GoDaddy DNS Records.. Help?

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Before I begin, I wanna ask: GoDaddy DNS Records.. Help?.

My next question is: Say I take $10, 000 to register all the's and's or whatever it costs, do you think that this value would go up then after they are all registered and I would profit greatly?..

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Your question was: GoDaddy DNS Records.. Help?.

Nobody can forsee future investments if we could, we would all be rich..

Saying that I dont think the internet is going anywhere but up just make sure you can afford those renewals for any future investment....

Comment #1

I would obviously make sure I can...I am thinking about at least buying out the's, what's the future of .in looking like?..

Comment #2

I would buy good's (Pronounceable and Good letters) from resellers for $50 to $100 each..

I think they are better investments than registering new ones...

Comment #3

I would be happy if you buy out the rest of the

Comment #4

I had a list of 500 that I was going to reg over the proceeding week. I am registering a few now but I am seeing that most of the names are gone now. All of these names were available a week ago. At this point I am pretty sure the rest of the will get bought out. I am more curious to see if the buyout holds and what the resale value of these names go for...

Comment #5

How many total A-until-Z of 3 letters ""?.

Let say "" = Total 999..

Any total?..

Comment #6

Not sure, probably couple thousand...okay cancel that but focus on which have only like a hundred or two I think..

Comment #7

How many left unregged?.

Latest scans put the number right around 2.3k-2.4k names. This number has been falling at an average of around 50 names a day for the past couple of weeks...

Comment #8

The total unregistered is that number. The total for all is the same as all other LLL which is 17576..

Comment #9

I find thread only 300 left, or 5%?.

Is that true?..

Comment #10

There are around 2300 left. There is a list of the available ones..

Comment #11

If all LLLs in an extension are registered then the value will definitely go up because they will be worth a minimum of reg fee because people will not sell at a loss...

Comment #12

There are 118 , I could reg them in a second but I don`t , simply because the will always worth more than L-L (especially the bad letters left now).

Look at the .com for example:.

The crappiest still worth 3 times a

So, before to throw your money away, just think better...

Comment #13

Like what? express yourself properly if you want an answer please..

Comment #14

Read your post then read question in relation to your previous post is: "Why is it like that then?"..

Comment #15

It`s like asking me why the sun is hot. I did not do it. It`s that way...

Comment #16

I would prefer as wellI am still convinced is a pretty safe bet..

Comment #17

Prefer over - just a random example.....

Comment #18

S-o is taken but yes it would still be more valuable

Comment #19

I think some L-L are better than some LLL. I'd take S-O over KKL, but it's close. Definitely I'd take S-O over most of the that are now left. It all depends on the letters.

Remember there are no or domains because two character names aren't allowed. are all taken I think. There are only 676 L-L combinations, and they have gone down fast if there are only just over 100 left.

Anyway, L-L and LLL are all going to be gone soon for .in and will hold their value well for decent combinations, simply because of low supply vs. increasing demand...

Comment #20

The reason why is currently worth less the I believe has to do with the hatred for the - amongst domainers. I have read that many people feel L-L.coms are currently undervalued. With the buyout and raising prices I would not be shocked to see values jump...

Comment #21

From what I've seen lately - I think the hyphens in .COM are getting more accepted among domainers but I'm not sure about

I've seen a lot of thread lately about:.




Nice to see a fellow domainer in DC metro area by the way..

Comment #22

Well said, since so many domains are developed (almost 25%), it makes a good case for L-L. You don't even see for sale too often, they are as rare as

With .in, there are no LL possibilities, only L-L if you want your name initials, company initials, etc. Go to your registrar and search for L-L, they are gone in most extensions, just like LLL. With India's population over 1 billion, and only 676 possible, eventually there will be some demand.

(Maybe the make up for the missing, but are all taken?)..

Comment #23

9MM, I would steer clear of a buyout right now.

Wait an year. When renewal time comes around next year and the fees is $13 instead of the current $4, I expect a lot of names held by smaller investors will drop. If you do a buyout now, you'll have to buy those dropping names too, to maintain the "all taken" phase of names. Not to mention that you'll have to pay $13 renewal fee too an year later rather than the $4. Wait for some time. We might actually see a permanent price reduction...I'm still kicking myself for regging dozens of .in names at $13 two days before they announced the $4 price scheme.

And regarding the names, I don't see a point. All markets follow the .com market. L-L.coms go for much lower than LLL.coms. In your example of and, I think reseller prices would be quite similar (courtesy of the repeating K's). But if we take another example in which the is a non word name, such as, and a, the would get more in the reseller market, hands down...

Comment #24

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't there 1,000 possibilities???..

Comment #25

Let say purchase total = 17576 X $3.95 per HostGator .in = $69425.20.

Second year totally renew $228488.00.

That 4X register price.

I also wrong count "" not= Total 999. including "O" "zero".

000, 001, 002, 010 ....... 099.

How many total

Comment #26

Think about volumes and the value of your labor. When categories get "bought out" and prevailing prices afterwards tend to reflect prices if you just want to sell a name or two. Once it comes to selling tens/hundreds of names it either means accepting a substantially lower price for the names in bulk (like what happened with 3 letter .us a while ago where they bulk lots were selling for half what names had been going for singlely), or selling names one at a time ($15 sales etc). Even if there is some good gains you might be ending out working at burger flipping rates or worse...

Comment #27

It depends. Their is always that possibility that over time the market would call for a price increase. But if you did it on a monday dont expect to be rich on wednesday...

Comment #28

Over the course of 6 months you would definitely see some sort of increase I am not sure how much. I would say that over 1 year you would definitely see a dramatic increase in demand and price...

Comment #29

I think when you do a buyout like for LLL or L-L, the most you can make short term (<1 year) is 5 to 10x your money on single names. Remember these are 'artificial' buyouts, with high speculation by domainers hoarding names with the expectation they will rise in value because and have done well. When the buyout is done you have hundreds or thousands of domains held by speculators looking to flip them, and not many buyers. The key is time, you have to be able to afford the renewals next year, and the next, to stay in the game. If you're lucky you can sell a few off to help with renewals, but it is a waiting game. Demand will be much higher in the future, so you have to wait it out. If you're very lucky you'll get the odd end-user sale for a very nice return...

Comment #30

The way I see it, you won't see any substantial increase in values than what you see now for premium ones any time soon. Its not a .de or a Its a young TLD that still hasn't seen full acceptation, particularly among end users who tend to sway towards

You might actually see a decrease in values over a couple of years, like what happened with .us.

If you do a study of LLL names in TLDs other than .com, their values haven't risen much over the past 2 years. An increase of $5 or $15 in two years isn't worth limiting your cash flow. Unless you're Adam Dicker and have hundreds of thousands lying around, don't go for names..

Comment #31

No...what happened with .us is that it was over-hyped, causing an initially high value that fell when people actually realised that noone really needs the extension.IN, however, has almost as many registratrions as .us already, before the potential for a huge increase as the extension becomes more popular. I would say that by the end of 2008, the value of will match that of as a minimum.

In response to "limiting cash-flow", is a perfect way of new domainers to actually get in the game without having to fork out tens of thousands for poor letter .coms. Rather than an extension like .ASIA, which is almost certain to fail, .IN is known; it is only going to get more popular...

Comment #32

I always complain about the double choice:. and/or .in.

I wish the registry would take off one...

Comment #33

Many LLL domains get significant type-in traffic for several reasons, one of which is that there are usually many organizations whose acronym is LLL. On the other hand L-L gets little or no type-in traffic, except from domainers checking the availability. There is no natural market for L-L domains. They just don't make good business or website names...

Comment #34

Noticing that there seem to be more and still available than in .in.

Why are LLL and NNN not being snapped up in

Comment #35

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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