Godaddy domain name.?

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Before I begin, I wanna ask: Godaddy domain name.?.

My next question is: We recently sold for a customer. A great story on what took place and thought we'd share. The story can also be seen on



AfternicDLS Member Sells for $275K.

Until the age of 40 Christine Herget lived a fairly normal life. She was a successful mortgage loan officer, had plenty of friends and suitors and, most importantly, she had her health. Just a few short months after her 40th birthday, Christine took a fateful trip to Mexico. And life as she knew it changed forever.

During her trip, Christine became violently ill. She came back to the U.S. to discover she had contracted a rare virus. It became so serious that she was virtually paralyzed (and thus out of work) for several months. Christine was a fighter and worked her way back to almost normal health. But just as she started feeling like her old self, she was once again struck with illness.

While many would simply focus on their incredible misfortune, Christine took this opportunity to come up with a way to create her fortune. An entrepreneur since childhood, Christine had been collecting domains over the years. Some domains she had already thought of business plans for; others just seemed like sound investments. While she lay recovering from illness number two, she knew it was time to do something with these names.

Christine decided to start with a name that she felt was one of the most valuable of her possessions: When she reached out for some help on how best to sell the domain, she was hit with resistance almost everywhere she turned. People just didnt take me seriously. Christine recalls. I posted the name in a few places but Afternic was the first company that I really felt was there to help. I had my own sales representative who was committed to me - but at the same time didnt make any promises.

And this was before he even knew I owned more domains!.

Ultimately, sold on Afternic for $275,000. Christine was able to get herself completely out of her healthcare debt AND have some savings left over.

I have so much faith in Afternic. They took the bull by the horns and sold my domain. The people were helpful and responsive and actually cared about my situation.

Christine continues to list her domains on Afternic. She currently has 2 from her portfolio listed there for sale: and

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Your question was: Godaddy domain name.?.

Great story. Only I can only feel that Afternic are using this woman's misfortune to make money...

Comment #1

My thoughts entirely,.

I would be interested to know if Afternic cared so much that they didn't take any commission from this sale, that truly would be impressive..

Comment #2

I pointed the University of Indianapolis toward the auction, but I don't think they had enough time to formulate any kind of interest/plan. Good sale, though, I think it is right in the middle of a good deal for both the seller and the buyer. I certainly think there is a lot of upside left for that domain, it could probably be flipped fairly quickly, if they wanted to...

Comment #3

She was hit with resistance- to sell a I cant imagine no one taking her seriously..

Comment #4

This must've been a "tough" sale for you guys. I cant imagine anyone who'd spend money on an

LoL - Come on now. How difficult was it to sell that HostGator name?.


Comment #5

Nice ending to a very unfortunate event - I hope she recovers well.


Comment #6

Leaving Christine's story in the foreground, provided that everything truly is as told, I'm glad that she's recovered - health wise as well as financially. In the end, that's really all that matters!.

On the flip side, as Spade already said. A, A 2 letter domain, one with distinct meaning in the web industry - it must have been an incredible challenge to find someone to take this one off your hands.

Value wise; I would have guessed that someone is willing to pay more than 275k for

I agree with, how much did Afternic get in commission?.

It's not like you guys did your client some insane favor or sold a "regular" HostGator for more than it's market value by using your repository of high level clients.

You've done your job that you've been hired to do, you made your money with it just as well.

Basically, you turned gold

This is not the story to "blow your horn" with, unless you've done something really outstanding and this is simply not the case.

But, back to the story at hand, Christine is well again and out of debt, which is the main ingredient here. Congrats Christine!.


Comment #7

Hmmm, nice story but ;-).

I'm curious, who bought that HostGator ?

Was it offered to United Internet ? They dont wanted that HostGator ?

(United Internet owns Sedo, 1&1, AdLink, GMX .....).

It more funny that HostGator is currently at 1&1..

Comment #8


I don't know if anyone else received this, but about 3 months back I got a PM from Christine about and she asked me how to go about selling it. She also said that she was disabled and was considering selling it soon. In fact, she had pretty much made up her mind to sell it for 70k at one point of time.

I believe I still have the message saved on my computer. I don't know if it's appropriat to post it here. If anyone wants to take a look at it, you can PM me, or if everyone thinks I can post it here, I will.

But a great story. The money went to a woman who really needed it and could've put it to so much good use...

Comment #9

It would be really nice to see you give your commision to a charity that would benefit other people in the same condition,.

Since use are such nice guys.

Big company like yourselves will not miss it.

That there would be a Nice Story to tell.

(Assuming you got your 20% that is a fair amount of $ that would help alot of people)..

Comment #10

The only thing thats missing to the story is some Afternic background music and the epilogue that read "Thanks to Afternic's massive self publicity, the IRS decided to take 40% of Christine's payday and she was left sifting through the thousands of begging letters she now got daily" ....

Im so glad she's ok, perhaps next time Afternic would allow her to make her own public "thank yous"... If, by chance, she was foolish enough to do so....

Beggars belief...

Comment #11

..heh..and a tip of the hat to ya badger. <\;-).

Good cause for a good HostGator sale. Wish her well...

Comment #12


This guy, eh?


Comment #13


I too received a couple of PM's regarding

Comment #14

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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