GoDaddy Domain Transfers?

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My first question is: GoDaddy Domain Transfers?.

My next question is: The ultimate trend is the internet meme. Oh, dont pretend that you dont know them. Im sure many of you were around when "All your base are belong to us" hit the series of tubes. If not, then you surely know Star Wars Kid, Phillipine Prisoners, Dramatic Look and like such as Numa Numa for the children. Read more on

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Your question was: GoDaddy Domain Transfers?.

I couldn't understand a word! :\.

Is it the new hip lingo thang?.


Found this:

So it is a new hip lingo thang after all..

Comment #1

Hrm... it all makes perfect sense if you know the corresponding memes. If you don't, then it sure would look confusing.

Being domainers, I just assumed people would be familiar with memes O_O.


Comment #2

Where is the term meme come from? (since I have and, I am curious about meme)..

Comment #3

The 'meme' is an old idea - like a gene is a unit of biological information, a meme is a unit of cultural information...the theory being that ideas evolve just like organisms do, with a life of their own and due to natural selection.

But as for the post, still waiting on a translation..

Comment #4

An internet meme (pronounced MEEM) is a video, saying, picture (anything really) on the internet that explodes in popularity in a short period of time. Think viral. They become the most viewed things on the internet of all time. The big ones often leak into the real mainstream media.

There are links to the memes in the post on my site, if you want to view them. But here are short descriptions of the memes I referred to in this forum: All Your Base Are Belong To Us.

One of the first real big internet memes, brought on by an engrish game called Zero Wing and remixed into a song. Star Wars Kid.

A kid video taped himself swinging a golfball retriever like a lightsaber. The most viewed video ever, even more so than Paris Hilton's private tape. Phillipine Prisoners.

Dressed in prisoner orange, they collectively did the Thriller dance Dramatic Look.

On a Japanese game show, the camera zoomed in on a prairie dog just as it turned and looked straight at the camera. It's creepy. And like, such as... for the children.

This is from Miss Teen USA when Miss South Carolina described why kids can't find countries on maps. Numa Numa.

A guy video taped himself lipsyncing a german song. Leeroy Jenkins.

A video recording of a group of players playing World of Warcraft, where one ruins everyone elses hard work. Later it was found that it was staged.

These are some of the most viewed videos of all time.

The post was supposed to be tongue-in-cheek while explaining how you can cash in on memes. Where I went wrong was assuming that domainers, being internet geeks, would know memes. I'm quite shocked Please someone stand up and say my post made perfect sense hehe.

Other memes you may have heard of:Don't tase me bro Bus Uncle Evolution of Dance Diet Coke + Mentos Chuck Norris facts This is Sparta! Battle at Kruger Angry German Kid Bert is Evil Tourist of Death ATHF guerilla marketing Fail DO NOT WANT..

Comment #5

Very confused so I guess I'm not a memer..

Comment #6

The Jist is, meme = something viral and catchy, spread around the internet, not a virus but something kind of fun..

Comment #7

...memes, sure sure. but - was there a question?..

Comment #8

I guess none of you hang around on Digg or 4chan then..

Comment #9

Oh, it's clearer now, of course I knew about many of the "viral videos" I like most of them, but it's the first time I hear the term "meme".

Actually it can be very profitable to buy "meme" related domains, you only have to have a good timing....

It's similar to "google trends domaining", I tried it once and earned some adsense cash with the scandal about Jonesville church of God (

Comment #10

That's right! NamePros rules!.

For those who still don't get what a meme is.

This site here does a great job of explaining it...

Comment #11

I guess for domainers, a meme can go as quickly as it is born eh..

Comment #12

If you pull the "e's" out ... it 's Mellow (MM).

MM = something viral and catchy, spread around the internet, not a virus but something kind of fun.


Comment #13

This is not Namepros or Madness. THIS IS SPARTA!..

Comment #14

Heck, I just got rid of my blook domains, lol...

Comment #15

Hard to believe how many views that over 9000 video and the imitators it spawned.

Got on youtube, but have to admit I laughed so hard the first time I saw it almost a.

Year ago. It's so silly and senseless. Must have been the way it was edited...

Comment #16

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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