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Ok. So, I saw a domain that I wanted, on auction, at Godaddy's auction forum. I tried to place a bid (which turned out to be over double of the winning bid), and Godaddy told me to register to become a member of their auction forum in order to bid. This costs 4.99 to register. Ok, I paid the 4.99, received a confirmation receipt email from Godaddy that stated I was now able to bid in their auction forum.....

So, I go back to the auction I already tried to bid on, and when I placed my bid this time as a paid auction member, a screen popped up saying that I needed to register to bid on Godaddy auctions..

WTF!! At that point, I took a screen shot of my attempted bid while the auction was still current.

Shortly after that, the auction ended and I was left out in the cold.

What do you guys think is a good remedy to this situation? Do I have a case? Should I sue the piss out of them?..

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You going to huff and puff and blow Godaddys house down ? Yeah Good Luck with that..

Here is a clue... "bowser cache" google it and you'll understand why you screwed up..

Comment #1

Many sad stories begin with" Godaddy wouldn't /won't...".

You know a company is a question mark benchmark when you read a story about Tiger Woods and it says nobody will sponsor him now except maybe Godaddy.

True story...

Comment #2

I don't think you have a leg to stand on. Not even to get your $4.99 back. Anyway. Consider it money well spent. There are many great names for sale on GoDaddy Auctions. Sadly, amongst a ton of dross...

Comment #3

I googled browser cache, but am not seeing the relevance of it nor am I understanding your point.


Comment #4

It happened to me once. logout and try after some time you can go thru market place..

Comment #5

You need to clear your Browser Cache, otherwise your Browser will use it's own cache to serve up your page, which is what you were seeing the old page, not the new one. Not GoDaddy's fault...

Comment #6

Oh. That wasn't the problem. I had no problem seeing the new page. There were like 4 minutes left in the auction and I tried to place a bid. It told me to register and I did that. Because I had the auction bookmarked and had the order confirmation page open in the original auction window, I opened a new window and there were 27 seconds left in the auction. It showed a totally updated page...

Comment #7

Yes, if things don't go your way in life, just sue someone.

I remember when a 12 year old kid working at McDonald's stuffed up my order at the drive through once, I was going to hire a QC and a team of lawyers to take them down big time, I mean who wouldn't, right?.

In the end I just preferred this, YouTube - Drive-Thru Pranks.


Comment #8

Well. You are admitting you had time to place a bid, but didn't? How is that GoDaddy's fault?..

Comment #9

So about 4 minutes left to bid, get denied, sign up for TDNAM and place a new bid. It is possible that your account needed some time to update and reflect your new TDNAM member status and by then the auction had ended. Even if your account needed only two or three minutes to update, you really didn't have that kind of time.

It is also possible that your current session was not reflecting your new TDNAM status, which means you were not actually logged into TDNAM. You should have signed out and then signed back in if that were the case. It was just bad luck happening upon an auction that ended in 4 minutes.

But your best option is to just unplug the computer and go work at McDonalds if this is going to be your mindset...

Comment #10

Absolutely. Because that is all you are likely to get from them on these facts...

Comment #11

I did have time to place a bid...and tried to. The same pop up came up again saying I needed to register with their auction service to place a bid...but I had already registered, paid for, and received a receipt.

It's all right. The world is round...

Comment #12

Could have been a delay in updating your member status. But as sdsinc asks, did you log in?.

In regards to opening a new browser window, that's often not sufficient to clear your local brower's session states. When changing users / member level on many sites, it's important to close all browser windows and restart the web browser.

To avoid closing all windows, a work-around that sometimes works in regards to caching issues, though it still will not clear session states, is CTRL-F5 to force a more complete page reload.

Another strategy is to run two or more different web browsers (ie. Firefox and MSIE) at the same time to more quickly / better verify that the page you're seeing is correct. Still not fool-proof, since many larger websites and ISPs cache too.

As another pointed out, bidding with only 3 minutes remaining or whatever really isn't enough time to ensure purchase - playing it that close is risky to begin with most anywhere...

In my view, to have any chance of convincing GoDaddy to restart the auction, you would need to show that the technical issues were their fault. An extreme long-shot.

In regards to suing them, that, unless you have more info about the incident you're not sharing here, is a non-starter - don't even bother.


Comment #13

Would it not be because signing in to godaddy and the buying and selling portal is different? Just because you sign in to godaddy does not mean your are in the buying and selling url. I would have to think you would of had to have been signed in to your domain manager...

Comment #14

I had wanted to place a bid of $400 on at auction today. Unfortunately, I forgot and by the time I remembered the auction had already ended at $310. Should I sue? Seriously, I am very angry about that though... *hits self on head*..

Comment #15

Sounds like you could get a class action going Ron! A few of us have suffered this fate before...

Comment #16

Is it? Why not give us details if you like to start a thread thrashing the biggest registrar in the world? Who was wrong?..

Comment #17

Doesn't matter to me how big GoDaddy is. I hate their website. I want to register a domain name. I don't want to have to delete 50 items I don't want to buy. They may be the biggest registrar, but that doesn't mean they are the best. Sorry to get off topic here, but I think they deserved trashing! I say Godaddy was wrong, whether they admit it, or not.


Comment #18

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