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My first question is: Godaddy...?.

My next question is: There is a HostGator I want. It's registered to someone and they're just trying to sell it on sedo. I e-mailed them asking what they're looking for, and of course they responded asking what I wanted to spend. I had no idea how much the HostGator was worth so I said I don't know and asked what range they're looking for. They told me reasonable offers would be considered. I asked what they considered to be reasonable and they said several thousand dollars.

I asked a couple friends that do domaining what it might be worth and they seem to agree that it would be worth low 3-digits, being generous.

I told them person that has the HostGator I don't want to, and can't afford to, spend that much on a domain. They asked what I wanted to use it for, I told them and they said it seems interesting so they'd make a deal with me. They said if I gave them $100, they'd let me use the HostGator for what I want to use it for, I'd put ads on the site, and they'd get 50% of ad revenue. They said they could help with advertising and maybe design, because that's what they do.

I told my friends about the deal and they said it definitely does not seem worth the trouble and risk. Furthermore, my friends told me it seems like it may even be a scam to get a bit of money out of me.

I really want the HostGator because it fits the idea of a site I really want to make very well. It's the perfect HostGator for me, even if it's not worth much to other people. I don't want to get ripped off and I don't want to deal with all the trouble of a 50/50 deal when it's not even my domain.

What do you suggest I do to get the domain? It's set to expire near the end of the year but they'll probably just renew it. I look at the stats on sedo and I seem to be the only person to even have made an offer. I just really want the domain...

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Your question was: Godaddy...?.

I don't want to do it. I want to make a deal that will get me 100% control of the domain. I want it registered in my name. I'm asking here for suggestions on how to approach the situation. I don't know much about domaining so I'm asking you guys. What does a person like that want? What can I give them that will be worth more to them than the HostGator I want is?..

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If it's parked already on sedo, the way to put an offer is via sedo only, and if they haven't put a counter offer on it, chances are they want your price. all you can do is wait....

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You can try that- chances are if there have been no other offers, and you come in with one, they will know it is you- all you can do is make an offer that you feel is reasonable-and, they can hold out forever-.

When some domainers see that someone wants a name, they quote outragious prices sometimes- you can make an offer and say it is the highest you can go- and they will either accept or deny-.

If you want the name that badly, you may have to give in-.

If you keep going back, they are gonna know you really want it, and believe me, they will try and use that to their advantage..

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I put the offer on it before I started talking to them. They didn't even acknowledge it and then told me they wanted several thousand. That's what I've been thinking and it's why I don't really want to approach them about it too often...

Comment #4

I have dealt with similar issues a few times. I have used the same philosophy all 3 times this happened.

I made an offer on Sedo and of couse got a counter offer that was 20x-50x what I had offered. I then replied back that there was no way I could afford anything close to the counter offer, but I increased my offer slightly with a reply saying you can choose to take 2nd offer or send to auction but this is my limit. All 3 times the HostGator was sent to auction. 2 of the 3 went through the auction with me as the only bidder. The third cost me a little more but wasn't outrageous because of 2 other bidders.

In situations like this.....if the HostGator has not recieved other offers then chances are decent that you won't have anyone bidding against you...unless they are doing the smart thing and contacting potential end users immediately to make them aware of the auction.

Hope this helps...

Comment #5

What else can you do?.

The name's with them and they are asking for ridiculous amount of money.

The deal they proposed to you is not to your advantage. In fact, the deal is far from being a fair deal. You could be developing the name for 3 years, building backlinks and traffic... and then, they say they want to take it back for their own use. Then all your effort is wasted.

Maybe you can get Spade to help you. PM him. He's a master in negotiation...

Comment #6

Based on PMs I've received and posts in this thread, it seems as though best case, it'll go to auction and I'll win it there.

I did send a pm to Spade, but I also just got another friend to help me with negotiations. He seems to be doing well for himself. He just told me he wanted a couple domains from someone and was willing to spend 500-1000 on both total. He started at 60 each, they countered with 12,500. He eventually talked them down to 350 each. Maybe he can help me do that with the HostGator I want.

I'll still take more advice, though. I'm always looking for more advice...

Comment #7

Before buying a name listed on sedo.

You need to educate yourself on domaining.

Research research research.

Here at Namepros.


Comment #8

I've been reading around this site, but I sent the original e-mail before I knew about this place. I'm not a huge domainer and don't intend to be, I prefer building sites. Maybe with a bit of little domaining on the side.

This HostGator is just one I really want, I just happened to stumble across sedo because that's where it's parked...

Comment #9

When it comes to negotiating, it's all about what you say and how you say it. At this point, you've put yourself in a bit of a hole. You have a few things going against you, first the seller is obviously a domainer to some degree - as their HostGator is for sale on Sedo.

I will avoid doing business with Domainers at nearly all costs. We ask for ridiculous sums of money (for the most part) and often times have poor valuations of our own HostGator names.

In this case, I would do the following: Call up the owner of the HostGator name, let them know you were the one who bid on sedo (if you had). I also would explain to them that your discussion of the deal earlier simply wont work and doesn't make you comfortable. Make one last offer of a couple hundred and let them know you'll leave it on the table for 3-4 days. After which you'll be pursuing a different HostGator name.

Youve got a 50/50 shot with this, but I think it's your last bet before giving up or paying them their asking price.


Comment #10

I like Spades approach, if they have not had any other offers they may at least release it to auction...

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