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I got a quick question: GoDaddy Email Form help for FLASH website (Windows Hosting)?.

I also got another question: Hi guys,.

Over the years we have seen the value of LLL.coms / LLL.nets double every year.

So for now the minimum price for an is at 6k..

When it comes to Jan 2008, will it double to 12k ?

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Your question was: GoDaddy Email Form help for FLASH website (Windows Hosting)?.

Price don't just double by magic you know. The price of domains depend on so many factors that you cant possibly say "It doubled last year"..

Comment #1

Why would prices all the sudden double in a few weeks from now?..

Comment #2

Christmas shopping?.

Dad: "son, this year I bought you a HostGator instead of a bike"..

Comment #3

I was reading Franks blog, and he posted a link to

And it shows......

Dec 2007.

Current Observed Minimum Wholesale Price (regardless of letter combo) as of December 1, 2007:.

* 3-Letter .com - $6000.

* 3-Letter .net - $825.

* 3-Letter .org - $285.

* 3-Letter .info - $140.

* 3-Letter .biz - $60.

* 3-Letter .us - $60.

* 3-Letter .mobi - $165.

Pricing Guide for 3-Letter (Composed Of Letters Only) Domains:.

Dec 2006.

Current Observed Minimum Wholesale Price (regardless of letter combo) as of December 1, 2006:.

* 3-Letter .com - $3050.

* 3-Letter .net - $680.

* 3-Letter .org - $235.

* 3-Letter .info - $125.

* 3-Letter .biz - $60.

* 3-Letter .us - $100.

* 3-Letter .mobi - $85.

Late Nov 2005.

Current Observed Minimum Wholesale Price (regardless of letter combo) as of November 18, 2005:.

* 3-Letter .com - $1450.

* 3-Letter .net - $275.

* 3-Letter .org - $110.

* 3-Letter .info - $75.

* 3-Letter .biz - $35.

* 3-Letter .us - $15.

So as you can see, every year, the prices of 3 letter doubles..

And it really looks like 2008 will mean LLL.coms will be priced minimum at 12k...

Comment #4

The logical path of that pattern is's reaching a min of 12K in December 2008? the patterns for the other domains is much more varied..

Or have I missed something there?..

Comment #5

Ahhhhh oohh yeah... so December 2008 it is.

So in December 2009 it will be at 24k ? .

And Dec 2010 it's gonna be 48k ?

Comment #6

Straight line projections are invariably wrong..

One just never knows in which direction.

As said above there is nothing magical about this - if there are more buyers than sellers then the price goes up. The World Wide Web continues to grow at a rapid pace, so demand for all good domains continues to rise.

Worldwide there is more demand for oil so the price rises..

In the US there is less demand for housing at the current prices, so the price of houses is dropping.

That can happen to domains, most assuredly.

No magic formulas, sorry...

Comment #7

After many years in business, no financial projections typically stay straight on target. It's a hit and miss affair. Sure, they may double on the .coms - they may also tail off. You may see a 22% increase over the next year, you may not, it all depends on a huge array of factors depending on many markets.

Hell's teeth, you could even get a solar storm arrive a few years from now on the wrong polarity and within hours wipe out near all electronic devices on the planet, how much will it be worth then?.

As with any investment risk, prices can go up and down. There is no sure way to say with certainty that yes, the .coms will double in the next twelve months.

They may, they may not. They may do more, they may do less. They may stay the same. Depends on many things...

Comment #8

The HostGator market is just that - a market. And as we all know markets don't always go up. They certainly don't double year after year as that kind of growth is unsustainable. If you look back at that Domainstate post you quoted, you'll see lll .us prices experienced -40% return this year. I know that there were many domainers loading up on names last year at this time who now probably wish they had waited until this year to buy on the cheap. Diversification is key, but so is timing and knowing where to invest. Learn when to buy and when to sell...

Comment #9

Thanks for the reply everyone. Rep added for all.

But so far, ever since this "LLL" thing started 10 - 20 years ago... the prices really seem to soar never looking back, and it's always going up, never going down.

It may not double forever like everyone said, but I believe the prices will continue to climb. Right ?

Comment #10

You are looking for certainty.

The reason (alright, one of the main reasons) that the potential profit in domains is high is that the risk is high. You cannot avoid that risk, although you can mitigate some of it with knowledge and diversity.

If you want certainty go to the bank and buy CD's......

Oh, yes, the dollar went down 40%, didn't it?.

The only certainty is uncertainty...

Comment #11

There are all signs that it will go up (your numbers being one sign), but no reason that value will double. I was just talking to someone earlier that suggested are about to reach a threshold, after which they may not rise much. Don't know what others think?..

Comment #12

There is only so much money to go round..

Comment #13

I can imagine LLL.coms going for 12-15k minimum by Dec. 2008..

The all premium letter ones are selling for 20k currently. I suspect these will go up to 40k.

One very important fact that people forget is this: If you spend $200 on a .info name, and it doubles it's value in an year, you make a profit of $200. Nice. But $200 won't change your life, nor will it pay for a vacation or college tuition.

But when you buy a .com for $6000 and it doubles it's value in an year, you make $6000. $6000 can do a lot more than $200.

So ROI is more than a % value. The absolute numbers are very important, and thats where .com beats everything.

Yes, you can never own as many LLL.coms as you can own LLL.infos. But one single will generate more profit than 20 LLL.infos...

Comment #14

This is not true at all. When we create something new, that's creating more value, which means more money to go around. So it's definitely not a zero-sum game...

Comment #15

There are a couple of things that everyone in here is forgetting:.

1) the number of that drop has decreased to almost none in months, while in the past years , even 1 year ago , there were a few drops each month.

2) the number of internet users , domainers and companies going online is increasing day by day.

If to the above 2 points , we add that the US $ has lost at least 20 % of value in 2007 , we can surely look at huge increases in price values pretty soon..

Nothing will stop eventually that in few years any will reach even $100,000 , the demand is really impressive...

Comment #16

Wonder if domainers are contacting the owners before they drop? I have never seen a market that did not have corrections (backward movement). Sometimes you can see them coming in a weakening of lesser, similar items, so perhaps we are seeing that with the drop in values. Or perhaps it will run along fine for a while more. Who knows? But there surely will be peaks and valleys...

Comment #17

That's not the way how the world works. Unless all domainers are going to get together & make a pack that they are going to pay a minimum of $24k in December 2009 & $48k in December 2010...

Comment #18

I don't think they will double.. But prices will continue to rise. And even if they did double, that does not mean the trend will continue.. IMO..

Comment #19

$9-12k at the end of 2008 sounds reasonable I think. but it wont follow a linear appreciation from then. Maybe $12-15k by end of 2009 but who knows..

Comment #20

It will definitely increase over the years to come, but Jan 2008? That's just weeks away!..

Comment #21

Thanks to the liquidity bust there is going to be less and less cash around in the future, I don't see domains doubling next year...

Comment #22

I hesitate to step in here... but I'll still give my own 0.02.

CcTLDs are up and coming, rather than paying $6k or even $12k for a .com a lot of companies are opting for a cheaper and local ccTLD. Do note the growth of, .de, .tv and .in over the same period.

I'm kind of skeptical about the price doubling from here on in, specially with this interesting video that pretty much sums it up -

Comment #23

When you state they will double by the first of the year, you are not serious it will be magically in January? Maybe sometime in the year, but not for sure in January...

Comment #24

You know what, this is what I fear too. That .coms are getting just so expensive that they might not even find any buyers, except for the biggest of companies. Very few people would be willing to pay a million bucks for a today. Thats why you see so few sales...

Comment #25



That video is just GREAT!.

Great artist, I am going to add it to my compilation, it`s just nice...

Comment #26

With HostGator business awareness, especially the publicity that 3 letter domains get, I think they will rise for a good while, but doubling each year is really tough to predict...

Comment #27

Ha,. less cash around that is making me giggle.

The fed reserve has increased the money supply by 14% this year!. That is a scenario for INFLATION. Count on it.

Valauble domains will be going up in price not only based on demand, but because the U.S. dollar will be decreasing in value. Simple math really. More money is being printed in a effort to stave off recession. As that money percolates thru the economy, higher prices for most things will be the outcome.

The higher prices for goods and services may strap some as they are on a fixed income, but just the same, when the money falls in value, ( because of the 14% money supply increase) who is going to let a great HostGator go for cheap?.

Imo many will see the falling dollar and will want to take those fiat dollars out of the bank and make a lasting investment with it that will save their purchasing power.

That is where TOP domains shine.. they are a good investment...

Comment #28

Its a good investment... at least better than you put your savings in the bank,..the ROI is much better..

Comment #29

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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