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So I won a domain through godaddy auctions and haven't heard from the seller with the transfer codes. I've been back and forth with godaddy via email since march 2nd. They've been pretty vague in answering my questions up until today when they tell me that since I didnt contact them within 20 days, the funds have already been released to the seller and that basically I'll have to somehow get in touch with him/her to obtain the domain....I won the domain on Feb 21st (somebody can't count). I'm waiting to hear back from gaydaddy now.

Is there anything I can do to get the domain? Will filing a dispute with ICANN allow me to get what's rightfully mine? Now I see why people say to stay away from them......

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Unreal. You bought through GD and they won't finalize sale? They release payment but allow seller to keep domain. Outrageous.

Why does anyone rely on them?..

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Interesting, I thought GoDaddy did whois verfication on their auctions. They really shouldn't be releasing any funds if it still shows the original owner...

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Sometimes on Godaddy auctions the domain is an expiring domain, and the person who owns it can still renew it. They have until a certain date to re-claim it.

Check your auction account under Won Domains (or similar) and it will tell you the day that it goes into your account.

Also, godaddy has a rule that upon whois info change the domain can't be transferred out for 60 days. Have them put the domain in your account, and either keep it there or transfer it out after the 60 days are up...

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Thanks for the quick replies!.

Well, this is my first time dealing with an issue like this so I hope they work with me to get the domain in my account. They have since put a hold on the sellers account though. But this is the last email they sent me:.

"Thank you for contacting online support. As you did not contact us regarding this matter during the first 20 days from the time of the auction ending, the funds have been released to the seller. We have taken action against the seller's account. We will attempt to contact the seller regarding this matter to obtain the domain on your behalf. However, you will need to continue to contact the seller to obtain the domain name.".

I already replied stating that I've been in contact with them since the 2nd and I included incident ID#s as well. I'm still waiting to hear back from them.

Regarding whois verifications, they obviously did nothing of the sort...

Thanks again for the help guys.


Under 'Yours On' it says: Email seller for details....which I have like 5 times already, yet they still released the funds. This is ridiculous!..

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I sold a name through GD at the end of February and am still waiting for.

Payment.They actually sent me an email stating the name was paid for but.

They were going to hold the funds until 3-18. WTF? Lets just park funds.

In an interest baring account and make a lil profit while the "member".


The name was transferred to the buyers account 48 hours after payment was.

Made. I new better than to use GD. A lapse in judgment for sure...

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It sounds like Godaddy is taking steps to help you at least. Good luck, and keep us posted...

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True. In their defense though, I've been with them for a year and half and I have never had a problem up until now. Post added at 06:17 AM Previous post was at 06:06 AM OMG so the seller FINALLY replied...but from a different email address. Anyway, he's basically saying that the domain had been transferred to someone else outside of godaddy before my offer went through and that he contacted godaddy about it and they told him that the auction was a mistake and to disregard any further emails and they'll fix the issue.

Has anyone had this happen before? Sounds scammy to me. Is it possible for him to have it up for sale somewhere else at the same time as it being on godaddy auctions?.

I'm still waiting to hear back from godaddy. I'll give them a ring if I don't hear from them later today.

Thanks again guys...

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I won an auction in Godaddy and had to chase the seller for a month to get him to push the names. It's worth remembering that not all auctions in Godaddy are expiring names. Some are just people trying to sell. The problem is, Godaddy does nothing that I know of to help complete the sale.

In my case, they took my money right away and pretty much told me it was between me and the seller how I got the name. They did say they would refund the money if he didn't push...eventually.

That said, I think the names being auctioned by private sellers on Godaddy sometimes contain great deals, if you have the patience to trawl through them and the will to deal with lazy sellers. Odd how little interest they take in what happens after the sale is made though...

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Well, it's over. I didn't get the domain but GoDaddy issued me a complete refund. They said that the domain wasn't in the sellers possession just like he told me. I'm just going to move on.

Also thinking about transferring everything out of GoDaddy...maybe to Enom? Any recommendations?.

Thanks to everyone that replied!..

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So they paid you even though they said they'd already paid the seller and could do nothing? Sounds strange to me. I'd ask them what action they are taking against the seller for posting auctions for domains that weren't in their possession...

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Spincraze, that is a good ending. Glad to hear it ended up on a positive note. I have heard sellers waiting 2-months to get paid.

The 20-day contact rule - per your GD email - is a good note to store in my memory...

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Its not that uncommon on other platforms. Sellers have domain names listed, that have since lapsed or sold elsewhere. Its a shame, and Godaddy should have done a better job of realizing the issue early on, instead of allowing you to make payment on a domain name you were never going to get...

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One of the reps said it was 20 days, and the last rep I spoke with right before they refunded the money, said that their policy is actually 15 days from the time the auction ends to file a dispute. I looked it up and it is indeed 15 days Purchasing <Noglossary>Domain</Noglossary> Names You Won - GoDaddy Help Center, Search the GoDaddy Knowledge Base ...for anyone that might stumble across this thread...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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