Godaddy Problems?

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I got a quick question: Godaddy Problems?.

I also got another question: I quoted them $xx,xxx.

Know they asking me they are ready to pay but need a human appraisal of that HostGator.

What you think should I do?..

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Your question was: Godaddy Problems?.

Please be careful it's not a scam first. If they demand that the human valuation be done by some company they recommend, and that you pay for it, it's a scam. There were many threads about this last year...

Comment #1

Watch out for the appraisal scam. It goes like this: They express interest in your domain, ready to pay, but need an appraisal first. Then THEY suggest a particular appraisal company.

If it is legit, they can pay for their own appraisal anywhere they want. Just don't let them talk YOU into paying for an appraisal.


Comment #2

If they are serious about the HostGator tell them to get their own appraisal. They can get one for under $100. It's up to them, not you, to appraise the domain...

Comment #3

This wht I got.


We are interested in

Your name was listed for sale. Please let us know your price.

Our company provides IT security services and performs security audit of local and global networks. Our clients are mainly based in Europe and Canada.

So investing in names is an additional direction of our financial strategy.

Looking forward to do business with you.


Graham Grindlay.


TGI Services..

Comment #4

Wow.. good price very familiar with this statement from many scams..

Just be extra careful on the appraisal thingy.

Good luck..

Comment #5

Someone has suggested this method:.

Ask the email sender to pay the appraisal and you will deduct the fee from the HostGator price. See how they respond...

Comment #6

I asked them to DIY themselves and I will reward them with a 10% discount... hehe of 'cos that is talking about HIGH $xx,xxx deals that they happily accepted...

Comment #7

Could be scam ..... could be real , I think do it yourself is best answer , soon find out..

Comment #8

That's the typical email template used in the appraisal scam.

- They never mention the name of the HostGator in the body of the email.

- The 2nd paragraph makes a point of telling what their company does (what does that have to do with buying a domain? Nothing. But it tells the reader that they are NOT domainers, to bait you into replying with a higher price)..

- It's always signed by a "President", "CEO", "CTO", "PHD" - some title of authority (to build your trust)..

- Once you reply with a price, they will tell you they need an appraisal and will nudge you towards a forum post which bad mouths some reputable services and recommends their own.

The dead giveaway? Check the full headers of the email you received. (If you don't know how to do this, google it). Instead of coming from the "corporate domain" the ones I've seen always originate from a russian (ru) or norwegian (nu) dialup account!.

Sometimes if you go to the "corporate domain" you'll find a parked page.....

Comment #9

Minor variation - doesn't rule anything out. Check the email headers.

Anyway, don't pay for the appraisal...

Comment #10

It is clearly a scam, would be a great coincidence if someone legitimate would just happen to use the exact same words and sentences as hundreds of scam mails...

I just wonder why I don't get any of those scam mails would be fun to make fun of them.....

Comment #11

100% Scam. Please be advised 2 issues. First, the HostGator name isnt worth much, let alone xx,xxx. That should be the first tip off. The 2nd is that this email is common - you wont hear a word back after you requested them get their own appraisal. Its a shame, but a fact.


Comment #12

Even I found something at namepros about this "company"

Comment #13

I just got the exact same e-mail for a HostGator I registered last week.

To bad. I've only been domaining for a month and got my hopes up for a few seconds. On the other hand, I'm not new to the Internet so I did what everyone else would do, I googled my potentially new friend Grayham Grindlay, president of TGI Services -> scam...

Comment #14

First post! Welcome to NP!.

Also, it does sound like you have been around awhile. Yes, the first thing to do is google things that sound too good to be true. In almost all cases, these things that sound too good to be true are just that.

Again, WELCOME!.


Comment #15

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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