Godaddy easy 10 points?

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I got a quick question: Godaddy easy 10 points?.

I also got another question: Just browsing through the news and I saw an article about new breakthroughs in Stem Cell Research... called "SOMATIC CELL DEDIFFERENTIATION".

Immediately, I thought, "I bet some squatter has jumped right on that".

Then I though, "No way, that would be a HUGE HostGator and nobody would EVERY spell it correctly".

But then I thought, "well... I wouldn't put it past them".

So I checked......

The news came out today, 20-Nov-2007.

Domain IS registered. When? You guessed it Created on: 20-Nov-07.

I hope and pray that I am wrong, because after searching for some things on Google today and finding NOTHING but parked pages and coming to the conclusion that parking, squatting and domaining is truly out of control, I find this... another nail in the coffin.

But it looks as if yet another positive breakthrough for the masses has been gobbled up by a cyber-squatting opportunist looking to extort profit from the masses.

Ho hum....


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Your question was: Godaddy easy 10 points?.

Where is the article? I am interested in stem cells.. can you kindly send me the link ?

Comment #1

I hope this thread is a joke...Otherwise we have a very different view on domaining...Given that the information is just now coming out can you really expect developed sites about this topic? Give it time for the owners to develope their sites. I really do not see a problem with parking domains instead of developing them. It is up to the domainer. Either way a parked page is better then the Cannot find server page...

Comment #2

I wouldn't think of this as squatting. Regging typos is squatting, in my opinion. This is simply seizing an opportunity.

If you compare domaining to real estate, then this makes perfect sense. If, suppose, there is news of some major development in a region, say a casino being built in a small town, what would you do if you were a real estate developer/investor? You would obviously try and grab some land in that region, around that town, hoping that the prices will go up in the future.

Thats very similar to whats whoever regged this name did. Grabbing 'land' in an upcoming field in the hope of future profits.

Squatting to me would be regging typos, not this...

Comment #3

I gotta agree with sashas on this one. I really don't see how the person is squatting this domain.


Comment #4

What would you have done differently as a domainer?.


Comment #5

Word. I'm hoping it is a joke of a thread, as I'm thinking TS, upon finding the HostGator available upon checking it, probably would have registered it...

Comment #6

I totally agree. For example, my area of expertise is the United Arab Emirates(UAE). On 10-31-07 one of the most important transportation projects in the UAE was announced, the UAE Railway. After doing 2 trademark checks, guess who regd on 10-31-07?..

Comment #7

Early bird catched the worm.

BTW, I am not the bird in this case, though I saw GoPC leaving when I was entering...

Comment #8

Maybe I'm blind, but where exactly is the cybersquatting here?.

Or is someone trying to, maybe, redefine it?.

Then again, even some people seem to have their own definition of squatting,.

Which no one is compelled to agree with other than the so-called dictionary.

Definition of such...

Comment #9

Agree with almost all of the above. My only regret is that I didn't think of it first. No trademarks on name, new technology... do the math. Yeah, maybe not the best name wrt typing.

I hate to sound like a monetization pimp, but I think well monetized parked pages provide a valuable service, and is a legitimate business. So is investing in quality domains, just like real estate, stocks... I just wish I had grabbed the HostGator so that I could get trashed and defend myself. Been trashed before for some of my investments, so nothing new.


Comment #10

There's a big difference between this name and to me. Where do we draw the line between looking ahead and squatting. This is truly looking ahead, finding a generic name in a new field. Was Crooky ('s) purchased (sp) "squatting" too? No, it was a smart purchase in a potentially huge future market. I see no difference here...

Comment #11

Ok all you people with parked domains ....... hand them back in , no domaining for you!.

.... ha ha..

Comment #12

Is there a punchline coming soon??.

I am somewhat surprised that GoPC even was offended at this scenerio!! You're no newbie, and know that this is how all domains are now snagged. I wonder how many people have checked their name only to find that name in your inventory and 'being exploited' or 'cybersquatted' on for profit. Your reasoning would apply to every domainer with more than 5 names...have a bad day today?? ...Really Go, be honest with us, would you have not registered it if it was open?? And 'I would and then donate it', will not fly...

Comment #13

The .com, .net, and .org of my name are all regged by a big HostGator investing company..

Comment #14

That's one of the fun parts - the hunt after new.

Despite such windfalls, don't forget that those that follow new news get burned more often than not or have to renew a bunch to realize any profits so there is risk involved when reg'ing the thingamabobber, and especially those that cant resist reg'ing the freethingamabobber.

Offtopic-Congerere is a cool word/concept-thanks for sharing..

Comment #15

I posted something like this in the L-L-L thread this afternoon as I tried to get an L-L-L acronym but they were gone (I-P-S). I don't think there is anything wrong with grabbing generic modern medical advances. Just like when a new solar technology comes out, why not try and grab it if you think it will be huge?.


My post this afternoon-.

Also found this interesting...

A new stemcell break through came out I-P-S so I checked what was reg'd and the .com was $5K (buydomains)but was interesting was that the .net was gone and redirecting to a tshirt site and the info was fully developed as a German body guard site...

Comment #16

Well... it seems I've stirred up some discussion.

My post was partially in jest, partially in fact. My point is that WOW WAS THAT FAST!!!.

That's the problem with the written word as opposed to the spoken word. Sarcasm doesn't play well.

Ho hum...


Comment #17

I dont know about anyone else. But I would have done the same exact thing. Why not? He got a lead, he capitalized for now, and hopefully he will sell for profit later on...

Comment #18

If you make a website on this topic, it will be above parked pages in the search engines..

Comment #19

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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