GoDaddy - bought new hosting, how do I transfer domain?

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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: GoDaddy - bought new hosting, how do I transfer domain?.

My 2nd question is: It seems that everywhere I look I see some ad or article or tv commercial or tv show for Alternative Energy and Green this or Green that. This is a HUGE trend and yet is stll in it's infancy.

Solar power seems to be at the forefront of the Alternative Energy movement. What are you doing to take advantage of this? What Solar names do you have? Also, what do you think of the future of Solar Energy and the future value of Solar HostGator names?..

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Your question was: GoDaddy - bought new hosting, how do I transfer domain?.

I don't have much for solar names, only I do have some other domains having to do with the environment, eco stuff, organics, global warming and green.

I'm hoping some big politico or environmental leader comes out with a plan to stop global warming and calls it "Plan Green"...and makes my day...

Comment #1 is the only "eco" HostGator I own at the moment but I plan on getting more...

Comment #2

I am constantly on the look out for eco - green - save the planet domains to regg.

Only have one for now but I like it a lot, have switchfuelcom.

[Edit: Just regged GreenWindFarmcom ].

[BTW, is available, have ok google search results ].


Comment #3

I think wind energy is miles ahead of solar. It is being deployed right now. There is a 28 windmill farm just came online in Northwest Missouri. Another similar size is being started about 15 miles away and many more are being planned in the Midwest right now.

My avitar is the 'real McCoy'. Will be able to see the top of it from the front porch of our new home...

Comment #4

Wind energy is growing with leaps and bounds but from what I've read solar thermal power is the "energy holy grail". I read where just a few square miles of these plants in the southwest deserts can furnish the whole USA with power. They would be connected to a grid running all over the country with other alternative energies connected as well....wind power, solar pv, hydro, wave action, etc would all play a part. It would be known as the Electranet.....much like the Internet. Individual homes and businesses with private energy systems such as solar would connect to this electranet grid and get paid for the excess kilowatts they contribute on sunny days and then use the electranet energy on cloudy days and after dark. Dirty energy is on it's way out...and this world will be much better off without it....and yes, I do have some 'solar energy domains'..

Comment #5



I wish they would get those home use sterling engines going; now that's the future. Solar cookers are starting to become trendy for campers; at least those who I meet along the trail...

Comment #6

I have some solar names .......... it will only get bigger. (sale). (sale). (sale). (sale). (sale). (sale).

My favorite is solarhire the rest are for sale..

Comment #7

I wish I had some good solar names but most have been picked up now. It really is a growing industry and market for domains in this category...

Comment #8

We could have all got some good ones a few years ago. ?

Comment #9

Agree eolic energy is already part of the future...


(have natural traffic on 3 of them, 5-8 uniques a day).

Have as well

Comment #10

FreshCleanAir .com.

Kind of long but it makes sense..

Comment #11

Some names from the fast growing UAE:.

Comment #12

What was the selling price so I can add it to my list of green and alternative energy names sold? That is....if you don't mind saying....thanks..

Comment #13

I have, and

Hoping someone will equate Helio with Solar..

Comment #14

The future of solar energy is unlimited. Take a look at a recent stock that IPO'ed last year called First Solar (ticker FSLR). It's gone up almost 10 fold already...

Comment #15

I totally agree. First Solar specializes in a type of solar cell manufacture known as thin layer solar. These cells make solar power much more affordable and economical. This is why the stock is going nuts and will go much higher. So a few months back I got:.

Comment #16

Have any of you been keeping track of the solar energy stocks over the past year?? Most of them have GONE THROUGH THE ROOF!! Solar is really red hot right now and looks like it will just keep getting bigger and bigger...

Comment #17

Yes they are hot and I think they're mostly the solar panel and film companies.....wait till the solar thermal companies get started good....I think they will be even hotter...

Comment #18

The 'powers that be' are morons.

When they have an unending supply of energy (ok, at least for the next 10 million years or so) they spend all their money fighting for oil. If all the money spent on wars for oil was put into solar energy research, there would be surplus power forever.

I own - tried to buy the .com but no response so.....

Comment #19

Well....actually the 'powers that be' are Greedy oil and coal barons. They could not care less for the environment...they are ruled by the almighty dollar. They will do everything in their power to fight the implimentation of a clean energy industry because that will put them out of business.

I agree with you 100% on the clean energy surplus power forever. Not only that but we will also have cheaper and stable prices of clean energy as it becomes mainstream. There is an unending supply of sun, wind, and hydrogen and thats really all we need...

Comment #20

Actually the "coal barons" are investing themself in clean energies. Look at the Biodiesel and ethanol market for examples. there are examples also in the solar and eolic industries as well, they are buying shares of this ramping market. (By the way hidrogen is not that clean because takes energy from other resources -petrol, gas- to be transformed in a usable energy form and same is for BD -use of pesticides, arable land and increasing prices of feedstock...) Solar and eolic are the cleanest overall!..

Comment #21

Back to the thread subject....

Solar roof panels are nice but you don't want the neighbour to nick them..

Comment #22

I like this one...its a natural and I would think it's perfect for a company in that biz. regards to hydrogen and solar I think one compliments the other...they are the perfect pair because hydrogen can be cleanly developed by the use of solar, especially solar thermal.

Solar energy when the sunshines and hydrogen energy when it doesn't. The sunshine solar energy can be stored in the hydrogen for offsite portable use (vehicle fuelcells) and nighttime residential use as well (hydrogen fuelcells). These plans are already in the works by some major players...

Comment #23

Passive annual heat storage (PAHS) is supposed to be the solution for "when the sun does not shine"... But it needs to be more studied full scale IMHO...

Comment #24

Just a personal opinion but I dont think solar energy is big for the future, it's been around for years and they have been slow in trying to do anything with regards to really making the most out of it.

Technology is way advanced that they could be doing a lot more to develop solar power farms, it's happend in a few places, but still not as much as I thought it would.

I believe they will rape the land of every last drop of the black gold and any other option before embracing solar energy, so for that reason I wouldn't invest into solar domains myself.

Im probably completely wrong, but just a thought...

Comment #25

The figures I have heard were quite a bit less optimistic. The estimate is something like 10% of Nevada, if covered with *existing* solar technology (either electric power cells or thermal power), would be enough to supply the electric power needs of the USA. I have a second home in Vegas, and from what I have seen it would be easy to find 10% of the rest of the state to cover with the technology. The problem is total cost, including supply, production, servicing and distribution. With rising energy prices the economics are becoming more favorable.

Decades ago when I was teaching, I gave a test question for undergrad physics students at Stanford. They were asked to estimate the lifetime of the various power sources assuming current levels of consumption and given that the current rates of population growth were sustained. Coal was good for a few hundred years, so you can bet hydrocarbons will continue to be part of the future. There was one student that cracked me up when I graded his test. He did the population estimates and associated energy growth. He said that by the time we ran out of solar energy, the population of the earth would be 30 feet thick.

Remember the "demand" side of the equation when you say that power from the sun is limitless. Sad but true. Never underestimate the ability of the government to procrastinate.


Comment #26

I've been looking into putting a solar panel system on my house, it's pretty pricey but there are tax breaksFound this link on state by state tax credit info :

Anybody put a solar system in their house ? How'd it go ? Been noticing more hits on my solar names ...

Comment #27

I wish I could put a solar system in. In the Seattle area this is quite acceptable in most areas, but of course Seattle is hardly a good place to do it. OTOH, in our Vegas home we are banned from installing anything solar, since it is deemed unattractive, and written into the CC&R contract. It is in one of those upscale communities where everything has to look perfect. No cars are allowed in site (must be in garage), no solar installations, no visible satellite tv dishes... It is funny because Vegas is the perfect place for solar, but banned in some of the communities.

Weird. The places like Seattle where it isn't effective have no problems with installations, and the places like Vegas where it would be perfect ban it because of appearance.


Comment #28

I'm very optimistic we will see a much wider use of solar and other aternative energies in the near future. I read every day about climate change that is contributed to increased co2 tonnage in our atmosphere around the world and it is shocking to say the least.

I also read about the huge sums of money being invested in solar and other renewable energies from private enterprizes as well as goverments worldwide. The move to a cleaner energy industry has already begun and it will pick up speed as more people become more aware of our serious problems with the continuing use of fossil fuels.

Its not that fossil fuels may run out but the blessing in disguise is that hopefully they WILL run out before too much more damage is done to our planet.

Read this......and if you are a skeptic and disagree be assured I respect your right to do so....I will not argue the point with you..

Scientists warn of human hardship in warmer world....

Comment #29

I fully respect others opinions on climate change and global warming, but I'm one of those that doesn't actually believe in global warming from our living, I do believe and am aware of damage we have done so far and are continuing to do, I totally recognise that as happening, but I think the governments around the world are hijacking the whole glbal warming thing.

For example during the ice age there was a mile deep sheet of ice I think that covered virtually the whole planet, sometime ago, I cant remember the date but there was a mini ice age, I think it was in the 16 century, possibly wrong on that.

I think solar flares are also responsible for fluctuations in the planets temperatures, I think that any rise in temperatures are just a natural shift and not quite the concern that their being made out to be.

There is a lot of money to be made from this global warming idea, you can infact impose completely uneccessary restrictions too, in the name of global warming.

I fully recognise, pollution, carbon footprints and a need to cut back on that damage for obvious health worries, but I dont recognise any of that as a contribution to global temperatures rising...

Comment #30

I agree, the solar business is taking off indeed! It's about time...

Comment #31

To see what other parts of world are saying and doing about climate change you might find this site interesting. http://www.environmentalhealthnews.o...Climate+change.

I have it bookmarked and go there everyday to read the latest news on the subject. it's a much bigger issue than what many realize...

Comment #32

My two cents - why would a corporation that can produce solar power and sell it to the masses, even care if they have a HostGator name that contains the name of their technology.

For example, Iogen... Iogen is an up and coming Ethanol producer, that makes Ethanol out of straw by using enzymes to break the straw down...blah blah blah...end result, Ethanol fuel....they are posed to become a huge player.

Their name is Iogen, which means nothing and has nothing to do with being related to the actual technology or energy that they are involved with.

My point, all the big players are already involved in alternative energies....I mean, were dealing with corporations that will sell energy to cities, provinces, states and nations....they really don't need to rely on type in traffic or a name that relates to their product.

Shell, Sunoco, Esso, Ultramar, Husky, Irving, Enbridge...etc....all big players in the energy sector and none have names related to oil or gas.......

Comment #33

I can't see a big corporation changing it's name just to accommodate a good HostGator name but I can see them owning popular HostGator names pointing to their website. Its cheap advertising. Also, how about the smaller service companies in the solar, wind or hydrogen business....surely they could benefit from good HostGator names reflecting the type biz they're in.

Those names you referred to like Shell, Sunoco, Esso, etc. were all made famous before the internet....they are so famous now I'm not sure they would benefit from or even need good descriptive HostGator names....probably not......but Iogen is a different story...they would probably benefit from a name like something similar....imho...

Comment #34

Iogen is not the only ethanol producer and the company name is far from being a household word like 'Kleenex' or 'Microsoft'. Branding a company name can be a very costly process.

Iogen (approx.35 searches per day) could benefit greatly by having a generic HostGator name or two pointing to their site. A HostGator name like 'ethanol' (1876 searches daily) or 'ethanol production' (250 searches daily) should be worth a bundle to a company like Iogen...

Comment #35

I've regged this two years back thinking for the long haul..

This one is brandable generic..

I will hold on to them unless I get an offer that I can't pass up...

Comment #36

Lets be clear about this ..... to say "and the places like Vegas where it would be perfect ban it because of appearance..

" ..... is not exactly true.

You bought a home controlled by a "Home Owners Association". They can tell you what kind of trash cans you can use. Color of paint on your home, types of plants in your yard and even the vehicles you park in front of your house or in your drive way. HMA's are all over the country not just in Vegas. HMA's have a horrible rep in Vegas and Im surprised anyone buys homes in those developments.

Nevada, or the City of Las Vegas, does not bann the practice or use of solar systems (grid tie-in). In fact if your system puts back into the grid you can actually get a check from the Power Co. I'm pretty sure the state and Fed. Gov. will also extend a tax credit.


Comment #37

With our HOA you cannot even park your own car in your own drive way. No cars should be visible while not in motion... and I bought it because of location location location, it's Vegas lakefront property, and a lot of those kinds of places are strict about what people do on their own property... If you want the property you live by the rules, and one of those rules is no visible solar devices that might be deemed visually unappealing to the design committee. There are a lot of places like this.


Comment #38

Yes, Marc, there are a lot of places like this and I'm sure there are also a lot of people working on laws right now to put a stop to it. I don't expect these kinds of rules to last in todays environment.....nor do I expect the home owners themselves to want them to.

Globalwarming is a serious problem for us all and everybody will one day be expected to do all they can to control or deter it....without any restrictive laws...

Comment #39

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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