Godaddy error?

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I got a quick question: Godaddy error?.

I also got another question:

SIDA means AIDS in French (99 % sure...please double check if interested).

Few hours left and just a couple on hundreds Euros.....too bad I`m really short on cash, that`s a very very important HostGator to have in that to have. or

I`m curious too see if at the end it will gain interest. I`d appraise that name at not less than $10,000..

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Your question was: Godaddy error?. wait...last year France opened a bit the restriction, all you need to provide is a French address.

And I`m almost sure that EuroDNS could help.

Otherwise....well... I`m sure there are other ways..

Comment #1

There always are other ways aren't there.

Wish anyone from here the best if they choose to bid on it!..

Comment #2

I can`t believe the seller put a so low reserve.

Think about how many end users......medical companies, goverment agencies.......that`s a name for sure MUST be in end user ends and developed for the community...

Comment #3

And I don't think AIDS will be getting anything but a larger threat for the forseeable future... So ppc prices will be going nowhere but up as increased competition competes for a slice of the AIDS pie and people searching for information on this subject will naturally go up as infection rates (not trying to sound sadistic here, but this is reflective of reality) do...

Comment #4

Well but someone has bidding through "proxy", maybe he has set a max price of 20,000$.

Yet I feel an urge to try and bid on it... sadly I have no money, maybe clean my credit card of the remaining 2000$? what a difficult choice.....

Comment #5

This is the link to the auction:

I`m sooooooo tempted to bid but my finances are telling me to go to bed .....I can`t believe this name is not yet over $2000.

Look the stats:.

Domain Popularity:

PageRank: 4/10.

Alexa Rank: 1,366,626.

Link Popularity:.

Incoming Google Links: 10.

Incoming Yahoo Links: 7.

Incoming MSN Links: 0.

Incoming Alexa Links: 22.

DMOZ Listed: No. Listed: Yes.

I`m shocked.....I need to go to bed, it`s 2 AM....I can`t stay up, I hope the auction will finish high so I won`t have regrets!..

Comment #6

Me neither, perhaps it's another dodgy auction ???.


Comment #7

Oui, If it looks too good to be true.. it probably is too good to be true ! - maybe I'm just getting too sceptical in my old age !.

I think it >


Comment #8

VERY nice find!!!!.

Currently on: 310.00 EUR = 428.621 USD.


Comment #9

Seeing as the site is actually developed and serves up adsense code, you'd think the real owner would have higher aspirations than to send this name to auction for such a price? Either the guy's got a whole lot of trust (unwarranted?) in Sedo or it's been stolen imo...

Comment #10

Well if it turns out to be stolen or have something else effect the transaction sedo does refund the buyers money?..

Comment #11

Just switch your name over to private registration once you receive it (if is any indicator) and all problems should go away...

Comment #12

Are you guys serious?I have a somewhat important aids name in dot org and I doubt I'd get $100 for it...

Comment #13

"somewhat important aids name" and .at isn't exactly the same as

These could be less than 100$, but the one in auction is definitely better...

Ok, it has reached 570EUR (788$) 3:20h before end, and I have to step down, because I don't have enough money..

Comment #14

Once it hit $1000 usd it got too pricey for me..

Comment #15

It`s morning again here in Australia....the final price was only 1,650 Euros.....what a bargain for the buyer!!.

If the auction was geniune, I want to see what happens to this domain. I really think that the final price is low...

Comment #16

As do I.

I wonder if this would have went for even less had you not made us aware of it. I, for one, despite visiting the auction section regularly missed it until you let us know about it...

Comment #17

Well....I did notice it only at that time.....if I did not look at Sedo yestarday I was not aware of that.

I guess we could see if all the bidders above 300 Euros have bidded because of this thread.

SO , let`s ask: who was BIDDER 5 - 6 - 7 -8 and 9 (the winner) ?

Comment #18

I was looking through my past records for the aids HostGator I have and last winter I was getting $1.20 a click for a couple months but it's now down to .03 a click..

At $1.20 a click,the buyer surely got a bargain...

Comment #19

I wasn't happy about the hype you created italiandragon, I hoped to get it cheap, and for a few hours I was the winner, but then all those people started bidding.

Nonetheless I too think 1650EUR was cheap.....

Comment #20

I`m sorry mate but I doubt that it could have ended cheaper than this!.

And today....2 months later , SEDO is showing that the deal is completed. sold for only 1650 Euros......I am curious to see how it will be developed as now it clearly shows it`s under construction...

Comment #21

Maybe I should put and up for auction, quite a large population I believe.

Nah, they are in bed for a while...

Comment #22

I sure hope they're using (sorry, couldn't resist ).

Great to see this is a legit sale.. Also great to see that bargains can still be had at Sedo auctions on premium names (can't really say that about Snap, now can we )..

Comment #23

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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