Godaddy and Exchange 2003 configuration?

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My first question is: Godaddy and Exchange 2003 configuration?.

My next question is: Yes, I sold exactly 1,700 domains in the year that just ended.

But no, I haven't bought the Lamborghini yet. Most of those were low-$xx sales.

I hope I sell fewer this year ... because I want to focus more on development & end user sales, and less on quick flips (though they are hard to resist!).

Is anyone else turning over so many domains, or am I the only crazy one?..

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Your question was: Godaddy and Exchange 2003 configuration?.


I don't have the energy to sell that many - besides I am a 'buy and hold' investor..

Good for you.

PS. What ROI do you look for?.


Comment #1

I will usually reg a HostGator if I can reasonably offer it for at least 5x it's reg fee ... and I often end up selling them for 3-4x reg fee. (Some go for much more, of course!)..

Comment #2

You are a HostGator flipping machine!.

I think we sometimes forget that even a low $$ is 100% ROI and more. I would love to see the list of 1700 names you sold. Do you feel you have tapped into a niche stream of buyers? By age or genre?.

Happy New Year and 2400 sales in 08.


Comment #3

Amazing. Congrats! Were most of them private sales or did you use Sedo, others? (Have to ask)..

Comment #4

I don't necessarily want to share the exact list, but here are some general characteristics of the 1,700 domains I sold last year (all numbers are approximate):.

800 .com's (including 240 LLLL's).

600 .net's.

200 .info's.

About 400 of the domains were acronyms - that includes,,, etc. The rest were keyword domains (including just over 100 one-worders).

Places where I sold them:.

NP - about 750.

DNF - also about 750.

Private - 65 (largely to people who had bought other ones from me somewhere else, but some to buyers who found me through whois).

EBay - 40 (low prices, not going back there soon).

DomainState - 40 (don't really use it any more).

Sedo - 20.

SnapNames - 10.

Afternic - only 2, but one was my most profitable sale of the year.

That many sales requires a lot of bookkeeping - good thing Excel can handle it!..

Comment #5

Nice going,.

I think I sold 0 Names last year..

Comment #6

Thanks randomo,.

I was only asking alloud about the list.

Great info and stats. Nice to see NPs and DNF are the leaders.

4.657534246575342 ...... served a day hehehehehehe..

Comment #7

Great Job!.

I started off the New Year well with 5 sales today. Kind of mind boggling to think you sell that many each and everyday on average!..

Comment #8

I'm already ahead of you, I got 6 so far today!.

Keep up the good work, Reece...

Comment #9

1700 sales is a surprising number to me!!!.

Congras to you and good luck 2008..

Comment #10

Dave, since you and I do many of the same things, my sales numbers are just a touch higher then 2K domains sold this year. I do plan on lowering that number as you do, but it's just so hard to pass up the cash. If I still have the time, I just can't pass it up. (I'm sure you will not either) Maybe I can hire somebody to some of the work...

Comment #11

Nice stat's Dave. Wow you sold just under 5 domains every day last year. Now you sold 6 on day 1 of this year. So much for your NY resolution to cut down.

I have three questions...

1) How much time do you spend each day on a) aquisitions, b) everything else domainwise?.

2) On average, how many domains are you holding at any time?.

3) how many domains did you drop last year?..

Comment #12

Hey Stu,.

Good questions. Approximate answers:.

1) a) 1-2 hours.

B) 2-4 hours.

2) 1,000-1,500.

3) about 300 (will probably increase this year, as I reg'd many more domains in '07 than in '06).

P.S. Today's sales are up to 7, & I'm negotiating for a possible bulk deal that would raise that number substantially...

Comment #13

Wow, that's a lot of sales, congrats on the good work!..

Comment #14

Nice one, I'm sure there is a nice car waiting in a posh garage for you!!!.

All the best for 2008...

Comment #15

Very good work, which service have you used to sell them ? Sedo, Namepros ? .

Have you registered domains by yourself, or you have bought on the second market ? Have they been new domains, or they have had few years ? .

Maybe you think about offering brokerage ?

Comment #16

One of the earlier posts shows where I sold them.

Most of them were drop-catches. I also did some buying on HostGator forums, eBay, etc.

I have thought of setting up a domain-sales website, but still haven't made that decision. Too busy flipping .....

Comment #17

I just looked at my spreadsheet and we sold no less than 850 domains last year, so you are not the only crazy one. I really started getting into this in April so those numbers are not for an entire year.

Did every name I sell go for profit? No.

Am I happy with the outcome overall? Uhh, yea!.

My goal for 2008 is to expand our numbers and closing 15-20 HostGator sales per day, at least 6 days per close more domains in live auctions and on websites like Sedo and Afternic.

We'll see how that goes.


Comment #18

Wow. Only 1-2 hours on acquisitions for so many domains. How do you manage to be so efficient? You must be making quick decisions and little research.

Wow (again). Turning over more than 100% (at profit ratios of 300-500%).

I like your numbers. I sold 129 domains last year. Most were firesales to other domainers. But I did sell 21 domains to end users. I dropped about 850. Still made a good profit (but profit per hour was way below minimum wage).

This year is going to be one of consolidation for me. I have too many domains to manage efficiently. I've stopped buying (which saves me about 4 hours+ a day). I'm going to concentrate harder on selling and parking optimization, with a little bit of development thrown in for good measure...

Comment #19

Congrats for the impressive stats randomo.

I hope 2008 be much better for you!!!..

Comment #20

Of the different places that you sold them.

What is dnf? pardon my ignorance,.

And congrats, again on your success..

Comment #21

DNForum - another forum like NamePros.

P.S. 21 domains sold so far this year, plus awaiting payment on a bulk deal of 36...

Comment #22

Congratulations. (You're on Sahar's blog today as well). Would you mind talking a little bit about which sites/software you use to do your drop mining?Do you use PayPal? Or an escrow co. above a certain dollar amount?.

Thanks (to the other contributors as well) for sharing this information!..

Comment #23

Woohoo! I'm famous! Well, I'm reluctant to do so, since competition is already stiff enough! I can say that I download drop lists and manipulate them in Excel - a process that became MUCH harder last month, when I switched to Windows Vista and Excel 2007. (Those files and calculations worked fine in Excel 2003 running under Windows XP, but they now cause Excel 2007 to crash, so I had to find some much slower workarounds. Bill Gates is not on my happy list right now.).

I don't look for numeric qualities such as pagerank ... I just mechanically narrow down the drop list (eliminating long domains and ones that contain numbers or hyphens), then look over that subset manually.

You never know what you might catch. One day in late 2007, I caught 179 dropping's at reg fee ... that probably won't happen again, but it's providing a nice profit stream! I don't often use escrow, but I usually require some proof of reliability (like a substantial trader rating) before doing a straight PayPal sale...

Comment #24

1700? That is a crazy amount.

I just made my calculations, and I had 550 - 600 HostGator sales last year. Currently I have about 430 domains. Unfortunately, I am quite unorganized and tend to not use excel all the time.

I will also focus less on flipping this year, and more on development, and on less but better names. It is easier to manage all those sales and payments (especially that I do not use paypal yet).

Wish you a 2008 rich in sales...

Comment #25

1700 is a lot,.

What is your total revenue-expense=?..

Comment #26

1700? wow.

You don't have to tell us your secrets, but in general, how do you make all these sales?.

Do you talk to potential buyers on the phone, etc?.

Best wishes with your 2008 sales..

Comment #27

A good change in my domaining life in 2008 is to be more organised, I will use more things like excell, to keep more track of buys, sales etc ... thx for all the info you gave us Randomo!..

Comment #28

Yes - after I use Excel to narrow down the drop lists, I look through them pretty quickly, and do little or no research on the domains that interest me. (This is the way I live my life: fast decisions, based on little evidence! ) I don't put much effort into parking (as my domains don't get enough natural traffic to justify it), but I will focus more on development and end-user sales this year. Mostly, I just post sales on these forums, like everybody else! My "secret" is to offer a huge assortment of pretty good names at ridiculously cheap prices.

Giving good service also counts for a lot. Many of my sales are to previous customers who know that I will push domains quickly, accept reasonable bulk offers, and work with them to ensure that all goes smoothly.

Much success in 2008 to you too!..

Comment #29


I hope you didn't mind that I turned your thread into an article. I thought you shared a lot of great information. I didn't foresee Sahar picking it up so I hope you don't mind the exposure...


Comment #30

Bill - No problem at all; I'm glad you found it useful.

I'm in this business not just for money, but also for fame. Write about me any time!.

P.S. I should acknowledge my buddy Yofie, who not only sold more domains than me last year, but has also shared info and worked with me on drop catching and some other aspects of the game...

Comment #31

Yep! You can't sell them if you can't find them...

Comment #32

I'm very impressed with that turnover.... that's commitment for you!.

If you ever start a sales site I'd be happy to post my portfolio up there for comission sales, you must have quite a following by now ;-).

Does anyone here find it worthwhile using SEDO's 'featured' domains facility.... I've never tried it but figure it could be a good way to generate a bit of interest?.



2007 - sales = 2 ;-)..

Comment #33

I did not do a huge volume of sales in 2007 but I know my ROI was VERY high to say the least and I am happy, Quality not quantity. Hope this year will be even better...

Comment #34

Randomo you are my idol for the simple fact I'm trying to sell just 1 HostGator a day and still havent managed that LOL.

I think my problem is I cant sell cheap. if I sell cheap to someone I feel there is something they know that I dont that will turn that $20 HostGator into a few Hundred and then I will kick myself for letting it go so cheap.

However if your buying domains at $7.44 and then selling back at $25-30 thats pretty good at say 6 x a day @ avg $25 = $150 a day x 30 days = $4500 x 12 months = $54,000 and thats JUST the basic 2-3 word domains I'm sure.....Nice goin man!..

Comment #35

Randomo, you have any names in the snap list released today?

Comment #36

It's all in your perspective. I'm sure many of my customers have made good money on names that I sold too cheaply - but I don't lose sleep over it! Instead of holding on to names for a longer time, hoping to sell them for better prices, I sell 'em cheap and move on to more names. Time is money! (Besides, if my customers are getting terrific deals from me, they'll probably come back for more. ) Wow, I've been so busy that I can't even remember whether I submitted any ... don't think so. But having seen that list, I wish I had, because some of my domains are far better than many of the ones that were accepted!.

(Meanwhile, the 3 I submitted for the DomainTools auction were turned down. Oh well. But I do have a bunch of auctions at SnapNames ending during the next week. May post the list later, but I have to run right now ....)..

Comment #37

Very impressive randomo - I need to rethink !..

Comment #38

Good to See You Bill....

I think that is perfect ...... I was going to suggest he (randomo) write an article. Even if veiled it would be a great read...

Comment #39

Sheesh Dave!.

Give us normal guys a chance to catch you... 29 sales for me on the year now.

You at 100 yet?..

Comment #40

Only 59, but I'm workin' on it!.

(And when you say "us normal guys", what are you implying about me, Reece?!).

P.S. Most of those 59 have been from my dwindling supply of's (down to about 120 now), so I can't keep that up forever!..

Comment #41

I don't know, was starting to think we should proclaim you King COM or something like that with all those sales.

Most of my sales this year have been LLLL.coms as well. Pretty hot right now..

Comment #42

Wow, 1700 a years ? I'am only sell :.

2006 - 1 sale.

2007 - 2 sale.

2008 - until this day 4 HostGator I think's..

Comment #43

For many months I have been contemplating buying This thread inspired me to finally get it. I have had between 100 and 300 sales at the start of the year but haven't had many sales since May.

I think I sold more in 2006 and expect to sell more this year. This last year has been very disorganised for me as I moved house and quit my job. I expect this year to be more settled and more organised.

My idea for was to have a site that promoted HostGator Flippers who agreed to a set of guidelines that upheld level of integrity. Guidelines would include a set number of sales targets that are met, possibly membership of, commitments to each other, etc...

I am still disorganised but I am glad that I still could get before somebody else took it.

Good luck with your sales Randomo!..

Comment #44

Congrats Randomo, I'm lucky to be one of your customers.

And one of them gave me excellent ROI, so I make it a point to drop into your sales, even if I don't buy many.

I sold about 50 odd domains last year, very decent ROI, though some I even lost a little money on but considering I've bought a ton more...I've become a seller only you can probably see from my sig..

Comment #45

Hardly ever!.

The sales I most regret are the ones I don't make...

Comment #46

Great job randomo! I hope you sell even more in 2008.

I need to do a better job of tracking my own ROI. Does anyone have a basic/advanced Excel template for HostGator sales I could start from? Was one ever posted here at NP?..

Comment #47

Thanks, but as I mentioned, I hope I will sell fewer! I don't know about a template, but here are the columns I use in my Excel HostGator work, so I can sort the data in many ways:.

Domain name [without TLD].


How acquired (buy / reg / eBay / TDNAM / Snap / etc.).

Price paid.

Asking price.

Expiration date.

Category (1 word / acronym / sports / computers / food / misc. / etc.).

Length (how many characters in HostGator name without TLD).

Creation date (for domains that are more than a few years old).

Other relevant stats (e.g., Overture score).

When a HostGator is sold, I move it to a separate SOLD worksheet, where I also fill in columns for price received, where it was sold (NamePros, eBay, etc.), and date sold.



Comment #48

Words to live by.

Stole it for my sig...

Hope you don't mind...

Comment #49


Do you track ROI on the SOLD worksheet? Do you keep 'em long enough to factor in renewal cost into the equation?.


Comment #50


Yeah, that's a tricky thing. When I renew a domain, I add that amount to the "price paid", and I leave a note in an "Other" column that says something like "6.95 reg + 7.44 renew" so I know where the "price paid" came from.

I can use the SOLD worksheet for lots of things. It can track ROI on the domains that I sell, but for a fuller picture of my HostGator profits, I enter all revenues and expenses into Quicken.


Comment #51

I just posted mine. I hope that what you are looking for

Comment #52

Actually, I have discovered I made a mistake.

I didn't sell 1,700 domains last year ...

I really sold 1,704!.

(Just found out I hadn't recorded 4 sales in my spreadsheet.)..

Comment #53

Grats on the sales. Heres hoping everyone has a productive year like yours ...

Comment #54

Yeah! You doing a good job with this one Pretty much identical to mine. Although I have several sheets within the same spreadsheet... Domains/Sales/Expired/Revenue (Parking). I just cut 'n paste the HostGator if it sells or expires. I pull all the total sales/expired data into the Revenue sheet to calculate my profit or loss for the year, instantly..

Comment #55

Congratulations randomo, you're an inspiration. I am leaving work in a month or so and will be going full time in domaining. I mainly get most of my income at the moment from small sales and quick flips so will hope to chase your number of sales for this year.

I also use excel spreadsheets with columns for the HostGator name, purchase date, costs (which I update if I renew it), registrar, expiration date, sales platforms and prices they are listed at and a parked column so I know where it is parked.

I also have many different worksheets so it's easier to keep track eg,,,,, .info, other extensions.

I then have a sold tab where I cut them into once they sell which has a lot of the same columns as well as where it was sold, sale price, sale date, payment method, payment date...

Comment #56

Good luck with that - but don't plan on being a flipper forever! Plan to move up the ladder into development, end-user sales, etc. Yes, I also keep separate worksheets for's &'s, since I have many of those. The other types of domains (for example, brandables) can be separated easily enough in the main worksheet, since I have a column for "category"...

Comment #57

Just FYI, I'm up to 354 domains sold so far in 2008.


250 .net's in a bulk sale.

82's (I also bought some!).

22 other assorted domains.

I don't plan to maintain this pace (and anyway, I only have about 100's left), but I hope to put some more bulk sales together this year (as well as some end-user sales!).

Best wishes for success to all of you too.



Comment #58

Good Lord!.

And I thought I was doing good with ~ 170..

Comment #59

I don't think you are going to sell fewer than 2007. Its Just me. Good luck...

Comment #60

You may be right. Final January stats.

498 domains sold (just missed the magic 500 mark!).

That included:.

*250 .net's in a bulk sale.

*141's (keeping about 30 triple- & quad-premiums).

*107 others (This month is off to a similar start. February 1st - 38 sales [mostly a bulk sale, quick flip]).

However, February will be the 3rd annual End User Sales Month. Watch for an announcement soon!.

Happy domaining,.


Comment #61

So ... I am failing in my goal of selling fewer domains this year.

In fact, almost halfway through the year, I have sold 945. I would love to get up to 1,000 before the end of June. And you can help!.

Please see my June MEGA-SALE; hundreds of domains are listed at low reseller prices, and reasonable offers are welcome. Or let me know if you are interested in all-premium's - I can sell them to you in bulk, for not much more than reg fee.



Comment #62

Good work..

I hope I can sell 17 domains of $10000 each in 2008..

Comment #63

You might want to UP your RAM. If the crashes still occur, Replace your Old Ram with New and you should be good...

Comment #64

Jesus, that must take SO much time to make threads, answer pm's, push names, and managing all that stuff. GOod job. I sold like 10 probably haha..

Comment #65

IMO one should disregard ROI and look at the margin profits. I was just like radamo flipping names back in 2006/early2007ish at marginal prices, but a good return % wise. Its a step game really, congrats on the 1400 sales, I think your going to start consolidating and buying more premium names to sell at higher margins.

Things took a big turn when I sold one name and flipped it within a week to make more money then I have made the previous year combined with mini sales...

Comment #66

I think Sam hit the nail on the head. However, 1700 names is still HUGE, especially if they weren't generally in bulk deals.


Comment #67

It's not quite as much time as you think, since about 600 of those domains were sold in 6 bulk sales. But yes, it does take time!..

Comment #68

GREAT job man! I didn't sale near that many, but I didn't do too bad either. Nice going, I hope the new development plan does as well for you this year...

Comment #69

Well, looks like I won't quite get to 1,000 ... I've sold 955 so far this year, and June 30 is almost over.

I'll let you know how the second half of the year goes! (I have a tentative mid-$xxxx sale on a nice 1-word .com ... got to work on getting more of those, instead of so many quick $xx flips!).


Comment #70

Set your new goal! Sell at least 1 HostGator to each NPer and DNFer before 2010!..

Comment #71

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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