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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: Godaddy hosting account Help!?.

My 2nd question is: Hi guys,.

I have been using for a while to get an idea before I buy my names and I was wondering how accurate is. I have some domains in hold that I would like to buy them and estibot gives me some fantastic estimates and I am not sure if they are accurate. Any suggestions or advices will be much appreciated.

Thank you.


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Your question was: Godaddy hosting account Help!?.

Thank you, Reece, rep points on your way.

The thing is I used it to evaluate dropped names and some of them were fair, like $70-90 up to $300-400. But I had a .COM evaluated for $1000 and a .MOBI evaluated for $1400. That's what really confusing me if these are accurate or not.

Thank you...

Comment #1

One thing I know for sure, if a seller has no reasonable explanation why a HostGator should be uber-valuable, estibot is a good indication of a fair price...

Comment #2

Estibot is currently the best automated tool we have. It does not, however, fully automate the process and should probably be augmented by an appraisal from someone well-versed in the market...

Comment #3

Pretty much what the others have said: not that accurate. I also find that it generally over appraises domains. appraisals from estibot are better when used for comparing domains, but not so much for getting an absolute value of one domain.

If anything, you should see estibot as a place to get a quick rundown of stats such as backlinks, adscore, wordtracker, etc...

Comment #4

I think that estibot is probably the best free, automated valuation tool out there. I would use it to help determine the potential value a HostGator might have to an end user. It also provides some interesting info, such as traffic and ppc relevance.

Estibot probably tends to overvalue many domains, but undervalues others. Just look in the completed sales thread in this forum, and you'll see what I mean. Obviously, no tool of this type is going to be perfect...

Comment #5

Thank you guys, I got the point. Every answer has been rewarded with rep points. I don't make decisions based on estibot evaluation, I still have other tools that I use before I buy any name, I was just curious because I've seen some posts in here that people relay on estibot more or less. Anyway as most of you said is a great tool to use it as an addition to your own judgment, past sales, google, etc.


Comment #6

It most likely is worth more, however, the .us market isn't as liquid and doesn't have enough historical data for the tool to be accurate. Hence, it does best on names in easily identifiable markets in com/net/org..

Comment #7

I will give you some funny experience I have.... I bought a HostGator name for 25 USD here and then I put the HostGator on estibot for appraisal and it is actually being appraised for 120 USD there.

I think estibot is overestimating.

I have a HostGator that is being appraised for 9300 USD there but I myself can't believe if someone put that price on sale for this kind of domain..

Comment #8

Right on. I think that a good portion of the appraisal is based on past sales, that I believe are taken from the namebio database.

The keyword "lust" itself probably isn't one of those big traditional keywords (ie s_x), but it's definitely strong and arguably more brandable...

Comment #9 for me is just like another tool but not to be considered as the final say in the appraisal, still the human doing the appraisal has a lot to play based on his knowledge of HostGator trends and constant reading and study of HostGator pricing based on actual sales and auctions.

As a human one must have access to different free online tools as many as possible and as much access to different appraisal done by others for "advices" as to determine the appraised value of a certain domain...

Comment #10

I would add that estibot cannot get the "feel" of a name such as how well it works with the extension. It can miss brandables - nice pair of words that work well together but are not commonly used in speech together. It also can overvalue because of things that make a lot of Google hits but do not make domains valuable, like commom computer code or scientific terms.

Use it for the first approximation, then do some research...

Comment #11

Estibot is the finest automatic HostGator name appraisal now on the web. It has been growing rapidly and many HostGator name owners use Estibot to indicate their HostGator name worth.

Despite that automatic HostGator appraisals have never proved anything close to real, Estibot deserves a close attention. The most widely used bot on the web today to evaluate HostGator name value. With that said, I can not say that automatic HostGator appraisals can predict HostGator value with 100% accuracy, but Estibot is not a bad indicator at all, It is a tool that helps you evaluate your HostGator name.

Estibot, besides that it is a HostGator name appraisal tool, It also provides useful information regarding your HostGator / website in one place which is time-saving factor.

It shows to you keyword(s) frequency, backlinks, alexa rank, estimated traffic, ppc ad score, overture, and wordtracker.

The above information is very helpful and that information alone can help you evaluate your HostGator name with a bit of common sense...

Comment #12

These programs are good to find out some of the HostGator history which is cool.

As for pricing, In my opinion, computers can not have an accurate feel for HostGator names 'the majority of the time' this is only my opinion though.

Here are some HostGator names I put into estibot, forgive me if I am wrong, but I believe these names could quite possibly fetch a higher price than the following estimates:. $300, $2000, $1400, $1100, $640, $240, $1400, $410.

If Any of the owners of these HostGator names would like to sell any of the above HostGator names to me for these prices, please let me know asap, plus your Christmas celebrations are on me : ).

Then there is the other extreme, names see on ebay sometimes appraised for prices of $15,000 etc for HostGator names that are not quite worth that much, and I generally believe the few sellers on ebay that do this, genuinelly use the appraisal as the go ahead to acquire the name some buyers would too I am sure, (names usually appraised with leapfish or nameboy by this group of sellers on ebay).

That said, If you like a HostGator and it sounds smooth memorable or has a nice feeling about it, it is likely a good name to be used for something..

Comment #13

Finest? This post sounds a bit like a paid informercial for estibot. Your assessment is far too heavily weighted in the positive. Estibot is a fun and entertaining toy, and not much more. An appraisal's worth is based on it's accuracy and estibot (like all automated appraisals) is so radically off to the extent that it's utility as a real tool is close to moot.

Now I think it's pretty cool and kudos to the programmer who designed it. Real appraisal accuracy depends on factors no algorithm can reproduce. Human perception and interpretation are very difficult to quantify with a formula. Far too many subjective variables.

Estibot's author is a direct and honest guy and deserves total credit for that. Refreshing to see a balanced depiction (and requisite disclaimer) on what he's designing .....

Comment #14

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