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Before I ask my question, I want to ask: GoDaddy domain, BlueHost hosting...HELP?.

My main question is: What do you think of LED TV and Laser TV coming out. See NYTimes article:

I got:.

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Your question was: GoDaddy domain, BlueHost hosting...HELP?.

OLED will be huge IMO. Just wish I had the insight back when were regged..

Comment #1

Could not view the article since subscription is needed..

Anyway, I have

Comment #2

That's a nice set of names there. Hopefully us early investors will be in for rewards in the future.


- Luke..

Comment #3

I have


I just realized, and looked. Few people look for led tv. Led Zeppelin (which I do not like) however is very searched. I think I do a zeppelin subdomain to my led and see.....

Comment #4

Can't read the article.

Got myself and many months back.


Comment #5

Nice Use of the "cheap" and "Discount" I should maybe have picked up a few which have a word or letter before "LaserTelevision" too...

Comment #6

Which one should I go for between LED and OLED?..

Comment #7

OLED are essentially a type of LED (light emitting diodes). There are many competing technologies being developed such as FOLED, PLED, TOLED, SOLED. As you can see, LED and OLED are both excellent choices, since they seem to comprise most of the future display technologies.

Be very careful when registering names which aren't of the OLED/LED variety many of the other names (or derivatives of them) are trademarked and would make excellent candidates for UDRPs.

Best of Luck regging some gems!..

Comment #8

Upcoming tech is tricky. Often if we miss out on the true generic with a solid ext., we start to reg too many weak alternatives, IMHO. For example,, .biz, and .us are still is lcdtvsale in the same exts...

Comment #9

Thanks for the info Reece. I have some names already in mind and the input above will make my decision to register some of these names...

Comment #10

Indeed. While there may only be a few thousand domainers who actively search out new technologies, there are literally millions of people who know very well that "" will be worth more than reg fee. This makes it all the more difficult.

I would consider myself "ahead of most", learning about OLED back in '04 some 6 years after was regged. You're most welcome..

Comment #11

I agree and that's why I always just stick with the .com. I collected total of 10 name already that I would reg. and they are all .com.

I guess the advantage about forums is that you can be ahead of the game...

Comment #12

I managed to get these names:.

Comment #13

I have...

And Zeppelin is awesome always..

Comment #14

I got, and almost bought in January last year, but didn't think it was worth the sellers asking price of 800, maybe I should have... But I think is better anyway... which I am keeping for development.

LED's really are the way of the future!..

Comment #15

Very nice! I have

Good luck, Gary...

Comment #16

LED's cant produce the wide spectrum of light that Lasers can... so once everyones got over the fact that they are thin, they will realise that you buy a TV for the quality, not the thickness...

Comment #17 I'm talking about a site that addresses blimps covered with LEDs , of course, and not about anything that would infringe the trademark of a famous band..

Comment #18

I picked up ~ledART~com many years ago, I wish I had looked into the LED TV aspect. I know LED's are the future, and I saw some of the LED art that was coming out and thought "WOW this stuff is great".

LED.Info - Very Nice..

Comment #19

Some of us are just so easily LED All I know is that if you add a G to OLED you get OGLED..

Comment #20

OLED is the correct name. ORGANIC is the keyword in this niche...

Comment #21

Being in the home theater business heres my two cents on this subject. Leds will always produce a darker picture than the traditional lamps used in lcd's and dlp's. With that being said the led lamp creates better black levels and you don't have to worry about it going out like in most projection sets.

Laser TV's are getting decent reviews and might be the next big thing but will not become mainstream for a while (5-12 years) since the laser technology costs way too much right now and theres some safety concerns associated with them as well. OLED and two-way TV's are decades away from hitting the shelves since they're still in the initial developmental stage. It might be too early to start registering OLED and two-way HostGator names unless you plan on registering them for 10~ years...

Comment #22

Very hard to cover all bases !!!!! many different ideas out there ???..

Comment #23

Too many different things, I will just have one name:

Comment #24

I suggest you catch up on your reading as OLED is THE next wave in tvs. 10 yeras away? where did you get that number?.

You say: OLED and two-way TV's are decades away from hitting the shelves since they're still in the initial developmental stage.

Sony releases it's first OLED TV next month and the others will follow within 1 - 2 years with larger OLED tvs.

PS; I suggest you research more before you give your opinion on a subject you think you know. Its not hard if your research and see what is actually going on in a technology! pretty useless post.

Sure. lets all forget the fact that oled will replace lcd and plasma. get off it!..

Comment #25

Hey blob whats it to you? and what has 300 posts have to do with it ?

Comment #26

I suggest that you quit with the angry tone and ripping in to everyone for what they have posted.

Grow Up, Child..

Comment #27

Yes I aggree .......... vision edger seems to have a not so nice attitude !!!!!..

Comment #28

I have.

OledScreen (eu).

OledPanel (eu).

OledHDTV (eu).

HDLCD (eu).


Ok, these are .EUs, but good keywords nonetheless, right?..

Comment #29

Most people don't think that unfortunately..

Me as a EU citizen, I hope .eu really soon becomes the next best thing after .com, and .net, but then again there's .info and .de... and .org of course which is always used inappropriately in commerce.....

Comment #30

If you think OLED is not now, see what the Germans think, see the ads.

Comment #31

If you DID your research on this matter you would know that the 11 inch sony oled is set to come out at about 2k. And that pannel is going to have a VERY short life span while your plasmas and lcd's are now rated at 25 years or 60,000 hours for the most part. OLED's are in a VERY early developmental stage and heck a consumer grade oled hasn't even been announced and won't be out in the next 3-5 years probably. And even than it's going to be a special order item just like when LCD/plasma came out. OLED's are going to be a big thing but not any time soon. Who's planning on paying 2000 dollars for a 11 inch screen that won't last that long? Not many.

Like I originally said oled's won't be in your local sears or bestbuy for around a decade. Next time research the matter instead of spitting out your opinions and labeling them as a fact while blasting other people. Thanks...

Comment #32

And your facts outweigh mine? come on buddy. a decade? then why is samsung coming out with a 40" for 2009 for retail?.

Ps you research the matter and stop spewing out what you so call fact as well!! thanks? I should think not!!! why is your fing opinion better or more researched then mine byt the way??..

Comment #33

I have read on so many sites, the problems with OLED displays, and from what ive seen they will take some time to mature.

Laser Television technology is going to be out this Christmas, sure, they had problems with it at first and they have developed it and overcome hurdles in order to make the sets commercially viable.

I suspect that this will be the case for the exciting OLED technologies. The articles that I have read, suggest that OLED displays need to be developed further before they can be released commercially.

OLED screens suggest that their TVs will be thin and less power consuming, Yet Laser TVs promise better picture quality than ever before.

I don't understand why people aren't getting excited about Laser TV sets, but they are about an OLED screens.

Id be amazed to see a better quality screen than a HD Plasma/LCD screen, cause it doesnt seem like they could get any better with some of them.

- Luke..

Comment #34


And got some **

I found that most user of ** is from china...

Comment #35

Just got one day it will be a good reg...

Comment #36

Yes a decade until they become mainstream like I said. The 40 inch model that Samsung is coming out with is going to be well over 10,000 dollars so why don't you do some research and quit sending me harassing emails showing your ignorance to this matter. Thanks I'd appreciate that and I'll even post some info for you to read up on since it looks like your caught up in some unrealistic hype.

Here's some quick facts for you and please stop posting replies to my posts with out presenting any evidence or facts. Anyways.... 1.) Sony(with help from Toyota) is coming out with an 11 inch oled for roughly 2,000 USD. That panel is also going to have a short lifespan since they haven't fixed that problem yet. 2.) OLED can produce great black levels since they have a very high DYNAMIC contrast ratio but their NATIVE contrast is subpar thus creating darker color shades. 3.) Like I mentioned in #1 the lifespan of OLED is very low and theres no indication out there yet that mentions it will go up yet.

4.) Many companies are not set on the oled's and might never be since it has a lot of drawbacks.

There's a lot more info out there on why OLED's aren't that great but personally I think they'll stick along with the lcd's while plasmas will start to fade out slowly except for media room use. However OLED's won't take any noticeable share of the market for about a decade.

VisionEdger, please only post a reply with some real proof instead of random useless thoughts that get people caught up in some nonsense hype.

Any btw I sell home theater for a living so I have to stay up to date on everything.

Edit: Also according to informationweek:

So in five years from now oled's will have LESS than a half a percent (.005) of TV sales. Hmmm interesting.......

Comment #37

I am SO impressed with your vast knowledge on this subject that I am beside myself. thanks for your incredibly in depth outlook and that visionary prediction of an indsutry you obviously are so qualified for selling tvs. I will certainly disregard all the data I have read and stick with your voluminous intellect on this subject!!! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!! I also suggest you read more and get YOUR facts straight!! Life is 30000 hrs on oled continuous use NOT 5000 hrs. Also OLED is WAY cheaper than LED and plasma to maufaccture so OLED prices will drop faster then those due to the lower cost of manufacturing oled. Initially profits will be made and prices will be higher as any new tech but you CANNOT compare LCD /Plasma to OLED technology.

So with that said I suggest you stop spewing out info until you know what you are talking about also youngster...

Comment #38

I also suggest that you put a truthful date of birth on your profile..

Comment #39

Yeah I guess a 11 inch oled is cheaper than a 52 inch lcd with better specs

Hmm so 5,000 hours is right...

Comment #40

This wikpedia data is not current so I suggest you look at other sources as well for info.

The end. get the drift? ?????????????????????.

Sure blob whatever you like..

Comment #41

Why dont you correct it and state your source!... see if it gets edited back?..

Comment #42

You keep posting nonsense posts with no sources and have yet to refute any of the points that I have pointed out earlier. You can go ahead and believe this inflated oled hype all you want. By the way Sony is only going to produce a maximum of 2,000 of those oled's per month since they know theres going to be no demand for a 11 inch screen priced at about 2,000 usd. Also another interesting note about sony's 11 inch screen is that it isn't HD.

So who out there is planning to fish out $2000 usd for a non high-def 11" screen?..

Comment #43

Sources? who needs any stinking sources?.

Who has the $$$$ to buy these? is this a real question? man I suggest you start thinking bigger buddy!..

Comment #44

I SAID....

Go to wikipedia.

Edit the page to what you think it should be.

And see if it gets edited back.

This may be an indication of whether your estimate is correct or not.

Because someone who has more knowledge that you.

Might have the correct estimate.

If that is even possible?..

Comment #45

Man, questioning my intellect again mcblob. no time for it, and dont care. oled rules. adios!.

Ps; you may want to rethink a new handle. anything with "blob" in it is just too good to make fun of!..

Comment #46

We've already had the OLED discussion here:

Consensus is that OLED will be HUGE when it does arrive. However I agree that it's realistically 10 years away from being mainstream.

That doesn't mean OLED names won't have considerable value sooner... They'll probably be mainstream in MP3 players, cell phones, digital cameras, etc within 5 years. But 40' OLED tv's are a long, long ways from being affordable.

I regged my first OLED HostGator names before most of you started domaining, so pardon my "know it all" attitude here, but what evidence honestly suggests that they'll be in mainstream tvs within 5 years?.

It costs Intel pennies to put together top of the line desktop and notebook CPUs. It also costs them billions of dollars getting the necessary technology to produce the very first chip. Would it be sensible for Intel to charge a low price for their chips just because they can produce them cheaply? What about recovering their investment?.

Some of the companies (eg. Eastman Kodak) have patents on many OLED manufacturing processes/applications. They could seriously prevent many competitors (and hence price wars) if they wanted to.

It amazes me how many people think OLED in new... It's been around for a long, long time (just like LCD and plasmas...). Here's a good site for OLED info (it's not mine: ).

I'll let some of you newer tech fans in on a little secret... Sometimes hype is better than actual products. Just because Intel said they'd have a terahertz 70 core CPU here within a few years does not mean they will... Nor does a manufacturer saying they'll have OLED televisions of a certain size in a certain year suggest that they will...

Those of us who've been following OLED for years know of the many setbacks there have been along the years.

I can give you source here:.


Remember Apple's 3ghz Power Mac promise? Well, it fell short at the time. Weren't we supposed to see 5ghz Pentium 4's half a decade ago? That cool OQO was supposed to be nearing production in April 2002... I know because I was working as a WM at the time and wanted one of these sooooo badly. Well, by the time the bloody thing hit the market, (2+ years in vaporware later) it wasn't so special anymore.

I'm not saying OLED is vaporware, that OLED won't succeed, etc. All I'm saying is that it'll be far more than 5 years before it hits the market... And like I said earlier, as someone who's been following OLED for what's going on 4 years now, I think my opinion is worth more than someone who just found out about OLED a few days ago and doesn't know 1/4 of the facts surrounding OLED technology, the history of OLED, etc.

If OLED is to be as big as some of you hope why do you care when it hits the market? Whether is worth $1mm+ 5 years from now, 10 years from now, 15 years from now... One thing is clear... If what is expected of oled holds true, those of you with premium oled-related names will be very, very happy you chose to invest. Isn't that all that really matters?..

Comment #47

Nice post, rep added. Agreed with pretty much everything you said I'd like to add that companies will use them in mp3 players, cameras, and other small battery operated devices much sooner since the lifespan factor doesn't matter much on battery operated devices since the screens aren't used that long continuously. Also the screen size is less than 3" on those devices so it wouldn't affect the price of the product as much...

Comment #48

I dont get this line reece. "All I'm saying is that it'll be far more than 5 years before it hits the market".

Why 5 years? Possibly you mean that oled will be a household word but from what I can detrmined 2-3 years is a save bet that oled tvs will be in homes. and with the lower $$ compared to lcd and plasma it will come alot quicker to a retailer near you.

PS that article link you show is from 2004 so whats the point in this ?? I can give you 50 links to recent oled info from 2006-2007 so I am dealing with CURRENT data...

Comment #49

The link was an example of an OLED promise that never held. Your oled info is based on promises - not actual facts. Until Samsung delivers 10 million of these things to U.S. households, I'm not convinced. Building prototypes and having finished products are two very, very different things, as I thought the OQO example I posted earlier elucidated rather clearly. And OLED will most definitely not be cheaper than LCD or Plasma (on a per inch basis) within the next 5 years.

As do I..

Comment #50

Man you people have to loosen up!! I am JOKING!!!!!..

Comment #51

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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