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My question is: Godaddy promo code for email?.

My 2nd question is: The purpose of this topic is to establish what it takes to become a successful domainer. Now I am under no illusions, I am not a successful domainer. Over the course of the last few years I have dipped in, out and back into the market, more often than not through financial necessity, sometimes emerging successful, other times emerging with a few burnt fingers. But really, I have never felt "involved" in the whole process, I have never seen this industry as one I could get a foot into, make a living from or become truly successful in. Much of this comes down to not having the capital to invest but I also feel that much of this comes down to feeling like something of an outsider, feeling as though the best deals are not within my grasp or are secured only by those "in the know.".

I'm not sure whether this is the case, I'm even less sure as to how I become one of those "in the know." I'm not convinced I "know" HostGator names (nor, really, should I expect to). So my question to any seasoned domainers out there: is it still possible to gain a strong footing in this industry and make a comfortable living starting with only a small amount of starting capital? Really, I think I already know the answer, I mean it's what Namepros is all about, positive reinforcement, but let's test the water anyway...

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Your question was: Godaddy promo code for email?.

Mistakes made by most newbie domainers the first time is registering many HostGator names that are diverse in terms of industry like travel, computer, online and games.

These names are registered without thinking about the length and frequency usage of them. Not only this, newbie tend to have at least 2 years of renewal. The cost add up and they hope to make a profit within a year or two.

The fact is, was still available to register in 2003 and were dropped often before that. is a recent thing in 2008. Owners like,, and original did not see profit in 1993 or 1995 right away and certainly did not realize their value. Most of the sales and boom we heard of are from after the bubble burst of the internet.

Look at it was created in 1998 and the business probably didn't come about until after 2000, same thing with dnjournal, dnforum, and this site namepros...2003 look like somehow things got started then...suddenly everything exploded after 10 years of the dot com. Dot com 1993, sales and businesses for domainer exploded in 2003. Before that were as much as reg. fees on most.

Look at.

So...for're likely to have to wait until development sets in or a period longer than the usual 1-2 years that most domainers dream about...

Comment #1

Maybe you could feel more involved by following good advice less, and developing your names a bit more? If you pick a topic that you're passionate about, and develop your names with a bit of zing, you can't avoid getting lots out of it.

The nice thing about developing a few names is (as an earlier poster alluded to) you're in an industry where you're the boss and you can start your business for under $100..

Comment #2

Domains are a field where the most valuable currency is knowledge.

If you have time to read the forums and to discover possibilities that are in the path of future growth you can do far better than the investor with a lot of cash but no time...

Comment #3

Domaining is controled by individuals who violeted TM laws and registered thousands of TM domains early in the .com rush. They made a killing in profits... the next phaze was the dictionary HostGator holders who have made a good chunk of profit and still do today.

Unless you get lucky like holder who settled for 7 figures. It is very hard too make money! LLL, LLLL and 2 word premium domains are the next phaze for domainers to make money from in 5-10 years from today.

Unless you startup a website, which you will need a 10K start up fund... it is very hard.... to compete in todays world wide web. Unless you get lucky!!!!.

PPC is DEAD, ppc is the worst available service for HostGator holders.... End Users will find a reason to steal your HostGator if it's parked. DO NOT PARK YOUR DOMAIN, if you do... be ready to loose your domain!..

Comment #4

For the life of me... I have no idea what you are trying to say here.


Comment #5

Simple, domaining is not profitable... unless you get lucky or have a big wallet to purchase and build a nice portfolio!..

Comment #6


I've heard it said once that you create your own luck through opportunity and follow through...

I'm sure many others here might agree?..

Comment #7

I agree, domaining for the most part is not profitable. Unless it's a "hold strategy for 5-10 years" as described. You see the "" sold for millions, well it probably changes hand more than 100 times before it gets there and the original owner probably saw nowhere near 1% of it's value today.

Profit strategy that works in the early stages of domaining:.

-Park, ppc and google adsense: Now that the market is developed, google and other advertisers are trying to get rid of "minisites" which are full and loaded of "keyrich $$$" which is nothing more than parked pages.

-In the early days, generics are possible and were available. Now it's gone, you have to have money to buy them.

Today's strategy:.

-Invest in new technology or niche market, which also requires $$$ if they are premium names.

-Developed site:...cost factors $$$$.

-A real business (limited liabilities) taxes, filing fees, expertises. etc.,.

-Wait and hold strategy still works, but you must keep up with the fees charges by registrar.

The market has gotten too complicated and expensive because it has matured. Because of the market getting bigger, prices goes up, demand goes up, not enough supply of quality HostGator names.

It does take money and a lot of skills to succeed, possible rewards are probably not in a year or 2 years term but may be longer. Typical businesses and investments fail for the majority and takes a minimum of 3-10 years to make a profit.

The cost of transactions are huge, sedo 10%, afernic 10-20% commision, moniker 15% etc., the more transactions on does, it leaves a dent in the profit...

Comment #8

Rookies who continue to read news articles about the success of .com, they also assume it could be done withe extensions like, .me, .info, .biz, etc..the list goes on....

Domaining is no longer based on regs, it's more about how much you have and how much you can buy in the aftermarket....

Unless like some of you, who use your daddys or mommys visa or savings account to purchase domains above 10K, you have better chances in profiting then the majority of domainers who are dreaming of hitting it big one day with their reg fee domain!..

Comment #9

I started with like $30 on my credit card and have since then gradually bring in more and more every month.

Im sure if I had $20k to invest in the game right now I could make quite good living. As the old saying goes, "It take money to make money!" Still holds true even in domaining. Though as time goes on I have made little by little and re-invest it and I am starting to actually make a good profit on what I buy, sell, and develop...

Comment #10

Perfect example of a Smart Investor, he took a chance with $30, just like me $16 and turned it into a small profit and that profit was put back into the game.

8 months ago I invested for the first time 4.5K into one domain. The last offer I had was near 10K. Just like Tivo, Domainers like us, know were to put the money and turn it into a profit.. unfortunately, I will speak on my behalf.. the 4.5K I invested was a big chunk of money out of my families pocket. Even though we could not afford it...

Cause I was 100% sure, it would be a profit from the moment I buy it. I have received 30+ offers.. ranging from $100 dollars to near the 10K dot!.

There are few Domainers like us who are full of knowledge, but no wallets. I have tried numerous times in the last 6 years to convince people, friends, family to lend me 100K or 10K... no one even dared.... I would be a millionaire today and so would the investor.... it's not to late... sooner or later...

And others like us... and thats when we will make a change! in the HostGator industry.

Name me one person the HostGator Industry who has MADE MILLIONS of dollars and has put some of that back into the HostGator Industry to benefit Domainers.

SO FAR NONE - anything that has been published or developed has been to make someone elese RICH. Forums like NP has helped us raise awarness for one another and to promote Domaining to the World.. other then this... there is nothing available... The so called HostGator Loans, charge massive interest and have so many rules.... we are alone in this industry my honest and good Domainers!.

Together we can make a change. As a Domainer you can MARK MY WORDS... I will make a change, when time and Luck turns my way! Until then, Dont Park your Domains... unless they are JUNK!..

Comment #11

I would have to agree, good post.

To be 100% honest the only reason I am successful at all in the industry is because of the dedicated members here at that offer great advice to the general public.

If you find yourself under the dollar and keep losing, read some more and don't hesitate to ask some of the more seasoned members here at Shoot me a pm if you need help with something or just some advice on a name or domaining in general. I have helped countless people on this forum and I will continue to help.

Just remember $6 profit is still profit. That $6 could make you RICH!..

Comment #12

Mir,could you pls explain in greater detail why "Dont Park your Domains... unless they are JUNK!" -you seem to be very clear cut. Could you explain some more, tks...

Comment #13

Yeah, this is works for me too. I invest only $8 for 1 HostGator name and sell it for get a profit. I repeat this strategy over 2 year, this is not quick business but if you patient this is a great business model.

I'am only kid who have a dream, and now this dream realize with domaining. I only have money in my pocket $60 / month for eat and internet connection before it.

If this business not change my financial i'am quit, but you know i'am still here now...

Comment #14

Wise words disagree - see Internet Commerce Association Donors. Founded in 2006, the ICA is a non-profit trade organization representing HostGator name investors and developers and the direct search industry...

Comment #15

I'll make this simple for you. PPC is now considered in many lawyers books as bad faith... you are risking your ownership of a HostGator when you park it... I disagree with this 150%, but I dont have the power or money to hire a lawyer to protect my assets... so the simple step to take is not to PARK... and forward all your domains to one website! and develop one by one.. or what ever you have in mind!..

Comment #16

Wow! I've made 25k this year so far off hand reg's that I haven't held for more than 11 months, part time at that. There's money to be made but it takes work and independent thinking, not so much the herd mentality we sometimes follow. Just have to find you're niche and work it, not park and hope.

What is considered success anyways????.

I consider success getting back what you invested in a given time.

Patience>timing>luck>persistence>knowledge gathering and networking.. My 2 cents..

Comment #17

This is part of my business model in the domaining industry but not the whole thing. I believe that an important thing to domaining is not to put your eggs all in the same basket. I have found different levels of success with trying different things in domaining. As I had stated above my margins are getting larger and have found what is working for me the most in the industry.

I dont think parking is over but it is old news at this point in the game and the industry is changing rapidly. Especially in the times of the unknown internets.....

Comment #18

Yeah, I was kidding. Knowledge is overrated and the ICA is clearly a ham fisted money laundering operation. The acronym ICA probably violeted someone's TM. Thanks for straightening me out. Maybe this thread will raise the awarness of an angel investor who will help you move to the next phaze...

Comment #19

Couldn't disagree with you more. There's still plenty of room to make a killing if you're good at spotting bargains. I started a year ago with a few hundred in the bank and since then I've done over $300k in gross sales working part time. There are so many angles to this industry that the money will never dry up...

Comment #20

I would tend to agree with your thinking here. I haven't had near the success you have enjoyed (Congratulations, btw!!!) - but I have a "long term" view with my portfolio. Long term meaning 5-10 years. I never believed that domaining was a get rich quick thing for me. That's not why I am in it...

I've made my share of rookie mistakes along the way... But I am trying to learn every day and I have a vision that this is the future.

I have no delusions of grandeur as we all know the .com space is locked down tighter than a drum - but if I can add 1 or 2 high quality .com names a week based upon metrics then I feel like I can create value long-term. True - these names may not be $5k or $10k names right now... but in 5-10 years I believe that I give myself a shot.

In the meantime, I am trying to be like a sponge around here and learn... learning from those who have gone before me who have acquired the knowledge and expertise to become successful at their own strategy.

I am now looking to form an LLC with a graphic artist and a designer to start building out some of the better names.

I also understand that this is not going to happen overnight - but the more I learn (thanks to the good folks on this board) the more optimistic I am - and the more I am starting to spot potential opportunities.

This whole thing has been a fantastic learning experience for me. Sure - I have bad days like everyone else - but I am try to focus on the good. I also feel blessed to have found this site and all the people who have been willing to share their knowledge.

I believe we are still in the infancy of the internet. I can only imagine what the next 10-20 years are to bring - which is why this is so exciting to me.

At the end of the day if you believe you can't do something - you are probably right. For that thinking will permeate your mindset and leave you stuck in neutral. On the other hand - if you believe you can than you are also probably right... lol..

Comment #21

An important thing to consider is ROI = Return On Investment. This means the percentage gain of an investment on a yearly basis. 30% per year in the stock market is pretty good - most investors rarely see that much.

There are many people on Namepros who made 300% per year hand registering LLLL.coms. Did the golden age of domaining end when the LLLL.coms ran out last November? Nonsense. Internet business continues to grow overall at a torrid pace. Mobile computing is just over the horizon. Find where the growth is heading and place yourself in it's path. Find that 300%, then find it again next year.

If you want to follow the crowd buy stock index funds. If you are willing to put some serious time and effort into HostGator research then you can ignore the negativity. There were many who insisted, for years, that investors were wasting their money.

I believe we have seen only the very beginning of HostGator investment. In ten years perhaps there will be Wall Street-type HostGator investment funds and armies of commissioned HostGator salesmen scouring the world for HostGator sales just like real estate brokers do today.

"One pill makes you larger.

And one pill makes you small".

Think big - really big. It is out there if you look for it.

::EDIT:: BigDipper, you said it before I did...

Comment #22

MIR - I have a question to the following comment.

Unless you startup a website, which you will need a 10K start up fund... it is very hard.... to compete in todays world wide web. Unless you get lucky!!!!.

Why do you think it will take $10k to start a website - what sort of site are you talking about here?..

Comment #23

I think he meant a business website.

1k-2k for developers.

1k-2k for advertising.

1k for content licensing and hosting services.

1k-5k for an average HostGator name.

1k for buying traffic (not the same as google advertising).

1k for filing business as limited liabilities.

1k for yearly maintenance.

That's just my opinion...

Comment #24

Mir -and interested to hear from others,.

Are there any well known examples where HostGator ownership was questioned or even taken away by lawyers because of PPC. It looks as if all large registers are doing it anyways!.

Was the reason for the HostGator ownership being questioned PPC only; or were there additional issues such as TM?.

Very grateful for a case example where PPC caused ownership issues...

Comment #25

Tivo: good example.

Ja1: additional info ...

According to Paragraph 4(a) of the UDRP Policy, the UDRP Administrative Procedure is only available for disputes concerning an alleged abusive registration of a HostGator name; that is, which meet the following criteria:.

(i) the HostGator name registered by the HostGator name registrant is identical or confusingly similar to a trademark or service mark in which the complainant (the person or entity bringing the complaint) has rights; and.

(ii) the HostGator name registrant has no rights or legitimate interests in respect of the HostGator name in question; and.

(iii) the HostGator name has been registered and is being used in bad faith..

Comment #26

It's nice to have cash on hand if you ever spot a bargain on a name for sale, but there are lots of people myself included that got started from simple hand-registered domains that were developed and sold.

Create a site you're interested in it can be on a HostGator you registered for $9. Monetize it if you want, but build traffic. Once you have regular visitors, prepare to sell the entire site. Use the money you sold the site for to buy a "nice" name or start the developing process over again. That's the approach I took for my first year domaining, and it worked reasonably well...

Comment #27

Mind you, if you're good at creating traffic (and revenue) off a $9 name, you probably don't need a $1000 name - just stick to brandable names and put your money back into your new businesses - design, writers, etc.....

Comment #28

I completely agree. Think outside the box. I pretty much have my domaining business set up into 3 separate areas.

#1 Domains I have purchased. Over the last year I have spent upwards of $300k on HostGator names. These are assets I intend to hold, while earning about 8-15% of my investment back per year via parking. I tend to look for generics, and untrademarked typos.

#2 Hand registered domains. I hand registered probably 5-10 domains each day. Some I test and then throw away, but a good portion I keep because of traffic. These domains are parked and sometimes later sold. Startup capital needed for this, only a few hundred bucks.

#3 Typos. I register typos all the time. I have a very very solid technique. Sure there are some risks involved, however I usually stay away from the trademark stuff. I average $300 per day with this strategy I use, and only needed a few hundred bucks to start. $108k on average isn't bad for very little initial capital. It's all about having a strategy, using the right tools, and thinking away from the herd...

Comment #29

Interesting posts I only reading and upgrade myself to domains industry..

Thanks for share your experience...

Comment #30

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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