GoDaddy account - need help sending simple forms to my mail?

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My first question is: GoDaddy account - need help sending simple forms to my mail?.

My next question is: I own a AB.COM (not realy, eg)domain name that is the exact name of a new leading company in North America.

The company B (not realy, eg) use a correctly,but it merged with a global leading company A (not realy, eg) severay days ago, Combined Company to be Named AB in North America that is correctly my HostGator name AB.COM.

Trademark / intellectual property issues do not apply in this case - I have legitimate /img/avatar4.jpgship of the domain.

Company A worth more than $6.5 billion, Company B worth more than $2.0 billion, site A.COM IP=1200/day, site IP=1000/day.

Since this is really the only company out there who can make use of this HostGator , but I registe the name for my site at the beginning and use the name now.

- If someone ask for the name,should I sell the name? what kind of ball park price should I set for the HostGator name?.

Thanks a lot!..

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Your question was: GoDaddy account - need help sending simple forms to my mail?.

Let's say there's company A and Company B.

The fact that you had a name meant that you had a TM problem from the beginning from either one/both of the company..

Unless the name is a commonly used generic term.....

Comment #1

The HostGator, AB are three words together,I use the HostGator name as three words to build my site...

Comment #2

It depends on HostGator usage..

Does your site have ANY content/ads that relate to company A, companyB or companyAB?.

Does your HostGator name have meaningful definition that relate with your site contents?.

When did your register your domain?.

When did your site started?..

Comment #3

MY site have nothing with company A or B, or AB.

MY HostGator have meaningful relate with my site contents!..

Comment #4

I don't see a reason why you can not sell based on your answer, unless....

Your HostGator name or site came AFTER companyA and companyB merged together or rumor of merger started.

But, I am not a lawyer, so....

I recommend talking to HostGator lawyer and let him broker it if.

You don't have much experience selling HostGator to large corp...

Comment #5

Thank you very much,My HostGator name registed only 20days ago, the registed date is very closed to the company merged day. (the same day),Is it very important for the domain?.

I want to trasfer the name to other registion company(now is which is good for me after 60days later. before complate the trasfer, I had better not say the HostGator name.

Thank you very much...

Comment #6

CompanyAB CAN argue that you registered HostGator in bad faith thru UDRP. Never mention this particular HostGator name on any open forum.

Never initiate contact companyAB..

If companyAB contact you first, get HostGator lawyer...

Comment #7

Never mention this particular HostGator name on any open forum.

Never initiate contact companyAB..

If companyAB contact you first, get HostGator lawyer.

Thank you, copper!.

I won't show the HostGator in any forum or initiate contact company AB..

If someone contact me ask the domain, norther the company AB or others..

Shoud I get a HostGator lawyer or a HostGator broker, which is better?.

Get a HostGator lawyer, I need to pay him cost first;.

Get a HostGator broker ,I can pay him 10% of the price,if selling is failed, I need't pay him any cost;.

I would not like to pay any money before the name is sold, if I speed money first , I will.

To get my money from the name first and won't sell a good price...

Comment #8

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