Godaddy email thru outlook?

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My first question is: Godaddy email thru outlook?.

My next question is: As most of you may know that offers $5.99 reg fee plus free whois privacy. Is there any reason you don't wanna switch to

Possible reasons:.

1. Prefer to stay with well known registrars such as GD, Moniker, ENOM for easy business..

2. The renew cost @ is costly.

3. Don't like their admin panel.

4.... Your opinions?.


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Your question was: Godaddy email thru outlook?.

I like not any problems for me. reminds me of domainsite I guess it's their sister company? I do like free whois protection. Not real sure what the renewal fees are though...

Comment #1

It's been asked a few times on the forum ... The renewal fee at for .com/.net/.org/.info/.biz is $7.99...

Comment #2

I've been using, they are a good registrar and have professional service. I don't have reasons not to use them...

Comment #3

We have over 95% of our stuff at

We chose them because we liked their interface. Some don't but we do. At the time (about 5 years ago) it leaps and bounds ahead of most of the well known registers.

What you need to understand about renewals is that few of the bigger players actually pay the ticket price...

Comment #4

Well I dont know much about but what for I have heard is it is the best and easyiest way to use...

Comment #5

I've used both and DomainSite. Practically the same except for few.

Minor differences.

Although I'm currently using Moniker, I'll likely use either of them again in the.

Future. Just lazy, I guess...

Comment #6

I think has probably the best value going right now ... just registered.

5 domains with them this week and so far no problem ... I am very happy with their free gmail tools. I am surprised that they are actually offering more than GD and the others for less...

Comment #7

I think they will get a FLOOD of new customers once people compare them with GD, Moniker and the others...

Comment #8

Yeah I'm starting to use them after I sell all my domains at godaddy..

Comment #9

I use them a lot. However, I wish they were cheaper on .org's, does anyone know where I can get .org's for cheap?..

Comment #10

I also just moved to .that's lowest price..

Comment #11

You can get .orgs for $5.99 at right now. Paypal is accepted. I've used them before...

Comment #12

I just heard about earlier today with their $5.99 1st year registration. I have quite a few at domainsite and like them, but not so much their interface. I prefer Namecheap since I think the UI is easier to work with. But Namecheap's prices are higher. I am surpriced that Domainsite felt they needed to start another company, but that low price it $1 less so I think I will try them.

I want to save money but I also don't want to have problems with a registrar...

Comment #13

I'm a big fan. They offer the best values upfront and they also have the best HostGator name of all the registrars.

If you think about it, godaddy is a reg fee HostGator name...

Comment #14

I think this is very reasonable considering all the free goodies they offer. Free privacy, free google apps. I like their simple control panel also. But with many domains there, it gets a bit cumbersome without any kind of folders. However they still get my vote (my third largest registrar)...

Comment #15

7.99 is a nice renewal fee...heck a lot of other registrars reg fee is above that ! not even mentioning renewal!..

Comment #16

I'm waiting to see the prices when ICANN hikes prices for .com's..

Comment #17

Does allow grace deletion of domains within 4-5 days of registration? I currently give Moniker most of my business for this reason as names that I pick up sometimes look less than alluring the following day... lol.


Comment #18

Super-fast registration at too. Once I find an available HostGator I have it payed for in 15 seconds without all the promotional crap that GoDaddy throws at you...

Comment #19

No they don't have this feature. You may want to try

Comment #20

I too like and have reg a few .com from them. What I am curious is that how can they be offer .com at below cost? .com is about USD6.42 plus ICANN fee of USD0.20 = USD6.62, thus every .com registered throught, they are losing USD0.63/name.

So, I am concern how long and deep pocket they can last. The last thing I want is that they go BLUST and all our name gone......just like registerfly...

Comment #21

I've been with Domainsite at first and later with

Both are great registrars even if the same people answer the support requests for both registrars (the same company owns them both)..

Comment #22

It is speculation that because they are teamed with google, I think, that they are able to offer the lower regs. Which is awesome ! Another reason is prolly because they just add the extra dollar on to the renewal fee, as explained below. Will they keep it up? I think so!.

About the renewal fee for people that think it's high.

GD - Reg: $10 Renewal: $10 = $20 for reg and 1 yr renewal.

Name - Reg $6 Renewal: $8 = $14 for reg and 1 yr renewal.

GD /W Coupon Codes - Reg: $7 Renewal: $7 = $14 for reg and 1 yr renewal.

So in all reality you are paying the same as GD but at GD you dont get the extra features that come free with reg at Plus is cheaper up front. This to me is a better deal that GD because I usually sell domains within the year I have them, unless I renew because of websites, parking rev, or speculation purposes...

Comment #23

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