Godaddy Hosting account problem involving FTP?

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Before I begin, I wanna ask: Godaddy Hosting account problem involving FTP?.

My next question is: Im hearing some rather good things about Imodo.......

Any news as to when it's going to be available..

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Your question was: Godaddy Hosting account problem involving FTP?.

I'm kinda out of touch, but what exactly will iModo offer?..

Comment #1

I can hardly wait to see it go live, as well... The amount of time that has gone into this project, I know it is really some thing special! Seeing what, Ian, did with, Tells me this isn't going to be your average parking service, It is most likely going be a web2.0 service, with multiple revenue streams...

Comment #2

Yeah, definitely. I hesitate to even call it a parking service, although it would surely qualify within the most basic definition. But really iMODO is going to be heading up a new genre of HostGator monetization altogether.

From the information I'm privy to as a director I can tell you that iMODO is clearing it's last few hurdles now. We've had some good news in regards to issues that were previously delaying the launch. I'm sure Ian will have more updates soon.

It's an exciting time to be a domainer!.


Comment #3

High hopes....

Seeing is believing, but the first check in the bank is reality...

Comment #4

Indeed it is an exciting time to be a domainer...Ron ...I can't wait to see this, This is just what I need for my Home and Loans names, As well as other large niche names, I have a feeling, This is exactly what the doctor ordered, As far as maximum monetization, and revenue streams for domainers. One thing I do know, Ian, That cat don't mess around, So expect some thing like you have never imagined before, Better yet, Something web surfers have yet to see before, That in itself will bring CTR up alone, Not to mention book marks, I am sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting for iMODO to launch!..

Comment #5

I too am waiting patiently. No doubt Ian will impress again.


Comment #6

To put it mildy, I CANNOT WAIT for I MoDo, do you MoDo?..

Comment #7

Fellow iMoBros (Fraid thats stolen from the boss himself ) I cannot wait!..

Comment #8


How do you intend to announce when the service is ready?.

I only check in here every couple of weeks to see how your progress is coming along so an email to the contact address on my 1plus account would be a great heads up.

Suprised you don't have a blog on your iMoDo HostGator with updates etc.

You mention you won't be accepting everyone into the service... that's changed. I thought it was open to all existing clients?.



Comment #9

Everyone with an existing account will be transitioned over and notified when iMODO launches...

Comment #10

I don't have one. Would I be updated if I register an account right now ?

Comment #11

I had read somewhere that if we already had an account we need not do anything and all will be transfered over for us.. is this still the case ?

(edit) Just read -RJ-'s comment ... great..

Comment #12

Any additional update? Would love to try this out live.


Comment #13

Woooo HOOOOO it's here.

All my names parked with 1plus now show in imodo so I'm gonna have a play with my new toy and see what happens..

Comment #14

I have added a HostGator to Imodo, changed the nameservers, build the site, but all I can see is a blank page, only the favicon icon is changed. Do you have any idea why? Thanks...

Comment #15

Well in playing ive changed 2 to premuim but nothings happening yet.

Anyone know how long the change-over is?..

Comment #16

How did you get to use Imodo, the site still shows Coming Soon..

Comment #17

Not sure what I'm missing but have changed a couple to premuim and they are still showing the news theme? Any suggestions..

Comment #18

Don't know for sure but I would imagine that it would be because it is not live yet. As far as I know it is not officially launched as still shows the message "coming soon" and there has bee no official word from Badger that it has launched.

Therefore I would imagine that even though we can login, upload domains etc. that not everything is working correctly yet. If I am wrong please let me know...

Comment #19

Thanks for the link.

I tried registering on the site and it shows So then I tried logging in and it showed..

Comment #20

Ive got the site up and running - looks great. Unfortunately my advertisements arent showing. It suggests using a advertised keyword. Whats more advertised than "Pharmacy" ? - I'll play around more with it.


Comment #21

I have just logged into my 1plus account and see there is an imodo check box next to all my listed names.. Do I have to check this to change over?..

Comment #22

Hey Mellow, nice spot..

There will be an email coming out in the next day or so explaining all about what you do with that.. Capsule review would be to say that "yes, any domains ticked will migrate onto the iMODO premium platform".. Its a bit more complicated than that however as there thousands of accounts in the 1plus system and it's probably not wise simply to open the door to anyone with an account - so were working still on the migration...

Comment #23

Badger - one of the issues I had with 1plus was that the blog subscriber/comment feature became a target for comment spam on a couple of my domains, and there was no way to moderate subscriber comments before they were posted.

With IMODO inviting even more visitor interraction, has this been/is this being addressed in the new platform?.

IMODO looks really promising, but for me that's a concern .....

Comment #24

Any idea on how to get Advertising results on the page? Im using a very common advertising keyword. Thoughts?..

Comment #25

Hi Justin... Im told by our head tech that he needs ~5days to migrate 1plus and make it live.. Until then, may I refer you to the other iMODO thread and RJ's post

All the best.


Comment #26

Ian when will the new service be open to any new accounts. I'd be interested in testing it out.



Comment #27

Gotcha.... I guess I acted a little prematurely. =)..

Comment #28

So do we receive revenue even though it isn't live yet? My names seem to have been automatically transferred to the iModo platform so I hope I'm not now losing revenue?..

Comment #29

Ok Ive just received my email.

Now I can start playing..

Comment #30

I received the email too. Amazing templates. Would not even say that it is parking. It is beyond parking. Hope it will do well...

Comment #31

Just took a preview in the account manager, and it looks real promising !.


Only thing that would be needed IMO is a custom space to ad some custom links within the premium templates..

If this comes up I will move 80% of my domains to iMoDo !.

Keep up the good work !..

Comment #32

I don't know much about Imodo, except they seem to know a great deal about parking. This sounds revolutionary!..

Comment #33

After browsing the available solutions I am amazed. What seems to be the news portion of the template is simply ingenious. I love the concept. The best around. A one stop solution that should put on the map permanently. I just cant say enough after browsing the templates and the way it opens up aggregated news feeds within the same page.

Im already a happy customer and this seems to be a 1000% increase in every possible good way!.

Just cant wait any longer...

Comment #34

Is a spin off or owned by 1&1.?..

Comment #35

Ian, Badger, Made and imodo is the new much improved service..

Comment #36

Thks Mellow,.

But was anything with them to do with the oringinal 1&1?.

Was Badger a part owner of 1&1?. I am asking only because the name has 1 in it. Plus I want to stay miles away from 1&1.

I am asking as I have no idea and maybe others wonder too. I do have high respect for Badger and am quessing he has no ties to 1&1, merely asking for to know for sure...

Comment #37 Ltd. and 1&1 Internet Inc. are two completely different companies that have nothing to do with one another, other than having the number 1 in their name. Ian has never worked or partnered with 1&1,, OnePlusCorp,, or any other company with a similar name. Hopefully the name change over to further distances it from these other companies...

Comment #38

So I have been taking a look at my iModo account and I noticed that there is one major aspect missing from any parking service (or I could simply be missing it somewhere) - the revenue that you are getting from the domains? I can see uniques, etc. but no revenue...

Comment #39

Do you not have adsense plugged in? I mean you have to look at your adsense account ....Hello?.

Is imodo still using your adsense?..

Comment #40

I thought iModo now has it's own advertising feed and revenue control?..

Comment #41

I just got a message in my email telling me about the big switch from 1plus, it seems like it will be awesome. The pages look pretty filled with content, lots of things to click on and very specific content...

Comment #42

Not sure, but I was hoping for it's own advertising feed!.

But at the same time I would like the ability to use what advertisers I choose like in For example if I wanted to use an affiliate ad.

I did not see any google ads on the templates. So Im hopeful!..

Comment #43

The templates look excellent. I was parked with 1plus for 5 months and personally revenue was not as good as other parking services I had tried. However i'm definately go to try the new templates out on a few high traffic names.

Great job...

Comment #44

The "legacy" templates will still let you use your own Adsense if you prefer that. The premium templates have the ads already pre-loaded...

Comment #45

What are the differences between.

1. imodo.

2. my own adsense mini-sites.

3. bodis.


How do you compare all of the three above?..

Comment #46

Makes me all warm and fuzzy! I cant wait for the imodo launch. I did log into my account. I switched to the premium templates but nothing has propagated yet. I cant wait for the launch!!!.

- was great for me it got my names ranked in search engines. It took about 6-8 months. But thats not bad because alot of my names that I left at now get sustained traffic from search engines. A parking company that actualy gets you traffic. - I can only imagine imodo is going to be a full improvement.

- - While I want to support NP member driven sites, I have parked about 10 names for about 3 weeks. They were getting traffic at sedo with low revenue. Now I have ZERO % CTR and no traffic on 70% of them. No idea why this is, Im not a hater or anything like that. I even uploaded custom pics. My experience was just not good, no revenue at all. Im sure it works fine for lots of folks, but I prefer to have some content...

Comment #47

Yes, but for the premium templates (one of my domains is currently using it) - I can see uniques but no revenue column, etc. Therefore this shouldn't be using my adsense ID, but rather the iModo feed...

Comment #48

Theres no connection between the premium templates and your adsense code - they are not linked in any way.

Also, with regard functionality, as weve stated in every thread, iMODO is not live. If you take it upon yourself to find your way to logging on and playing with the system then you do so on a not yet released platform. There is still a long list of fixes, amendments and bugs which we have 8 days to complete for our scheduled launch...

Comment #49

Yes - this is exactly what I was saying. The fact that it is not to do with Adsense means that the premium templates are using your advertising feed. Therefore, surely there should be some way of us finding out our revenue we are making using your feed? At the moment I can't find this for any of my domains using the premium templates...

Comment #50

I just opened an account at as I guess you have to have that first to apply for Imodo?.

The trouble is every time I click the button to have my password sent via email, it does not arrive!.

I have completly turned off my spam settings, yet I stll don't receive it and I have tried a dozen times. Any suggestions to get my password so I can get into my 1plus account?..

Comment #51

Okay - thanks. I didn't realise that revenue for a parking platform was seen as a minor "fix"!..

Comment #52

All I can say is BEST OF LUCK!.

Even if everything is not perfect on opening day I have faith in you to make it right!.

Really excited! Was just fun browsing the CP and playing with it!.

I am getting all of my names ready for the switch!!!!.

I am also excited about your advertising feeds. After studying the feeds it really seemed much more relevant, I even clicked on one. It was an ad for wiki - actually a usable paid link! WOW!.

November 4th is going to be like black friday for HostGator parking companies! LOL.

Every parking company accross the net is probably going to lose 100k domains from parking that day!.

Im likely to switch over all of my names!..

Comment #53

I've just read thru the thread and didn't see the answer to the new accounts query. Would you still sign up at 1plus and migrate or wait till Nov. 4?.

This is a great idea. Content...what a concept! thanks..


Comment #54

I had PM owner, signed up emailed them and still no response.

My impression was it's beta and it's invite only for new accounts??.

Love the formats and designs, have a few domains that would do great under his platform but no response back...

Comment #55

I just opened an account at as I guess you have to have that first to apply for Imodo?.

The trouble is every time I click the button to have my password sent via email, it does not arrive!.

I have completly turned off my spam settings, yet I stll don't receive it and I have tried a dozen times. Any suggestions to get my password so I can get into my 1plus account?.

Anyone have this happen to them?..

Comment #56

Something changed ????.

The 1plus/iMoDo domains now forward to: ? .

Also the templates still show up there are lots of tabs missing ?

Hope this is a simple BETA issue..

Comment #57

Well Im still playing but... I'm totally in love with all the new templates..

Thank you..

Comment #58

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