and FileZilla?

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I got a quick question: and FileZilla?.

I also got another question: I've been struggling to asses the value of country.coms, vs city.coms.

I'm not talking of obscure countries and cities, but popular, economically important ones.

For instance, what would have more value?, or

If 'local' is the way to go on the internet, makes much more sense than

Also, where do states fit in here? Is more valuable than

Any opinions?..

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Your question was: and FileZilla?.

I know that these names are very valuable and how their value breaks down.

I put this question up merely as a discussion. I don't have the 2 million dollars needed to buy either or

I treat it rather as a piece of trivia..., for instance, sold for 200k at the Moniker geo auction. on the other hand, would be a 2 million dollar domain. Perth is a fairly large Australian city, so I'm not sure how the value breaks down....

Comment #1

I know what your saying but I would rather buy than With you have a lot of possibilities plus you can do something like or which would rank high either way...

Comment #2

I am quite sure almost always would be more valuable then, assuming the city is from that country..

On the other hand. has more monetization possibilities, because few things really are that huge that would be addressable to whole country (I mean goods and services), most people would be interested in their local services, not the whole country's.

So I can't decide really, need some experienced domainer to come with his highly argumented verdict...

Comment #3 > any day of the week. is more valuable than But may be more valuable than say, but less valuable compared to ....

Comment #4

For more remote places, country .coms are far, far, ..., far more valuable than equally remote cities.

While I'd agree that country .coms are generally more valuable than .coms in that city, there are certainly exceptions...

As for, in example, I think it could very well bring in as much or more than In the Toronto/Canada example, is the winner, hands down. versus

Definitely hard to say sometimes.....

Comment #5

Country is always a winner. you know why? because you always can put cities list and cities info into it. but will not put country info into

Comment #6

This should not be a question.

Internet is virtually the largest marketplace. In respect of the size of the arena (marketplace and etc.) coverage, and the numbers of visitors, customers, business parties, COUNTRY > CITY, especially as a Web tendency and online rule.

Would you please fairly judge which is more valuable: or

Comment #7

A Country name would be far more valuable IMO, think of all the advertising you could offer on

Just build a SEO friendly website and cover all the large cities too, loads more revenue potential !.

...ahhh, if only.

Now of course I would'nt complain if I had this collection of cities -


Comment #8 or is more valuable than or

I think that even is more valuable than or is probably as valuable as it gets...

Comment #9

There's always going to be a few exceptions, e.g. would be better than (IMO) but I'd go with the consensus that a would generally beat a

A good indicator of comparative value would be how many city names you'd swap the country name for- i.e. I wouldn't trade for just (drawing on the above example) but if you threw in,,, and (i.e. all the big cities) I'd be tempted to take the cities then..

Of course the truly international cities, e.g. London, Paris, New York, are like little countries themselves.....

Comment #10

I say city. It seems like people who are going to visit Colorado will search Google for the term and if you owned you would be in business...

Comment #11

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