Godaddy questions?

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Before I begin, I wanna ask: Godaddy questions?.

My next question is: How much did you make off of it? Do you wish you never sold it?..

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Your question was: Godaddy questions?.

A couple of years ago, I sold for mid-xxx. According to estibot, it now gets 3300 uniques/day..

Back then I needed the $$$, but I wish I could have kept it...

Comment #1

My favorite was Silliness-dot-com. I'm pretty silly, so it was a perfect fit, and I had even paid for some logos & such to develop a site ... but I sold it a couple of years ago, because I needed some cash!..

Comment #2

Dad<dot>net - Recently acquired. Definetly the crown jewel of my portfolio. (atleast, for now...)..

Comment #3

I feel that my HostGator was the best investment so far, ready for development.

- Luke..

Comment #4

As far as buying, the best name I ever bought was I hand registered it for $35 through netsol many years ago.

Second best was, also a hand-reg. Life was *so* easy back in the early days. Of course if I was smarter I would have registered some great loan/gambling/city domains that were also lying on the registry floor at the time. oh well...

Best sale to date was, also a hand registered domain. I just sold it and I miss it already.


Comment #5

I usually buy, not sell. My biggest sale is private.

My biggest buy was bienvenida .com , that I still have, and wouldn't sell for less than 20x acquisition price, but even so I wouldn't be happy. I plan to develop it...

Comment #6

I regged a .com HostGator for $7.1 last year and sold it for $40K few months ago, the sale was listed on

Comment #7

Weak (net).

Got this one by chance and i'm glad I came across it. I outbid ben. franklin (heh) and a friend told me that is definitely something to brag about lolz..

Its my most memorable one for sure..

Comment #8 I purchased it here from bentong and it at sedo for U.S.$270.00..

Comment #9

You just bought it, now you're trying to sell it so quick? acquired for $700?.

When was this...4+ years ago? what was the name? that's Very good of a flip. congrats, i'm jealous..

Comment #10

Purchasing Dad<dot>net with Justin was a wise move and I agree that it's the crown jewel in our portfolio as well!..

Comment #11

As an enduser, I still like CanvasTarps dot com as my best pickup, as that is my family's offline niche. I now own a dozen similar domains. That one cost me $980, and I was fortunate the auction ended there, as I only had $20 more available on my CC...

Comment #12

Hi, I would rather not to post the name here which could be indexed by search engine , the current owner uses it as their brand name I think..

The sale was reported at dnjournal...

Comment #13

Wow, if it's the one for exactly 40k, then wow, congratulations..

Comment #14

Lol, well there's 3 domains which sold for 40K YTD on DNjournal.

You said you reg. last way was just reg. nor it has to be

I know I could find out exactly, but i'm too lazy to care to dig up this info..

Comment #15

I think it's a HostGator starting with one M... am I right, Yesonline? Good find..

Comment #16

Im starting purchasing a few HostGator and site this year, still needed a time to make the site more profitable...

Comment #17

My best flip was paper(.)info bought at $1.8K, sold 2 weeks later for 5K.

Best % profit was PrivateBlogger(.)com at about 4,000% profit. Can't argue with that sort of profit margin.

In my opinion my best buy was UNEC(.)com, but I'm using it for my own business so it's not so much for sale unless there's a really good offer, don't bother offering below low $xx,xxx..

Comment #18

Just a suggestion..the original owner didn't want the name to be indexed by search it would be good if you edit the name in your post (I didn't include in the quote)..

Comment #19

I'm still pretty fond of my ArabianRiviera_c*m one although it's going to take a number of years to "mature"..or get developed Wow, for reg fee ! you must have been waiting for NetSol to open !.

I bet Kevin Ham would pay a fortune for some of your names - apparently he is a devout Christian and owns,, and many others !.

Have you been domaining continually since 1997 ?


Comment #20

No, since 1996, with occasional lapses in attention span.

I would love to hear from Kevin! It would sure be nice to have something besides the silly $100 offers I routinely receive for and $60 offers for


Comment #21

If he, original owner, didn't want it to be indexed - he shouldn't have publicly made it available...via posting the sale on DNjournal..

Comment #22

I can't even imagine who'd offer $100 for I'd be too embarrassed to even begin my offers at 10k.

What do all lowballers think, that name owners are fools?.

On the other hand though, if you do send in a good offer, I've found that the owner is usually very gracious and either accepts the offer, or rejects it while giving a reason for doing so...

Comment #23

I just don't want this name indexed from here, especially a domainer's thread which I am involved with.

Dnjournal's info was from sedo, so it's ok for me and the current owner I think...

Comment #24

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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