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Hello everyone,.

The past 3 months have been tragic for me. I used to run a fairly popular site (20-25k Uniques daily), now the domain was registered on 12 May, 2005, by a friend of mine. It was a domain, so it was registered for 2 years.

Now, that person left all online activities about a year or so ago. So when the domain was near expiry, I wasn't aware since the GoDaddy account held his email address and I'd been careless enough not to change it to mine.

So May 12,2007 came and nothing happened. Not that we were aware of anything was going to happen. In all likelihood, the domain expired and went into the redemption (grace) period.

Then one day in August, I tried to change nameservers, but it wouldnt work. On doing a whois, it said our domain had expired on the 12th of May itself, and the registration was suspended, however whois did have our details.

Immediately GoDaddy was contacted, and we paid the renewal fees for two years. Then amazingly the domain vanished from our GoDaddy account, only to return a week later. Somehow, our new nameservers still weren't working.

GoDaddy told us that Nominet had suspended our domain until September, as this was the normal procedure. September came to an end and October began, there was still no sign of our domain.

We tried to contact Nominet directly, they said contact Key Systems, for whom Godaddy resells for. On contacting Key Systems, we are again told to contact GoDaddy.

Numerous phonecalls to GoDaddy were of no avail. To my horror, on the 18th of October, on doing a whois, I see a new /img/avatar3.jpg of the domain, a domain that was 2 years old, a PR 4, and has over 7000 backlinks on Google.

On calling GoDaddy, they said there's nothing they can do about it and have refunded the money I paid them for renewal.

Godaddy told me that in the United States there is a law that would guarantee the domain name to be put back into our possesion. We never gave the domain up. We were trying to renew it and Godaddy contacted Key Systems about the issue numerous times.

They told Key Systems that the domain was in our account and it was active. However, Key Systems never sent the positive renewal request towards Nominet. Basically, Key Systems, the German company, dropped the ball on this issue. They had two months to process a simple renewal and they failed to do so. It's essentially theft and fraud.

We paid, the domain was in our account and Godaddy contacted Key Systems to renew it. I was told by Godaddy that their legal team can give me the access to the logs of their Higher Tech staff talking back and forth with Key Systems and that show that we were the /img/avatar3.jpgs, had been the /img/avatar3.jpgs, and desired to continue to be the /img/avatar3.jpgs.

I am really looking forward to your suggestions now, as to what action I could possibly take.

Thanks in advance...

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If your domain expired on May 12, and you didn't pay anything until August, it sounds like your domain went completely through the redemption and delete periods. If that's the case, it probably doesn't matter what happened after that, as the domain was no longer yours. You might consult with a good attorney to see if you have legal options...

Comment #1

Hmm, but shouldnt the domain have come back to us, since we had already initiated the renewal process, and AFAIK, the owner of the domain can still renew it in the redemption period...

Comment #2

There is a law that addresses domain name-trademark concerns. But there's.

None that guarantees, much more absolutely, the quote above. If the authoritative Registry (Nominet) otherwise says no, then that's maybe.

All she wrote. Unless Go Daddy and Key Systems do provide more information.

(which they don't necessarily have to except refund your fees per the legal.

Terms agreed upon), there's really no way of knowing what happened.

If you really want to force the issue, seek a licensed solicitor with real-world.

Experience in these matters...

Comment #3

This is probably the last thing that you'd want to hear, but unless the domain brought substantial revenue or has tremendous sentimental value, I wouldn't bother with legal assistance as the fees are going to eat you alive..

I hope however, that you have a full back up of EVERYTHING pertaining to the "old" site, most importantly - the user database with all emails. (provided that your site had registered users). Go for a new domain that's closely related to the old one, email everyone, explain the situation, face the fact that you'll be losing thousands of users and will have to fight an uphill battle again. At the very least, you might retain some of it's old glory, maybe even set a new chapter and make everything a lot better.

I'm sure you're tired of kicking your own arse for forgetting to change the who-is details, so focus your energy on damage control.


Comment #4

Have you made an offer to the new owner? This may be the easiest (and possibly cheapest) way to get your domain back...

Comment #5

Well, we had a look at the whois, but there's no email address of the new owner. We do have his postal address though, so we're probably going to send him an air mail...

Comment #6

Good luck on it, but if the new owner finds the domain profitable he will surely not give it away, unless you make a good offer for it...

Comment #7

Good luck with that then. Just expect the "worst", especially if the new owner.

Decides to sell but makes a counteroffer higher than what you're comfy with.

If the counteroffer or so is considerably less than spending on legal fees (with.

No assurance of getting the desired results, of course), you can always make.

Your money back in the long run...

Comment #8

Hi, I thought I should update you all - Had a conversation with the new owner, and he seemed happy enough to pass it back onto us - in return of some favors. Hopefully this turns out well.

Thanks a lot guys for your help, I'll be sure to keep you posted!..

Comment #9

I am happy for you to hear those good news, but I hope those favors won't be too much for your business...

Comment #10

A great outcome would be the return of the domain for anything less than a huge fee, especially since the legal battle would cost a lot, not be a guaranteed victory, and likely be so drawn out so as to cause the value of the domain to diminish greatly by the time it was resolved - an especially good result if the 20k daily uniques were continuing to the present....

Best of luck on a comfortable conclusion for all.


Comment #11

Boy! some people have all the luck. Firstly, the new owner gets a domain with 20k visitors a day. Then, the old owner gets his domain back without any heavy legal/financial burden. I can hear the birds singing, and it's midnight outside..

Comment #12

So now that everythings fixed, can we have the name of the site please?..

Comment #13

Nice to hear about the good news. So what was the favor? Hehe (if it's not that secret)...

Comment #14

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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