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I received an email from GoDaddys Domain by Proxy privacy service that they are going to disclose my name to a local police.

While I have nothing to hide, this is just outreaches. Without any claim or verdict, the police can lift my privacy like nothing.

When searching for a new anonymous domain registrar I come across

Does anybody has some comments about this company. So far I could not find any dirt on them on Google...

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If the police have a warrant then they're allowed to have access to your name. privacy services aren't meant as a mechanism for committing crime...

Comment #1

I'm amazed GoDaddy is notifying you prior to releasing your information.

Because very often companies approached by a government entity (ie. FBI, IRS, the police, etc) will release the requested information first and then maybe tell the customer about doing so sometime later.

In my view, GoDaddy is being more than fair in your situation. About the only thing to could try, especially if you truly have legitimate doubts, is ask GoDaddy to double-check that the information request is truly from law enforcement.

The only true way to protect one's information is not to give it out in the first place. However, using fake / incomplete whois info brings it's own share of risks. No easy answers when it comes to privacy.


Comment #2

I'm pretty sure it's spelled out in Domains By Proxy's TOS that they will disclose that information to law enforcement if asked, or whomever if provided with a subpoena. Anyone who *wants* to find you will do so.

I signed up for Domains by Proxy because it was free with my first year of registration at GoDaddy, but when I thought about it, and considered how much cost to renew, I didn't see the point. It was a bear, but I finally got it removed from all my domains.

So I took out a P.O. Box, and I use the name DNS Administrator on all my domains, and a gmail address.

I've been stalked twice over the years with information retrieved from WHOIS, to the point where I had to have PPOs issued; I'm not 100% protected now of course, but this much I'll do, and if anyone decides that makes me a shady character, so be it. It's nobody's damn business which domains I own. And a P.O. Box is a lot cheaper than paying Domain By Proxy's rates at - what is it, $8 per year? Gack...

Comment #3

Overall, using a corporate name alone with a PO box is a simple way to better protect one's privacy. Raises the bar quite a bit for causal stalkers.

With that said, if one is determined, they may be able to get the USPS to reveal the box holder's street address.

And secondly, the contact name in Whois must be a real person.

"DNS Administrator" appears to be working in your instance, but note if someone files an ICANN WDPR and/or GoDaddy's whois audit system flags it*, you'll have to change it to a real name.

* GoDaddy has flagged some of my domains in the past for having my company name in the contact's name boxes (was in there by mistake due to transfer-ins), so this is not a theoretical concern, but a real one based on ICANN's policy and my actual experiences.


Comment #4

Wholeheartedly agree.

And no, mirko888, you won't find any anonymous domain registrar. Except if it.

Is in Russia or Iran, maybe, though I doubt anyone is interested in setting up.

Shop in either one...

Comment #5

Yes, I know that - and I may be forced into it, but on the way down, I will make the biggest stink you ever saw in the process...

Comment #6

This is an issue that has specifically been brought up in meetings between the Registrar Constituency and ICANN staff. There is no authoritative position on whether having a role account such as "Domain Administrator" identified as the registrant constitutes improper whois data...

Comment #7

Quiet ironic huh? Considering's whois does not show a "real name"..

Comment #8

The anon domain prices are a bit high but hey you get a lot..

Comment #9

Learn something new everyday - so "DNS Administrator" and similar variants may be ok in regards to ICANN's Whois Data requirements. Interesting.

Azn- I agree it's very ironic that GoDaddy has it's corporate name in the Contact Name section and yet when I had my corporate name in that same section for some of my domains, their audit system flagged them.


Comment #10

Besides, if everyone starts putting up Domain or Name Administrator in all the.

Domain registrations' registrant name field, it can create confusion as to who.

Really owns what, more so if those people didn't really take note what they've.

Really got. Well, the registrar surely knows their corporate name is legally existing. Thus,.

There's practically no need to flag their own domain names for invalid WHOIS.

Due to just the registrant name.

They can easily verify their own, but it can't be said the same for others. It's.

A hassle, but that's pretty much one of the risks we rather accept to assume.

Like anything else in life...

Comment #11

I admire the courtesy of gd disclosing this information to you..

Be a law abiding citizen that's what I can only advise coming from a layman..

Cooperate with them and don't hide. if you've done nothing wrong, then why hide in the first place?!..

Comment #12

Maybe because some people don't want to be bugged to begin with for any or.

All reasons whatsoever, whether others find them acceptable or not. I for one.

Don't want to be bothered for some of my sites, but I'm fine to be contacted.

With others.

For those I don't want to be contacted through, do I need to justify?..

Comment #13

Not unless you have the same situation as the op.

Well I know before gd (wwd) does ban a whole country but they're quite open to us here in the Philippines.

Well if op has nothing to hide then why change proxy services, let this issues be settled first...

Comment #14

Im not about that "if you have nothing to hide " stance. privacy is privacy. GD's policy is spelled out fairly well. They dont just give it out to anyone who asks. it must be legit, from a legit agency. I have most of my names in the DBP acct's, but it's mainly to prevent spammers and unwanted mail.

I think it's worth the level they give you, but most of mine were free when you reg 5 or more names at the same time...

Comment #15

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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