to respond...

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For future actions, here is a good way to respond,.

Say something like " well I really believe the HostGator to be worth $1,000, but for a quick offer I will accept $800". The person if he/she is legit will either say yes, or will more than likely come back with a $400. offer.

Bingo, thats exactly how much you wanted in the first place!..

Comment #2

If it was something like what's mentioned here, it's a scam:

Comment #3

I got an email from this guy as well and pretty much the same story as the one on link in post #6.

He was interested in one of my .NET domains!.

Could it be that links he is giving in the email for the appraisals are also related to him? To hype the HostGator seller to get the appraisal?..

Comment #4

Yes exactly, that is where the scam comes to fruition. They never want to purchase your names, they just want you to spend money purchasing an appraisal.

What gets me is, who is this individual? How does he know to target only new domainers most of the time? Something tells me he frequents HostGator forums and gets his info from there...

Comment #5

He contacted me before I joined any forum...

So, that means or any other websites he recommends are are not a legitimate sites?..

Comment #6

That makes it even more intriguing. How does this individual/s know to target only people who've just got into the game?.

Yes, stay away from

Comment #7

I have noticed that offers are often submitted on newly registered domains so I guess they may be using the zone files or compiled info on dropped domains...

Comment #8

The first thing that popped into my head was that I've noticed on DomainTools' WHOIS results, it has a 'Bob Jones is the registrant for 120 other domains' and 'the email address is linked to 154 other domains'. Maybe they're paying for this feature?.

I.e. they check a recent registration, see that the registrant only has 10 other domains all registered in the last three weeks- therefore realise this guy is a new domainer and target them..

Although, saying that, the oldest HostGator still in my possession must be pushing 8 years and I had a flurry of these about November time last year so it's not always exclusively new domainers. :..

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Coward joined in 2007 - 60 posts.

InvisionTech joined in 2007 - 32 posts.

The hunters are stalking the watering hole IMO.


Comment #10

I think that this guy uses sedo. I think he finds domains that dont have any bids or anything or dont have any traffic and are pretty much useless domains. Then he responds to the person and tells them a price that they want to hear. By this time the seller is excited and most likely is new to the game. So at this point he tells them he is cautious and doesnt want to overpay and wants you to get an appraisal from a suggest souce which for some odd reason is on some bogus forum page. At this point you will know if you got scammed or not because if you get the appraisal this guy will not respond to you after the appraisal is done.

Obviously this scammer follows his plan and never changes so it is easily noticable. So dont fall for it...

Comment #11

I got an appraisal email a long time ago. My hopes were high but nothing ever happened...

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