GoDaddy and other web hotsing services?

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Before I ask my question, I want to ask: GoDaddy and other web hotsing services?.

My main question is: I was just reading an interesting thread in the appraisels section called " should I sell it or develop it." Turns out the guy who started the thread never really owned the name and the thread was locked.

I noticed however that there was a HUGE amount of interest in nanotechnology from all the responses to the thread. It really is an amazing area that seems to have a great future. I also noticed that just about every nanotech name you could ever imagine has already been registered, so domainers have taken notice.

In this thread you can list your nano domains, talk about nanotech...anything to do with nanotechnology can be discussed here. I think nanotech is important enough to have it's own thread and nanotech domains would appear to offer good longterm potential to domainers.

Here is a nice site that has a ton of info on everything nanotech:

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Your question was: GoDaddy and other web hotsing services?. - I think it has a nice ring to it!..

Comment #1

I like it! Do you have plans to buy it? Or do you own it already?..

Comment #2

.biz and .info are not best tlds but names themselves are nice...

Comment #3

Very small stuff!.

Technology into small stuff allows us to create new products that are not available. (e.g. very comfortable waterproof clothes, toothbrush that plays the radio.,etc...)..

Comment #4

We know the technology is very fast...

Nanotech began some years ago (if I am not wrong 20-25 years ago) and as our knowlegde improves more and more each day in a speculation act I reg'd 2 FEMTOTECH names.

In the measurement scale FEMTO is just after NANO... if the guys improve our technology fast (10 years) I can have good names, who knows?..

Comment #5 and -.

I tried to develop them but the sites came out so tiny!..

Comment #6

Thanks for the feedback! This is one I picked up a few months back. I hope to get around to developing it one of these days, but would be willing to part with it if the right offer came along...

Comment #7

I have a couple...

I like NanoSpy the best...what do you think?..

Comment #8

I was given few domains by a domainer who no longer wants them..n there is few nano domains in there.. n I dun even know wat it is

Comment #9

I like it alot. This is the type of name that would be of interest to the business world, i.e. Wall Street...

Comment #10

I agree..Merrill Lynch already has an index that tracks nanotech stocks..

Comment #11

Here are a few good articles about nanotech investing. It is probably best to wait for a bull market in nanotech stocks before considering selling your nano domains. You will always get a much higher price when the group is hot and investors are pouring bundles of cash into this industry.

Comment #12

No doubt the topic is hot. Nanotech is definitely a new industry.

As far as domains are concerned, I started to invest in nano-names 3 or 4 years ago. I've already sold a few of them, mostly in the $x,xxx range. In my opinion, there is a huge potential here, for the next 2-5 years.


Comment #13

Building machines on the molecular level. The possibilities are ....aaahm ... enormous. Quite a few years off, as I understand...

Comment #14

Nanotech will become a very big hit in the next 5 years...

Comment #15

Just picked up NewNanotechnology .com !! a tad long, but nonetheless I am pleased on a molecular level to say the least. SP..

Comment #16

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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