GoDaddy how do I change when someone enters to point to

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My first question is: GoDaddy how do I change when someone enters to point to

My next question is: Well, I am happy with Godaddy, nothing bad every happened etc, but the thing that annoys me is not that of using hot women to make money (lol) but that of when you reg a domain, it probably takes a few minutes longer to reg because of all that extra junk they try to get you to buy.....and also just a laggy and crowded HostGator interface........

I have a lot of domains with Godaddy but looking to sell mostly all of them....

After I sell them I will be looking for a new registrar....which one should I go to?.

The two other good ones I've heard of is and

What's your opinions?..

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Your question was: GoDaddy how do I change when someone enters to point to

Go for Dynadot, and get the bulk pricing ($500 deposit required).

And if you have many HostGator names (800+) then get a $7.45/yr reseller account from eNom ($6995 deposit required)..

Comment #1 with their $5.99 price for new registrations and their fair support is something you don't find easy..

Comment #2

Name. Lowest prices on the big 3. Simple design. Easy to use...

Comment #3

I'll still stick with godaddy, since you can bypass those by clicking below. but your choice if you really need it then go with namepros...

Comment #4

Yeah I'm probably gunna go with .....need to sell my domains first tho :s..

Comment #5

Im kinda new in the business, just own around 60 domains, but Ive registered them all thru Dynadot and never had a single problem.



Comment #6

I'll go one more vote for dynadot. wikes82 - how much does the bulk pricing bring .coms etc down to?.

Although I do like having my names with godaddy for easy sales/ pushes.....

Comment #7

Did you guy not read his post? Moniker is a good registrar, but he is looking for a registrar that does not make you view 5 pages of advertisements whenever you register with them. Moniker does not fit this description. Try Dynadot. Dynadot bulk pricing brings .com names down to $7.50, .org down to $4.99 (only new regs) and .net down to $5.75. There is another level of pricing if you add $5000, but it is not much lower...

Comment #8

Yes I read his post but I don't see 5 pages in Moniker when you register. Do you?.

Once you put your name(s) in the the cart just go straight to shopping cart and your done...

Comment #9

I'll go for Dynadot, user friendly panel, bulk price easy to obtain and great api..

Comment #10

It is working now. My account manager told me that trick when I first signed up. It still made me go through about 4 pages of ads and settings. So, eventually I gave up trying to skip them. Good to know that it is possible from my account now.

It is still no easier to click on that link than it is to click on the go straight to checkout button on Godaddy, but thanks for having me try again...

Comment #11

You are right.

With Godaddy you can't just go straight to your shopping cart unlike Moniker. I'm not sure about the other registrars if you could do the same though...

Comment #12

I think that you misread my postI was saying that it was just as easy to go straight to your cart with GD. Once you add anything to your cart, you get taken to a page with more offers. You have the option to either click the "Add these to my order" button, or the "No thanks. Continue to checkout... " button. This second button takes you straight to your cart.

I was actually saying that it is seem just as easy to skip the ads at both.

I do like both GD and Moniker and use each for different things...

Comment #13

Anyway is expensive in renewals. I use too but second Moniker/Dynadot combo...

Comment #14

I use dynadot and haven't had a problem..

Comment #15

How much are names renewal fees for .coms? (for

Comment #16

$5.99 .com regs.

Clean interface.

Easy bulk tools.

Free apps with HostGator purchase.

Free WHOIS Privacy.

No trying to sell you 101 things when you check out, you get what you want easily.

And most of all I am a customer there $7.99 .com/.net/.org/.info I do believe!.

Still cheap compared to tons of other registars out there...

Comment #17

7.99 a renewal for still not a bad price.......

Comment #18

Try this for end user account and this for reseller account.

Interface pretty neat and simple...

Comment #19

Hot women? I've never seen any hot women on Godaddy, just average.

Anyway, I would recommend for cheap & reputable, or if you want to go with the most trusted in the domaining industry,

Comment #20

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