GoDaddy Vs. Hostmonster Vs. Hostgator Vs. Networksolution?

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My first question is: GoDaddy Vs. Hostmonster Vs. Hostgator Vs. Networksolution?.

My next question is: So about a week ago I went into my Sedo account and added prices for all 300 domains in my account hoping to get a sale and more offers.

Today just got an offer on a (ezx).

However to my surprise I screwed up and had a price of $150 on the domain!.

I was like OMG no!.

I logged in to see the offer was $100. So I immediately cancelled negotiations and fixed the price. Right now there is a lowballer that's really pissed off for losing $1k HostGator over $50.

I gotta say if I saw a $150 buy it now for a would take it immediately.

Lowballers are idiots...

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Your question was: GoDaddy Vs. Hostmonster Vs. Hostgator Vs. Networksolution?.

If he had accepted the $150, you would have received net $90 for the LLL .net HostGator name?.

I agree that lowballers stink, but you have to get used to it in this business - seems like everyone, with the exception of some motivated End users, are all tightening their belts and looking for bargains, IMHO.

Best of Luck, Jesse..


Comment #1

Lucky You... maybe the lowballer trying to get even lower..

Comment #2

LOL, that will teach them for being a lowballer, the lowballer will now be kicking themself after they realise what they just did..

Comment #3

What an idiot!.

Don't get me wrong, I like to get good deals and I may have been known to haggle over a price for a few bucks. However, if I ever see things like this I don't play games. That would be like the guy who got those LLL .coms a couple months ago for $750 trying to submit a lower offer....

Comment #4

I would have offered 250 for it, no hesitation.




Comment #5

I think the sellers who accept lowball offers, who underestimated the true value of their domains are idiots. Lowballers are not idiots..

Comment #6

Agree 100%.

There's a time to haggle this was clearly not the time.

I've lost a few good deals myself in the past from trying to haggle too much and now tend to scoop up good deals when I find them losing this sale in an attempt to save $50 is about as stupid as one can get. This guy was imho..

Comment #7

I'm going to go look on Sedo for some good BIN's now. Thanks for the tip..

Comment #8

Im gonna look through your account and see if you made any more mistakes..

Comment #9

Saving $50?.

You mean not gaining an extra $50 profit in the instant $1000 odd flip that would have been made..

Comment #10

End user maybe doesn't know (doesn't care / isn't realized) what the minimum price for short domain. They just make offer that meet their budget .....

Comment #11

LOL! Well Jesse I'm glad for you that he didn't know what he was doing.. damnit!..

Comment #12

I do not believe you are obligated to honor the price expectation you set at Sedo, do you? If I remember correctly, many people set a $60 price on the LLL.coms they list at Sedo to attract people to send in an offer, then they counter with the real price of the domain. And the seller isn't breaking any rules by refusing to sell at $60... That's the way Sedo works, I think. Don't quote me on this though, since I don't use Sedo much...

Comment #13

You can set a minimum offer or a fixed price. Domains that are set with minimum offers may be counter offered. However, if you set a fixed price and someone agrees to that price I am pretty sure you are locked into a deal...

Comment #14

If you look up definition of lowballer what will you find??.


Guaranteed they are THE cheapest so called business people I have EVER dealt with and that is THE #1 reason I am on my way out of this INSANITY!..

Comment #15

So tell me this, are you going around making better offer than those people? Domainers can't have it both ways...

Comment #16

Unfortunately many (if not most) new domainers seem to think the only way to make money in this business is to lowball people. I don't know where they got this idea from I've never heard DN Journal or top domainers mention they got to where they are today from lowballing everyone.....

Comment #17

Probably the hype related to the industry... "17 year old boy buys HostGator and sells it for $100,000" kinda deals. i'm sure there are many more looking for that than are just in it to get a decent ROI.....

Comment #18

Oh yea.. they are certainly going to mention that they ARE actually lowballers! Give me a break!.

I dont make offers on domainsBut if I did I would no doubt fall under the lowballer category where you probably are along with the MAJORITY of domainers...

Comment #19

What makes you think they are?.

I made $70,000+ just by buying LLLL.coms pre-buyout from Godaddy and reselling them December through February... I didn't lowball anyone to make that.

I know people who make thousands (that's thousands with an "S") each week just by purchasing domains at drop auctions. Again, not lowballing anyone.

You don't need to be a lowballer to make decent money in this industry... I can probably count between my two hands how many newcomers (under 1 year experience for the purpose of this example) from this forum are making more money than me by lowballing. I'd need a heck of alot more fingers + hands to count all the specialists out there making very good livings from cctlds, IDNs, aftermarket flips, drop auction prowess, etc.

Lowballing is for newbies too lazy to put in the work to learn a market. It's so much easier to send out $500 offers on every with the great DRT than it is to actually consider what a premium that starts with an "A" might be worth. Let's forget about learning and just take the easy road, right? That's what people do in life and sadly, that's what people do with domaining. And that's also why 95%+ of "domainers" always have and always will continue to fail to earn a living from domaining they want an "easy way" and are too lazy to put in some real work...

Comment #20

LoL. Great Story. Which is exactly when we I see a HostGator name at a fair price, I buy it without trying to penny pinch. I dont like risking deals over a few dollars...

Comment #21

Did you set min price as $150 or asking price as $150?..

Comment #22

Yes I'd say so, personally every time I buy a HostGator I am hoping to get it for less than it is worth. I suspect people lowball in every industry, but in the HostGator industry the lowballing (and also overpricing) is more extreme because sometimes it works due to the lack of transparency in the market. People tend to focus on the people offering $50 for $10,000 domains but the people offering $4000 are doing the same thing (just not making it so obvious). At the end of the day though who cares, people make low offers on things, what does it matter?..

Comment #23

From what I've seen, I wouldn't really call you a lowballer snoop.

Anyone has to buy for less than they sell for that much is obvious. But I really wouldn't see you being the type to haggle on a $150 like.

Some of these "seasoned lowballers" Personally, I'd never offer anyone under $7000 on an in example nowadays it's fairly obvious they're all worth that now, so what really is the point of offering $50, $500, etc except to show how ignorant and new one is to domaining?..

Comment #24

I really screwed up. I should have offered the $150...

Comment #25

I was not aware there was a "buy now" "fixed price" "asking price" option at Sedo that is in any way a commitment to buyer or seller - can anyone enlighten me.

I believe Afternic and others brokers do have this in place- quickly goes to look at Afternic for the first time in six months 250K hmmm..

Comment #26

Well put. I agree.

I think lowballing is less common for etc... where people seem to know price range better but for generic HostGator names, it is difficult to say the price of the HostGator properly and owners encounter more low ballers , IMO...

Comment #27

What do you mean here ? $ 150 for !..

Comment #28

These being the ignorant "seasoned lowballers" with "newbie legs".

Oh God, I couldn't resist... LMAO People in this thread may disagree:

Comment #29

A guy got few's from Internet Real Estate Group for dirt cheap prices which will never occur again...

Comment #30

Yes, I'm afraid us owners will now have to suffer through months of additional spam lowball offers because every little newbie out there thinks this could have happened to them, instead of regarding it as an absolute freak occurence that truly was a once in a lifetime opportunity. If there was a chance in hell I thought it was possible, I'd outsource me some high school students to spam the hell out of all the owners myself but I know better...

Comment #31

You're registrar doesn't provide free whois privacy? That is the best way to curb spam emails...

Comment #32

You sent the $100 offer...

My first thought was somebody who knows nothing about domains names wanted the name and made that offer.

All of us make mistakes..

Comment #33

I think at sedo, there is no buy now option. You can do asking price and even if you received low offer, it is good for you as your HostGator will have record of 1 offer and in future, there might be more offers.

Before cancellation, you can always counter offer like xxxx or xxxxx whatever you like.

Sometimes, I got low offer at $60 but after my counter offer, it went up to xxx or even xxxx.

Be patient!!!!..

Comment #34

I think the spam issue from people wanting to buy domains is being overstated. I get one spam email every 2-3 months on each as an average, the latest one was a guy offering $6000. I tend to reply to them just in case. At the end of the day that kind of action actually bring efficiency to the market-ie people are going to get at least a reasonable idea of what their names are worth even if they take no notice of the HostGator name market...

Comment #35

I agree that lowballers can piss off most of us.

For Sedo there is a min price field to filter those requests, most of the HostGator owners don't use.

For email spam from the whois info you can choose not to reply or reply with the requested amount.

I received the last year many emails and offers from Sedo and TDNam for that I sold in Sedo for 6300 Euro.

Very few were real lowballers.

The issue here is that we offer something for sale.

The logical step is either someone asks for the price or suggest his own first.

If we're rational and this will not heart our ego or the pride of the HostGator we will reply.

Remember that sometimes lowballers are not ignorant newbies.

I don't want to erase all of them because their price doesn't match mine..

Comment #36

In Sedo, when you set a price, if they offer that price, you can reject it. Every name I own, including $x,xxx and higher domains are all listed at $60.00. When I get offers, I then counter with a realistic price.

This way it ups my bid count and gives me an idea of interest in domains. I know many others that do this.

In other words, if he had offered $150.00, you still would have had to accept the offer and obviously you wouldn't have...

Comment #37

I am not aware of this as well. I know with TDNam you can set the BIN but I don't think you can with Sedo.

Even if the the offer price was $200 you still have the right to refuse the offer.

I don't think lowballers are idiots but I must admit this one is an exception.

I've seen quite a handful of domainers getting good deals for a low price because they are lowballers...

Comment #38

Well not really idiots, just a bit naive. People make lowball offers because sometimes they are accepted. I don't know why people lowball at Sedo though, where the sellers are presumably in the HostGator business and know better. But endusers are a different story, find a good HostGator with an old outdated website on it and make a lowball offer, the owner just may be having money troubles or maybe they have no idea what it's worth...

Comment #39

How can you cancel negotiations straight away without countering ? Is that a Sedo Pro option or did you contact Sedo to cancel it ? As far as I know if you set it to "Fixed price" then the offer page shows as Buy HostGator and you have to sell at that price, it even warns the buyer that there is no negotiating done on the price.

( Max price the seller can set is 10,000 without paying for an appraisal).

...whether they pay or not is another matter !.


Comment #40

Hahah...was that really you? And yes you screwed up.

For those confused. I had set min offer of $100 with asking price of $150. The reason this happened was because I have a LOT of CCC.nets for that price and I mistakenly made a bulk change that included that domain. Stupid of me I know. But mistakes happen. Had he offered to buy at $150 I wouldn't have sold.

I haven't sold anything there for over a year now anyways and while the parking ain't's not terrific either.

There are a LOT of domainers who are cheap or bargainhunters. I certainly look for the deals and discounts. Here is a difference:.

A bargainhunter would have snapped up for $150.

A lowballer wants to buy a with a $100 offer.

I am sure I have lowballed myself but I try REALLY hard not to. When I see a HostGator in the forums without a price it's difficult to assert what they want. Normally I PM and try to get a range so that I am not rude in an offer that's too low.

Haha...great thread btw.....

Comment #41

LOL of course it wasn't me..

I think lowballing is a bad idea, not because getting a bargain is unfair, but because it is a very bad way to start negotiations...

Comment #42

Do you mean, if he had clicked on the buy it now button, you would have backed out on the deal? Not so much now...

Comment #43

That's disappointing to hear you would have backed out on the sale and get your Sedo account closed. Had iReit done the same thing when they messed up on the LLL.coms on AN wouldn't you have been up in arms about it?..

Comment #44

What gets under my skin is a buyer who negotiates a price and then at the time of payment tries to negotiate again. those are the worst.

The buyer offering $100 on your sedo name was a blessing in disguise at least for you...

Comment #45

Yea that's annoying. Equally annoying is when they post "sold" in your thread at a fixed price then pm you with some sort of bulk discount offer.. Happens on DP all the time, not so much here though...

Comment #46

Wow, that was so stupid of him, haha. He really missed an opportunity...and you were lucky an idiot found your slip...

Comment #47

Ireit can take the hit and their reputation is ultra important...while it's important to me as well I can't see telling my wife I just sold a HostGator for $90 when I just spent $800 buying it...I don't need my Sedo account that badly.

If I made a sales post here for a and instead of posting $1500 sale price I accidentally posted $150 I think people here would understand a mistake was made. Mistakes in pricing DO HAPPEN. If it's egregious and obvious it shouldn't be held against you backing out.

As a matter of fact I snagged a deal earlier in the year and the guy told me he priced it wrong. I 100% believed him and allowed him out of the deal. I don't hold people to their mistakes and I would expect the same kindness in return.

Would I risk my Namepros membership and reputation over $800? Probably not. Sedo can go to hell though...

Comment #48

I think this is right. It would be wrong IMO to extort a HostGator name out of someone if they told you they misspriced it and sorry it was a mistake, which is quite obviously the case in this situation. It doesn't take to much to work out that $150 for an is an accident.

I mean if the seller wanted to accept $150 and they were happy with that (that is what they wanted) that is fine. But in this situation this is not the case..

Comment #49

I know a few sellers on Namepros write something along the lines of "I'm not responsible for any errors and reserve the right to cancel the transaction and refund your money" in their listings.

I really wouldn't mind someone backing out of a sale to me if they made a large pricing error and immediately notified me of it forgetting a zero would certainly fall into the forgivable category as far as I'm concerned...

Comment #50

Just got one today ($60 for NLL .com) and I sent it to auction.

I sedo lowballers..

Comment #51

There really are ppl out there who don't realize how the HostGator thing goes. I heard of a guy who tried to reg He wound up putting it on backorder..

Comment #52

They think that, good domains are really cheap and owners will sell it for their prices..

Comment #53

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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