Godaddy free Hosting: Pending setup?

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I got a quick question: Godaddy free Hosting: Pending setup?.

I also got another question: I have recieved an offer to buy but i`m not sure of it`s value...some help would be appreciated..

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Your question was: Godaddy free Hosting: Pending setup?.

You just made a load of people email the owner of and they have also got the quote you quoted.

Bad move..

Comment #1

The 2nd HostGator youve claimed you own, but do not?..

Comment #2


People here never fail to amaze me...

Comment #3

And the funny part is, the kid's been going around asking the value of LL.coms,, LL.orgs, and announcing that he's contemplating buying them.

Interestingly, is owned by 'Industrial Nanotechbology Corporation'. That certainly doesn't sound like your average domainer to me, unless Name Media just changed it's name.


Edit: Just checked the old thread. So this guy drew 63 responses from us on a name he didn't own? Dude, one thing you gotta learn in this business is that honesty pays a LOT here. Its always your word against another's, and trust me, you're reputation is what carries the word around here.

The worst thing is, unlike some newbies who don't know better and just ask for values on names they don't own, this guy actually asked "should I sell it or develop it?". Nobody is gonna pay you anything for a name you don't own. You've been around here long enough to know that...

Comment #4

Per your avatar:.

"Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?.

I repeat, will the real Slim Shady please stand up?.

We're gonna have a problem here.."..

Comment #5

Profile says born in '87.. That'd make him 7 years old when he regged it... (highly doubt he could afford it on the aftermarket).

I bet you didn't reg any before you were born like I did..

Comment #6

I was born in 1987 too...and I regged my first name in 2007. sure must've been a nerdy 7 year old :0..

Comment #7

Geez, you started domaining at a very young age. I wish I could've been buying domains when I was 7 yrs old..

Comment #8

How many times do you have to lie before you get banned?.

I've got some very sweet names I am thinking of selling, so if a mod could answer this question I will know how many I can get appraised...

Comment #9

Just acquired:

Should I sell it or develop it?.

Thoughts appreciated!.

(Reps added for those with accurate appraisals)..

Comment #10

Please don't hijack the thread. We're valuating here...

Comment #11

Sorry.... ?

Uhm.....cerainly it may worth more than my but less than my

Comment #12

Wait wait.... Are you guys using, where the hell did you get such great names in this era?..

Comment #13

Im confused who's being serious and who isnt now lol..

Comment #14

I've got several emails from people claiming to be from Name Media (but the email is Gmail) who have requested to advertise on one of my site. Is this a scam like the "domain appraisal" scam?..

Comment #15

If you are talking seriously edwardsacha, you must read this thread since it's first post (read the link to another thread here in NP).

This guy asked for an appraisal of that he doesnt own and now he is asking for this one... I didnt check if is his or if he wants to know a price range to buy it but you cant ask for appraisals if you dont own the name..

Comment #16

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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