Godaddy Review?

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Before I begin, I wanna ask: Godaddy Review?.

My next question is: Firstly, this will be my 1st real sale besides the few dollar sales I've made, as I've just been building up my portfolio.

Been in communication with a buyer who enquiried via my ParkingPanel page for the HostGator LearnToTrade()net. He made an offer of $200 after I asked him what's the maximum that he'd be willing to pay.

Apparently he just bought the HostGator and want to redo that site with some original investment research. He said his main site is

After posting in the appraisal section & getting nearly everyone say take the offer & run, I replied: To which he said: 1. I've been doing a bit of research on this guy from the name he supplied in the email, which is the same as the guy featured on the videos on his main site Did a Google search on his name, it seems that he's the Director of Research of Even though he said he's not a corporate buyer, do you think he might be?.

2. What would be the best way of handling the transaction? I thought Network Solutions was a HostGator registration company. How can the transaction be done with them? How would you complete the transaction, would you suggest doing it via Paypal or

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Your question was: Godaddy Review?.

Paypal has No Security. Most often, a person will do a charge back after they get the domain.

I have done several transactions thru Network solutions, but they are Very Slow! It will probally take 1 month before you see your payment. I think your buyer would have to send the offer thru Network Solutions, to you, then they could handle the transaction.

Just suggest, Monikers Escrow etc... but leave the option of NSI in, to keep the customer happy..

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Thanks for the comments. If doing via Escrow, is there any real difference between & Moniker's Escrow? I remember reading somewhere that Moniker is safe while isn't that safe.

Also, since I registered this name through Godaddy, I can still use Moniker's Escrow, is that correct?..

Comment #2

I was thinking about getting the NoChex merchant account which provides chargeback protection. I like NoChex, not as popular as PayPal though but I can take secure CC payments. I wonder if it would put buyers off?..

Comment #3

I actually spoke with yesterday over the phone & they said sellers would not get punished for charge backs. I took that as you won't lose your payment so I assume they eat the cost. I could be wrong but that is how I took it when I setup a escrow transaction yesterday.

See if they will use either or Moniker as who really wants to wait so long for money to arrive in your hands. Worse comes to worse offer to pay the fees if he uses your company of choice...

Comment #4

That is correct. I just did one last week. If the HostGator is in the 60 day hold, you will have to push it to there Moniker account.

One nice thing about Moniker's Escrow, is they will pay you via Paypal if you would like and Escrow does not offer this option. Yes, that is the reason for using an Escrow company. They do protect you and that's why you pay there fees. So Yes, you are protected from charge backs when you use an escrow company...

Comment #5

Htmlindex - take $350 if everyone is saying take $200 and run...

I don't even bother with what the person who's buying my HostGator is making, just whether my ROI is worth it. If it's a reseller sale an ROI of even 2x is not bad, an end user I generally aim for 30x and settle for 15x IFF I dont want to keep a domain.

I sold a HostGator for low $xxx which was sold within a month for low $x,xxx. So did it matter to me, not really - I paid $12 for the domain, I'm happy, my buyer is happy and might just be a repeat customer soon.....

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Re- paypal charge back , how does that work as I have sold all my domains thru paypal and no problems , as yet ?

Thanks ...

Comment #7

The difference between is regarding the management of the name htmlindex.

While moniker does all the procedures with the name (that is yours in this case) sometimes - this is what I read - escrow doesnt manage the HostGator correctly.

So, you could be worried if you were the buyer but as you are the seller and you will do all the correct procedures no worries..

Comment #8

Thanks for all the comments. I am going to email the buyer & say that my preferred method is Moniker Escrow. On their site it says that their escrow fee is $50. Does that mean that if I sell this name for $350, I have to just ask the buyer to pay $400 upfront to Moniker escrow since they are paying the fees or how does this work?..

Comment #9

NetSol brands their very own service as "Domain Name Certified Offer Service"

Dealt with them once, the buyer initiated all transactions... just followed NetSol's broker's order (email)....

Rev. a snail mail cheque after the deal. hasslefree...

Comment #10

I haven't used Moniker's Escrow until now, but I've been more than satisfied with They are very very prompt. Their customer support is top notch, and they communicate very very quickly. While you and the buyer will have to take care of the transfer, I don't believe thats something very complicated...

Comment #11

It's the same as Escrow... Tell your buyer, there is a small fee for using the escrow service. I also split fees with the buyer, but that is up to you...

Comment #12

I must say, I've had a few transactions at sedo. Both as a buyer and as a seller, both have been flawless.

Their 10% takes a bite but at $350 - point it to them and it only costs $35...

Good Luck..

Comment #13

You mean their $50 minimum takes a bite.

10% or $35 if the HostGator is parked at Sedo.


Comment #14

I think if you wait 72 hrs , they cannot chargeback at paypal ? is that correct ???.

If that's the case ........... get the money , wait 72 hrs , then transfer , not huge fees with paypal about 3% I think..

Comment #15

Anyone can confirm this statement? keen to know too..

Comment #16

I had always thought that chargebacks can occur months after a sale - possibly longer...

Comment #17

Netsol certified offer is good as you will get the price you agreed on, if you choose to receive checks. The only drawback is it is bit slow.

I had good experience with them, highly recommended...

Comment #18

Had a question about Netsol Certified Offer too...this one name owner wants me to make an offer via Net Sol only, even after I told him about Escrow and it's safety, and how slow Net Sol is....

Comment #19

There is no secure system except escrow, either via / sedo / netsol / etc.

Paypal can be charged back upto 90 days after the payment. Specially if it is a credit card payment. So can MoneyBookers escrow. So can credit card to 2CO or even a custom gateway.

I did the research. And once the HostGator has gone a fraud you can pretty much be sure it's going to be a lot of work to get it back. Anything over $300, use escrow, imho, unless it's a well known / respected member here. Paypal balance - wait for 72 hrs...

Comment #20

I just finished using for the first time for a name. I must say I was highly impressed by them. I literally went from the start of the sale to the funds being in my account in 24-25 hours.

My process was.

1. Unknown buyer agrees to a BIN on another marketplace I had a name listed.

2. We speak online, agree to use Escrow, & they register with them.

3. They pay for the name with a credit card so they faxed in the authorization forms within the hour of making the payment..

4. Escrow secured the payment.

5. I pushed the name to their Go Daddy account.

6. They accepted & Escrow verified the Whois change.

7. They send out the funds via my method of choice. I used wire transfer for this deal.

I would have gotten the money on Monday but the banks were closed due to Veterans Day. Otherwise the funds would have been out by 2 p.m. PST. The funds were sent out on Tuesday & it hit my bank account 20 minutes later.

I wouldn't hesitate to use them again.


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