GoDaddy promo code for renewal in 2011?

Get GoDaddy web hosting for just $1.99. Click here to use coupon...

Special $7.49 .COM sales. Click here for this special deal...
My question is: GoDaddy promo code for renewal in 2011?.

My 2nd question is: This List of Codes has been compiled through the many additions of NP members. This thread could not survive without the community effort, thanks to everyone.

Please continue to post more codes and deals as you find them. Promotional codes - *Please note* All of the codes have to be used on their own, and cannot be combined with any other offer. ( +.20 cents ICANN fee added to each domain) You will find the current codes in the last few pages of the thread. **Please let us know if you find any current code not working so we can update them**.

Enjoy the discounts!..

Comments (178)

Your question was: GoDaddy promo code for renewal in 2011?.

Thanks for the codes, they will be useful to all..

Comment #1

No Problem, Glad to Help.

Ya I wish I had taken full advantage of The loophole.

Oh well.

Hopefully another will come soon..

Comment #2

We can certainly hope, but I dont expect it any time soon, I'm guessing GoDaddy put a good chunk of money into this brilliant little marketing scheme, and will want to reap the benefits of it before trying again...

Comment #3

Um... I was instructed to post... lol.

Already knew about most of these... thanks for the 10%'r.

Wonder if we'll ever see a 5.19 bargain again...

Comment #4

Shhhh your not supposed to say that.

I hope to see another bargain like thr 5.19 one wouldve been so nice if I actually took advatage of it.....

Comment #5


Does any1 know how long is lasted?..

Comment #6

Nope. And I doubt Go Daddy will ever say when they'll expire...

Comment #7

I think he was talking about how long the $5.19 lasted...

Comment #8

This just in.

Ty to Damitssam for finding the 6.19 godaddy loophole.

Do everything you usually would for the 5.19 loophole but instead sign up for dedicated Hosting Ip then at checkout enter the David promotional code.

Buy1 does not work for this..

Comment #9

No Prblem, Just wanted to help get cheapest prices !..

Comment #10

That didn't work for me tonight BTW. The cheapest I could reg domains is $7.19.


Comment #11

Lol, do you have more codes that will make a purchase for $3.95 for 1 HostGator ?

Comment #12

You know there will be When no one expects it - godaddy gives ya a new campaign to cheer for..he he.

Thanks for the codes btw Iravan....

Comment #13

The 10% one is great if you order 2 or more domains I saved like $20 once...

Comment #14

You bought new domains for over $200 in one go? Talk about bulk registration..

Comment #15

Fantastic Post, I just regged a .com the other day and wish I knew that buy1 code. I used usa6 for the -$1 anyways.


Comment #16

Ah Well Now You know.

- Update Another code has been added but for registerfly.


To Get FREE Whois protection!!!!..

Comment #17

Hmm It doesnt work anymore the latest 6.19 one... 2 bad..

Comment #18

Thats a shame, thanks for the codes though, they may be come usful...

Comment #19

I am just using buy1 until a better one comes along.

Thanks for the info..

Comment #20

Hey, what buy 1? I only use namepros to get domains at the momnets...

Comment #21

Its a godaddy code to get the domains cheaper.

But I agree nampros is great..

Comment #22

Look At my 1st Post for more info.

Too Bad buy1 only seems to work for .com..

Comment #23

Yea I agree.

I did have the 10%one, which has now run out for all the other extentions. Just hope I get another one soon..

Comment #24

New Code.

GoDaddy now has a long-term $6.95 .com promo.

Expires 9/30/2005.

Enter code Buy4 in your cart to get that pricing.

Ty to AWW..

Comment #25

Hello2 = 10% off as well. I have used it twice now :-)..

Comment #26

Thanx for sharing, Ill add it to the first code..

Comment #27

Yes, that is how I do all my purchases....

Comment #28

Yep All of them work with paypal! - just check the posts cause like buy1 does not work for anything not .com, and there are others..

Comment #29

Please Remeber to Help Me update this by posting if the code doesnt work.



Comment #30

Here's a loophole for 6.19 domains. I haven't tried it yet...

Comment #31

Seems To Work for other people.



Comment #32

Thanks for such an informative post, ill be using them. and it's a shame I missed the the earlier loophole .....

Comment #33

Yup, the method at...

... has been tested and works perfectly.

I may have a way to get ~$4.20 domains at GoDaddy, have to check and make sure it works well before posting it though. (boy would that bring back the good ole' days of the $3.24 GD registrations).


Comment #34

It Works, and many thanks to Ricberw for finding it!..

Comment #35

Does Any1 know if it expired... or does it still work?..

Comment #36

Ive Heard... Too Bad the 4.20 HostGator has expired... Ah well @ least I got in time!..

Comment #37

This is my first post, so please excuse me if I do something improper. I was reading this thread and discovered I missed out on the cheap GoDaddy HostGator promotion. I did find something of interest via Google. For whatever it's worth, I found this link to GoDaddy on Google that allows you to purchase a HostGator name for $6.95 (plus the $.25 ICANN fee). I gave it a try last evening and it worked fine on the .com name I purchased. It's basically the same as the $2.00 off code given in this thread, but I found it worked very easily.

The link is:

Comment #38

Ya I saw that link a while ago but forgot... I think it works with the other HostGator Extensions.

Anyway Thanks for posting and welcome to NP!..

Comment #39

The loophole for 6.19 domains doesn't work if you want to reg multiple domains at once It used to work with the 5.19 loopy..just a little sidenote...

Comment #40


Thanks For the update!.

I dint know that!..

Comment #41

Hey, THanks for the info man much appreciated.


Comment #42

Buy1 and buy4 does not work with renew domains.

Saveten works for expired domains/renew tho..

Comment #43

Thanks for the update... I posted about the buy1 - it only seems to work for registering .com's..

Comment #44

Until the 30th of September you can get 4.19 Reg's transfers, renewals ect. for ALL HostGator types!.

Follow These Instructions - Remember to Disabel Auto Renew after!.

Add HostGator to cart.

Go up to top Site Builders menu and chose Website Tonight (online).

Add website tonight basic (2 month min) then change it to 1 month in the cart..

Add the $1 off coupon (david) and it's $4.19.

Thanks to Daze who found this out!..

Comment #45

I just google'd Godaddy promo codes, and found this one:.

$3.99 HostGator renewals + 10% off entire order.

Coupon Code: RENEW5.

Expires: 9/30/05..

Comment #46

Nice Find!.

Thanks for sharing! - I may go ahead and use it on some of my names!.

It Does not seem to work for multiple renewals...

Can you give us the link.....

Comment #47


I don't have any domains that need renewing, can someone please try it and make sure it works?..

Comment #48

I tired renewing a .biz and .org together.. nothing happened!..

Comment #49

Doesn't work.

I've tried it with all of the extensions GD carries and still no luck... Maybe they have to be about to expire for the coupon to work?.


Comment #50

Couldn't get the RENEWS to work on a .us.


Comment #51

That's a disappointment.

It's almost not worth believing the strangers on some random internet sites I find! (sarcasm intended).

Oh well, i'm going to keep looking anyway...sorry for the false alarm folks...

Comment #52

Nope... But I would like to see if it does work on a .com..

Comment #53

Ah, this is a bummer for me cause I really needed it...

Comment #54

Just FYI. GoDaddy pays PR people solely to browse forums and newsgroups. Sometimes they post to get a good word about the company out there, or to clear up things. Of course they never reveal who they really are.

I'm not making this up, Bob Parsons has said it...

Comment #55

Probably most companies do that... But it isnt me I dont think thye emply 15 year olds..

Comment #56

Hehe - I think employing us is called child labour :0..

Comment #57

Nice list, hopefully I can use them and they will work...

Comment #58

Thanks! The ones in the 1st post hsould work, if they dont let us know and ill update it!..

Comment #59

The $2 off one you posted works for .com names still Nice!..

Comment #60

I just tried 10% discount for HostGator renewal and it worked!..

Comment #61

It no longer works, they set a minimum of 2 months, you can get $5.94 domains if you want, just select the economy package in stead of the basic package and use the $1 off coupon, also I tried using buy1 on a .us and it wont work..

Comment #62

Ya they caught on...

Too bad, Id suggest going with the 5.19 one if still available..

Comment #63

I dont think the 5.19 one is working either..

Comment #64

Hmm thats not too good, well @ least the 5.94 domains are still here...for now..

Comment #65

Are you sure Iravan? I thought it was valid until October 10-I read it somewhere.....

Comment #66

Yes it is. he must have gotten it mixed up with something else..

Comment #67

Odd I am out of date!.

In the beggining it said ends sept 30th must have pushed the deadline!..

Comment #68

I just tried the RENEW5 code and I saved 10%, that's about it. My total was $6.48 for a renewal which I think was a great rate. Domains are also $6.99 until today I think so the RENEW5 code gave me 10% off of $6.99 and the 25 cents ICANN fee...

Comment #69

Yep! Glad it Helped!.

Do we have any updates on the 5.94 one?.

100+ Replies btw!..

Comment #70

This Just In!.

Works for me..

Go to this link.

But instead, someone found SMTP Relaying can be used:

Add a domain, then use the 1$ off code David to get 4.19 pricing!.

Hope it helps!.

Originally posted:

Comment #71

No Prob! But hurry Godady learns about them and makes it so you cant use it..

Comment #72

I will, and dont forget to not set up autmatic renewal, I got few Websitetonight renewed from last month, I hope they will refund it..

Comment #73

Ya thats the only major problem with these... I just go to the renewal place and turn all mine off, everytime a reg something.....

Comment #74

I was told theres a code for $0.00 registration but I aint seen it yet. Maybe it's falase..

Comment #75

Lol! I think they were pulling your leg! 0$ registration, I cant see that happening..

Comment #76

Ya, worked for me yesterday glad it still works, hurry before godaddy finds it!..

Comment #77

Great post thanks... but has anyone tried registering again, meaning multiple domains..

Comment #78

Sweet. It seems you can use "buy1" and "saveten" at the same time - this saved me $5! Thanks!..

Comment #79

Glad to be of help!.

And thank you!..

Comment #80

With buy1 and saveten what does it make a name cost?..

Comment #81

I don see how saveten can work with usa6.

It is not working for me,.

The best deal is still 4.19 with stmp relay.

STMP relay doesnot work with buy1.

It only works with saveten and usa6, which donot combine.

So the best deal is still 4.19.

And I think buy1 will only work for order more than $10..

Comment #82

I've renewed several domains (1 name per order) using this latest $4.19 loophole. Thanks a lot Trackballer!..

Comment #83

MEaning you had to repeat the prcess, so I guess you cent use it with bulk registering..

Comment #84

Glad to help.

And a big thankyou to every1 who has updated the post!..

Comment #85

Where do you select STMP relay?.

I do not see it.


Comment #86

Follow the link on my 1st post!.

6 pages!..

Comment #87

I used the STMP relay thing last night, fantastic stuff!.

Thanks very much, I love this thread...

Comment #88

Ya I used it this morning so it's still valid, I am probably gonna use it again today! finish all the buying while it's still on the deal ends Octobre 10!..

Comment #89

Saw this thread and felt obligated to use this loophole again.

Registered and

For anyone interested, i'm going to basically form an internet society to promote and aid all aspects of the internet, from SEO help to legal advice. Any suggestions for this project would be greatly appreciated, drop me a PM any time...

Comment #90

Hmm I htink today is the last day!.

Im tryin me best to think of all the domains I need!..

Comment #91

I have a question about the automatic renew. Is STMP relay automatic renewed? If so, how do I disable it?..

Comment #92


Right when you go to "my account" click on "payments and renewing items", which is right under "Customer Info & More".

When you see STMP relay, Click the check block, click "Cancel Item", then "Cancel Now".

The STMP relay will them be removed from your list of renewing items.


Comment #93

I simply click cancel, as I don't trust them enough to use the "Cancel on Expiry" feature.

It's not like I'm going to use STMP relay anyway...

Comment #94


I think of it this way.

I paid for it, might as well look like I'm usuing it..

Comment #95

Glad to hear.. but are you talking about the 4.19?..

Comment #96

If someone wanted to be (unnecessarily) extra careful then they could cancel the auto renewal of relay followed by cancelling the service altogether,,,,..

Comment #97

Wow, I was looking for something similiar to this. Thank you so much for sharing!..

Comment #98

I hope it's still on I have one more to reg!.

Yep Still Working!.

Just got !..

Comment #99

It takes a lotta guts to reg. a HostGator with your arch enemy's name on it...


Comment #100

What you mean...

Ahh You think Iravan is Ravan?.

Tut tut tut... Read the mahabharat more closely!..

Comment #101

Don't forget that you can use this facility to renew your domains on GD..

Comment #102

If you sequentially renew your domains, GD cart helpfully inserts the $1 discount automatically at nice......

Comment #103

Yep they keep extending it, must be making alot out of it.....

Comment #104


Iravan- Son of Arjun and Uloopi, I think king of the Nagas...

Read it closely and see..

Comment #105

Past experience suggests that GD 'pulls' each exposed loophole after a period of time. Then some NPs come and wail that they were going to reg/renew tomorrow etc., but they forgot etc...this also is a part of the routine......

Comment #106

It Depends, I remeber loopholes they closed within hours.....

Comment #107

I plan on buying a HostGator with GoDaddy within the next 3 days or so..

Since the first post in the topic hasn't been updated: what is the current absolute cheapest price you can register a HostGator for on GD?.



Comment #108

The 1.99 Promotion is still on...

So meaning that you use 4.19 HostGator reg in the 1st post to utilize this deal.....

Comment #109

Ah alright, thanks for clearing that up Iravan. I just wasn't sure the $1.99 thing was still on, I haven't been to GD's site for a while.



Edit: it worked!

Comment #110

Yep Ill make sure to post when the deal is over..

Comment #111

Make Sure to cancell the SMTP Email Relay.

You can do this by.

1. logging into your account.

2. clickin on my account.

3. Clicking on payments and renewing Items under Sutomer info and more.

4. Selecting those you want to cancell.

5. Press cancel and choose cancel at expiration... or cance limmediatley.

Remember do to this or you will be charged...

Deal still on!.

Take advantage!!!..

Comment #112

Great thanx. I'm going to register a couple of domains next week. I hope it will still work...

Comment #113

I'd hurry no telling when they will pull this, or stop the loophole.....

Comment #114

You prolly knew this already, but as I was registering 2 .com names you can do this in this order:.



And both will work..

Comment #115

I didnt know... Thanks!!!.

Does it work with 4.19 promotion???..

Comment #116

I didn't test anything else - I am a bit poor.

Thanks for this thread!..

Comment #117

No prob, hope it saves you lots so your not poor..

Comment #118

Yep Still working, there were some issues about godaddy rejecting the 4.19 thing, but those ended up fake!.

Just reg'd a domain!. - The Urdu and hindi speaking folk will know it's meaning!..

Comment #119

GD sent out a message that the $1.99 offer was ending end of october..

Comment #120

Hmm I dunno, havent they been sayin there gonna stop it forever, this will prob be the thing though, Id suggest reggin now! I am..

Comment #121

This just in the 4.19 deal is over, best price seems to be 6.19 but no confirmation on that as yet!..

Comment #122

Yes can confirm that 6.19 is the best possible, although the headline 6.99 will put a lot of pressure on small HostGator reg cos....looks like this thread is over now until the next time..........

Comment #123

And how did you do it? WHat did you use to get the 6.19??..

Comment #124

Damn I got rid of that!.

Link me up please!..

Comment #125

Just renewed a few for $4.67.



Comment #126

Hmm looks like the 1.99 promotion is gone back up...


4.19 Domains back Up!!!.

Instructions on 1st post..

Comment #127

Hmm Looks like They got rid of this loophole... ah well to keep looking!.

Please update me if anything is found.

So I can change the 1st post..

Comment #128

Thankyou very much!.

Rep Added!.

Hmm Seems as though none of the godaddy codes work... I tried any1 else have this problem???..

Comment #129

Latest thing seems to be 6.19.

Updating first post!..

Comment #130

Ya I saw that... didnt knwo if it was a glitch or sumthing.

Thanks for confirmation!..

Comment #131

New Code!.

For saving 10%.


Thanks to Oxdomains!..

Comment #132

"Candy" still works for $1 off.

"USA6" is now $5 off any purchase of $30 or more.


Comment #133

USA6 works perfectly. -5!!! I love it !!! 4 domains (3 coms and 1 net with 3 folders) with the code totalled 25.77! NOTE: does not work with 10% off codes...

Comment #134

Nice! Thanks for confirming.

Glad to profited greatly!!!.

Please help continue to update this thread by posting any godaddy codes you use that are not listed in the 1st post.

Thanks for all you help.


Comment #135

Looks like the best and fastest deal at the moment is to buy 5 domains +5 online file folders + 5$ off coupon code; 30.95$ (6.19 each name)...

Comment #136

Gdg1104b - this gives you GD's "business solutions" pricing on some nondomain products (30% off):.

Also, instead of using the economy edition email thing to get reduced HostGator pricing, you can buy a years membership to TDNAM ($4.95). It gives you $1.99 domains plus a subscription to something thats actually useful...

Comment #137

Oh, with the TDNAM thing, you can use the amazon1 code to get 10% off (gives 10% off to the entire order), but you cant combine it with any other codes...

Comment #138

I no longer see 1.99 with SMTP purchase... help is there any other way..

Comment #139

1st post you can get TDNAM mambership and a 6.19$ HostGator registration..

Comment #140

Interesting. If extending TDNAM membership does it give 1.99 for domain?..

Comment #141

Would be great if it does... can you or someone else confirm it?..

Comment #142

Yes, can someone confirm? Only extend membership or just just register?..

Comment #143

I'm just posting to confirm a code...

I just used The TDNAM membership + 1 .com + The Code 'Candy'.

A HostGator and the TDNAM membership... for $6.19 total...

Can't complain...

Comment #144

Thanks alot for the info buying some domains today.

Reps added...

Comment #145

Well if tdam membership can be had for effectively free, then lets get on board......

Comment #146

At you can get domains for $1.99 with any other purchase..

Comment #147

The answer is YES to renewal of TDNAM membership..

Go to My Account/Payments and Renewing Items/.

Select TDNAM membership tick box.

Then click Renew Now box at top..

Put in cart..

Add Domain.

Add Candy coupon code.

Total $6.19.

You can add 1 year membership each time you register a name if you want! Voila!..

Comment #148

Ya thats what weve been talking about TY for confirming... 1st post updated!!!..

Comment #149

No they haven' is still working.

(re adding additional year to tdnam membership + name reg = $6.19)..

Comment #150

Any chance a mod could sticky this? I find it very useful and tend to refer to it pretty frequently...

Comment #151

Glad you find this useful, for that was the purpose of this thread.

As for stickying it... I think there are more important topics to be stickied... I will continue to update the thread with the help of NP members... for as long as it is needed.


Comment #152

'Candy' coupon didn't worked for me yesterday, it said it's reserved for the "$5 off $30 buy"..

Comment #153

Yes, candy = $1 off, gone. Anybody now know a flat $1 coupon that works?.

Hello2 gives you 10% off the order, so the overall price appears now to be up to $6.47 with tdnam membership/renewal...

Comment #154

Hmm... Thanks for letting us know... hopefully more codes will be released soon...

Anyone have news on buy1?..

Comment #155

Please confirm somebody if a bulk HostGator buy with a bulk TDNAM membership extendings work...

Comment #156

Enough is enough! Why should they continue loosing money while paying for publicity?Everybody knows GoDaddy now. The drawback for such a marketing strategy is that everybody would expect super cheap deals and if they do not get them, they'll be disappointed! Disappointment is bad thing.....

Comment #157

Are you kidding?.

I think they know exactly what they're doing... and they're doing it well.


Comment #158

No. I doubt.

Just see how nervous Bob Parsons is on his blog.....

Comment #159

It just means that GD are pricing up a bit for loopholers to $6.47, which is still good value..

BTW, while I was messing around looking for what works and what doesn't, the 4L name I was going for got regged, so shouldn't really mess around for a 30c hike..

Comment #160

Just wondering, what is wrong with yahoo $3 HostGator registration...

More so, I am trying to understand Yahoo $3 vs GD $6.5 what are pros and cons..

Comment #161

It was told that Yahoo! does not allow free HostGator pushes between yahoo accounts. And also, it will be filled with hassle to transfer out the HostGator to another registrar. Thus most HostGator resellers will try to avoid Yahoo registrations. Godaddy, Enom, Namecheap, Domainsite etc..the rather known registrars, mostly provide free HostGator pushes among account holders. And they provide quick HostGator transfers. That will save alot of trouble for the seller and buyer.


Comment #162

Bump Attention Bluelight Special...........

Just used hello2 for %10 off registration.

Payed $6.47.

1 .COM HostGator Name Registration - 1 Year $ 2.24.


1 WebSite Tonight Economy - 5 Page Web Site $ 4.95.

Special Savings: $ -0.72.

Subtotal: $ 6.47.

Shipping & Handling: $ 0.00.

Tax: $ 0.00.

Total: $ 6.47..

Comment #163

Name + tdnam reg/renewal + coupon code 'ben' = $6.19..

Comment #164

Hey guys!.

Lotta good updates, Ill update the mian post in a bit...

What does the code ben do?.

Take 1$ ofF?..

Comment #165

Amazon1 will give you $5 off of a $30 purchase..

This just changed from 10% off...

Comment #166


This will get you the $6.19 domain:

Comment #167

Thanks for clarification!.

Ty to everyone who helped update,.

The 1st post has been updated!.

Just one more thing.

I've seen some people have gieve nthe thread a rating of 5 out of 5.. maybe this will attract more people and we will be able to expand our knowledge faster..

Comment #168

Ya but I still wondering how you got 7.19 dollars in the first place? The total for me is 9.20 (including 25cent ICANN)..

Comment #169

Please See 1st post for the lastes updates.

The lowest price right now ios 6.19 for .com..

Comment #170

Caution: Online File Folder can't be cancelled online anymore. It says: to cancel please contact us by phone... hummm..

Comment #171

Well, if that's the case let's go to then.....

Comment #172

Id suggest Stick wiht TDNAM and code then for now..

Comment #173

Dont worry, you must have done it the wrong way or something, I just cancelled 2 of them just fine..

Comment #174

I tryed to do the TDNAM but it gave it to me for free for 3 months and getting it free does not give you the $1.99 thing...What steps do I do?.

I did not see anything to pick the $4.95 membership.....

Dont you need a $4.95 per year membership per domain?.


Comment #175

If you already have tdnam then select tdnam renewal from Myaccount/Payments and renewing items/.

Tdnam membership is not per domain...

Comment #176

My account/payment and renewing items/select tdnam membership/click renew now button/..

Comment #177

So Any Further Updates?.

Godaddy gonna give us a x-mas present..

Comment #178

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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