Godaddy web site?

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My first question is: Godaddy web site?.

My next question is: Hosting plus HostGator in just one provider or separate providers for HostGator and hosting?.

I think separate is good, right? what do you think?.

I had bad experience closed w/o prior noticed and I was not able to recover my domain.....

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Your question was: Godaddy web site?.

Register your domains with well-known registrars. EX: GoDaddy, Moniker.

Buy your web hosting anywhere you want. IMO..

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Agreed, webhosting companies just try to get you to get a HostGator name with them to make more profit from you, but if you move webhosting companies, this can become a bit of a sticky situation for you depending on the webhosting company, best to keep them seperate the majority of the time..

Comment #2

I think godaddy is not a good registrar.. I heard a lot of complains....

Comment #3

Don't think so.

GoDaddy is #1 Registrar with 24,491,324 domains over there.

Comment #4

They say support is not good compared to medium size providers like hostgator, routhost, etc..

Comment #5

When you really think about it, how much support do you really need on a HostGator name? Yes support needs to be a good thing, but if they are the biggest registrar on the net, they must be doing something right in terms of being satisfactory in all areas, no?..

Comment #6

I've never had any dramas with godaddy, cheapish, ok support - the 'upsizing' gets you down - but hey.

But i'd never buy my name with my hosting company, I hate feeling stuck..

Comment #7

Also if anyone has HostGator name with their hosting company, they should check the whois information, as some (dodgy) webhosts have been known to put the whois of your HostGator name with their details, To try and extort you if you try to leave the their hosting company as they own the HostGator not you (thankfully this is not done with most big well known hosting companies). Another reason to keep your HostGator names and your hosting seperate. I know their are some people who do not realise how it works, though, you only need to put the name severs from your server (allocated to you by your hosting company) into the fields that allows for it, this is available with your HostGator name free at just about all HostGator registrars on earth. So if a webhosting company says you must buy or host your HostGator with them, politely tell them where to go.....

Comment #8

If you purchase a hosting package which offers a free domain,you are going to have problems with the same provider.If you purchase the HostGator and hosting seperate then you are safe...

Comment #9

If they offer a free HostGator name, just don't use a free domain, use your own HostGator name from your HostGator registar like moniker, godaddy or who ever, they are usually cool with that, if they are not then tell them where to go.....

Comment #10

Currently, I have my HostGator and hosting with and I don't know if they allow me to transfer host with my HostGator still with them.....

Comment #11

Go to godaddy and check the whois information of your HostGator name, if it matches your name and address (note this is the main thing), then if you want to move host, ask them to unlock your HostGator name and put in a transfer request with moniker or godaddy, dynadot or which ever registra you like best, if you can do this it will be ok..

Comment #12

Thanks for that suggestion... I will do that when I have time.....

Comment #13

Best to do domains with one registrar.. and hosting with one hosting company.. the two are completely separate and helps to keep domains and hosting apart and easily manageable.. but watch out for hosting companies who will give you a free HostGator or reg a HostGator for you, they might not allow you to keep it once your hosting has ended, or the renewal fee could be overprice after the initial year, etc...

Comment #14

I had 12 domains before with but hosted in different providers outside... 5 of my sites were down due to regisrfly problem.....

Comment #15

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