GoDaddy review : Should I go GoDaddy?? Godaddy domain dispute problem. Help needed

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So my friend is having problems with his godaddy account.

Here is my friend's situation.

One day, he used public computer to log in to his GoDaddy account. Somehow he did not log out of his account accordingly, and he went home (power outage, what are the odds?).

A new public computer user came in and automatically logged in to his GoDaddy account. That new guy ordered 8 .AM domains with a fraudulent credit card using my friend's account.

Several days later, my friend's GoDaddy account was suspended. All domains are on the pending delete status by GoDaddy. (more than 100 domains).

Several months before that happened, he sold some domains to some other domainers/end users. And now, those domains which have been pushed to other accounts (by valid purchase between domainers) several months ago has been reversed and on the pending delete status as welll.

He tried to contact GoDaddy's customer service but they keep saying that the account is still suspended and all related domains of that account are on pending delete too.

Is there any advice what he should do, and what the previous buyers of his domains should do?..

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How ironic that another domainer found an open godaddy account.

On a public computer - What are the odds...

Best thing he can do is stay in touch with Godaddy and if.

The other domains were legit sales, he needs to prove it..

Sounds like there is/was other issues if they are going months back.

On other sales prior to this transaction...

Comment #1

Any ideas on how to prove the legit sales?.

Any hints would be extremely helpful, since this is affecting quite a lot of people who bought domains from him. Thanks...

Comment #2

Suspending the account and deleting the .AM names sounds legit... but deleting any/every other name ever registered through that account with VALID payment.... not believable, nor anywhere near legal.

We're not really being told the whole story here, obviously...

Comment #3

I am sorry, what kind of story are you expecting here? I tried to tell everything I know. If you would assist me with the missing links, I would be very grateful to provide it. Thanks...

Comment #4

The problem here is that the story TOTALLY does not add up.

You're basically saying that a friend logged into Godaddy, then forgot to log out on a public computer..

The very next person to use that public computer just so happened to be not only a domainer, but a fraudster domainer with bad credit card numbers who used 'your friends' Godaddy account for nefarious purposes...

There's a 0.000001% chance this is true.

This is the sort of crap that goes on with such alarming regularity in a handful of places, I can understand why some businesses ban entire countries from participating...

Comment #5

Honestly, I tried to tell you guys whatever my friend told me about.

He might've lied- I don't know. But it is still strange when godaddy goes to delete domains that were registered months ago. I am still looking for inputs here. Thank you...

Comment #6

After so long of non activity, Godaddy times out and the account holder needs to log in again..

Comment #7

There is always a possibility of keyloggers of course.. I'm trying to think positive here....

Comment #8

I believe this story is true. Godaddy has always been a BS company.

The reason why I think Godaddy is doing this is because credit cards have a maximum of 6 months chargeback option. So they think because the recent purchases failed to go through, the older purchases might have a chargeback issued as well before the 6 months is over.

Godaddy is the most useless registrar out there who will use any excuse to seize your domains. Don't trust those guys. Get your domains out while you can. They might one day cancel their service (steal your domain) too. Godaddy does not think you own the domains. They think domains are a service they provide...

Comment #9

BS company or not, unless the other domains were purchased with a fraudulent card as well, they can't just "assume" a chargeback may be coming and delete names. Deleteing names older than 5 days makes no sense either because BlowDaddy gets no refund from the Registry either.

That, coupled with the "public computer" story sounds far fetched enough... but then add the wrinkle that it isn't even the OP that is having this issue but "a friend" and it just all sounds preposterous...

Comment #10

The OP looks like a genuine NP member and this kind of action is typical to Godaddy. I think it is highly likely that this is a true story.


Can we please get some of the names of the deleted domains that were sold and pushed to others months before?.

This is worse than losing your own domain. If I was the seller or buyer, I would be terrified if the domain was taken away by Godaddy...

Comment #11

Thank you Erdinc for trusting my story here. This is real story and I would not have wasted my precious time posting about how bad a registrar is, since they have millions of customers and one little negative feedback on a NP thread will not hurt them at all.

I will PM you some of the domains retracted - since they are actually on a pending delete status and anyone is free to register them soon (I'm afraid someone might reg the names straight away).

Any other opinions and suggestions are welcome.

PS: cartoonz, the reason why I am the one posting is here, is since my friend does not understand English. We live in a country where English is not the main language. Trust me, it would smell far more fishy when a new member with one post posts something like what I stated above. With broken english.

Thank you...

Comment #12

The OP has send me a personal message of 5 of those domains and I checked the whois. You can see one of them below. When I open the domain I see a Godaddy park page. I checked the current email address (.

Godaddy Software.

14455 N Hayden Rd.

Suite 219.

Scottsdale, AZ 85260.

United States.

480-505-8800 Fax 480-505-8844.

Domain servers in listed order:.



Registry Status: clientDeleteProhibited.

Registry Status: clientRenewProhibited.

Registry Status: clientTransferProhibited.

Registry Status: clientUpdateProhibited..

Comment #13

Of course godaddy makes mistakes, and usually big ones!.

It's the mention and deletion of previously successful transactions from months.

Ago that sends up the red flags...

Technically youdiezst's friend will have a serious legal issue with godaddy.

If they just deleted them cause they felt like it, and if that is the case - get a lawyer!..

Comment #14

Getting a lawyer is perhaps kinda hard to do here. Indonesia is a 3rd world country and honestly the lawyer's fee is just too high for normal people like my friend to afford.

Looks like he is facing a losing battle this way.

*transfers my domains away immediately*..

Comment #15

The whois I mention in my earlier message is not 3 years old. It is the correct whois record of one of the recently seized domain.

Regarding the other I mentioned, what does this mean to you? To me it shows that Godaddy is grabbing domains from users and selling them for a long time. I don't think they are doing this because financial gain. No, they are doing this because they like to treat people like crap whenever it suits them.

Personally even after the OP mentioned that those domains are now sezied by godaddy, I wasn't expecting to see /gdshop/legal...?pageid=reg_sa Basically, everybody except godaddy thinks domains are property. I remember reading some legal cases where it was ruled that domains are property. Considering that you can buy and sell them and transfer them between registrars this seems very obvious. A domain name is not a service. Registration of the domain is a service.

They could cancel the registration which to me means you would be given a certain time to transfer to another registrar. But no they are cancelling the registration and taking control over the domain as well.

A domain is more than it's registration record. The service of providing the registration record has limited value, which is usually 10 USD a year these days. Obviously many domains are much more valuable then the registration record fee.

However godaddy thinks any Godaddy domain is a service they provie and they will discontinue the service (grab your domain and sell it off) whenever they feel there is an issue and they can get away with it. There are fundamental problems with Godaddy because of their incorrect understanding of domain names...

Comment #16

Generally speaking, a registrar will suspend access to the domain name and "take over" whenever a.

Chargeback is filed towards that domain's last payment. If that domain was registered or renewed,.

Then it's registration or renewal payment was successfully disputed by it's pament provider, then that's.

The time it'll be taken back. If that were so, I guarantee you no registrar on earth will be willing to maintain a user's domain for.

Just $10 a year.

Going back to the topic at hand...if the OP's friend indeed disputed all the payments made towards the.

Domain names, including for those he intended to keep, unfortunately Go Daddy will certainly lock out.

His account and "take them back" from him. One doesn't have to like it, but your registrar's agreement.

Defines one another's relationships and responsibilities.

We "own" domain names only up to a certain point, especially if we maintain payment. While registrars.

Don't own those domains either, they are paying for maintaining them for people for a select price.

Unfortunately the OP and/or his friend will have to "negotiate" with Go Daddy if they want the names.

Back. Considering at least one of them's from Indonesia (and AFAIK Go Daddy blocked out users from.

That country), it won't make things any easier...

Comment #17

Here is a tip to tell your friend, we are not taking sides.

It is always a security risk using outside lans and wifi, you should never consider logging into important aspects of your business or personal aspects such as GoDaddy, Banking etc. Extreme security measures need to be taken into every course of the day.

Keyloggers are not unknown and similar occurances can occasionally happen.

Our advice, be sure to keep your data safe and wait for your own internet connection to be up before using public wifi...

Comment #18

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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