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Right now I have my goal weight set at 125 lbs. That is what Medifast suggested and is in the center of the healthy weight range for my height, 5'4". Does anyone out there have a suggestion as to what a good weight is for my height? I'm afraid that 125 is too thin. I don't want to be sickly looking. Also, I was thinking that maybe once I got to around 130-135lbs that I would stop losing, that my body would know it's time to stop. Does that make sense?..

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I hear ya', Gabby! My healthy range (5'9") is 129-169, so I set my goal at 160. I ended up at 159 and felt that was too thin for me. My legs were too skinny, knees were knobby and I could see ribs too easily. I've put back 15 lbs, mostly muscle from running/weight training. I do feel a little too heavy right I'm working on losing a handful of pounds. This is what Transition is about...figuring out that magic weight range.

Get to the top part of your range and see how you feel...then adjust from there..

Hope that helps! I'm wishing you well on your journey!.

Peace & good health,.


Comment #1

IMO, I believe your goal weight should be where you feel you look best and feel like it's not too much of a struggle to maintain at...not what a site or chart tells you you should be. At 160 pounds I will be a size 8. My blood pressure and cholesterol are already at a healthy level now, so I can only imagine they'd get even better. I'd also feel confident I'd be able to maintain that weight easily.

I've been as low as 130 and looked gaunt, with crepy skin and a sunken face. Not to mention I felt like I was starving to keep my weight there. I'm getting older and feel I need a bit more weight to fill in the wrinkles and the crepy look.

But the "charts" and "experts" say that at 5'5" I would be overweight. Who cares? Maybe when I get to 160 I'll decide to lose a bit more, but I want to make that decision for myself...not because someone says I should weigh a certain amount...

Comment #2

I am 5'4" and shooting for 135-140 according to the BMI chart for "normal" weight, it's on the higher end, but feels right *for me*..

Good luck!.


Comment #3

I'm 5' 6.5", and when I weighed 160 lbs, I wore a size 6. According to the BMI charts, this still puts me in the overweight range...really, at a size 6? I never relied much on BMI charts. You really have to take into consideration your body frame, muscle mass, etc. Right now my goal is actually 170 lbs, which is about a size 8 for me. After that, I will gauge whether or not I want to lose any more weight. I say you go by size and measurements...choose a healthy size and waist circumference for your height. This is what really determines your healthy range...

Comment #4

The best thing to do is to find a small fitness store or gym that does body fat testing with calipers. You may be able to find a weight control center of some type, most likley in a dr office, that as an expensive composition scale like I found in St louis. My suggested weight was less than my lean body weight on the Medifast sight. Although I did not get it tested at the beginning I went by what I used to weigh when I was young and fit and added some weight to that. I am at 14 % bf now and according to the BMI chart I am over weight. My wife ened up having more lean mass than she thought she would have she is 5-5 and will weigh in at 130 to 135 when she is done.When she first started she was thinking 140.

You can always change your goals down the road as you get close I did...

Comment #5

Ah, the goal weight debate. I have no words of wisdom. I'm trying to figure it out too. In my late 20s, I weighed around 168lbs and wore either an 8 or 10 depending on the brand. If I got below 165, I started looking too thin. Now at the age of 39, my body wears weight differently.

That's the plan as of now anyway. Medifast suggested a goal weight of 142lbs, but that is definitely too thin for me..

And I definitely agree with what others have suggested. Choose a weight that you feel good at and that you think you can maintain without starving yourself...

Comment #6

Thank you everyone for your help. I really appreciate it. I'm going to put some more thought into this and see what I decide. I'm thinking I should set my goal a little higher and then decide when I get there...

Comment #7

I am 5'0 and every chart says that I should be 100lbs. The pic of me in my avatar was at 120. I think that much less would make me look too thin. (Unfortunetly, I let things slide so I'm back on the wagon.) Don't go by those charts, they don't factor in so many things...

Comment #8

I am 5'8" + a bit and am shooting for 165 at this point. I'll see how I feel/look at that weight. When I got married 33 years ago I weighed 145 and was not too thin but I do not think that is realistic any more. I think I would look like skin and bones. At 165 goal weight, I am just into the healthy BMI on the charts. I have a friend who is going to tell me if I start looking gaunt. Don't think that will happen at 165...

Comment #9

I am 5'3" and my goal weight was originally 130. I stopped at 140 because I felt thin, and mostly because my husband said I was "just right". You will feel when the time is right to stop. No one says you can't ever revisit the whole thing and lose or gain 10 pounds and adjust. We will be "adjusting" forever, anyway! I am back on Medifast after 8 months, I regained 16 pounds since an injury, so here I am, right back on plan!..

Comment #10

I've taken into consideration my BMI on the charts. I know that it isn't a "one size fits all" chart, but I also think that my brain is warped by the people I see on a daily basis who would be considered obese on the charts, but just look average. That's how I've been my whole life. In everyone else's eyes I looked fine because I am proportionate and have "hard" fat, but on the scale I was obese. I've also hear more and more (specifically with Dr. Oz) that your tummy fat is the most important indicator of health problems later on.

I'm currently at a 29 inch waist and I'm 5'9". I have 2 more lbs. to go. I won't try to lose more but will let my body do what it will when I get to transition.

Anyways, get to a healthy weight and see where you feel comfortable. I won't rely on my eyes- they have lied to me my whole life. Hope that helps...

Comment #11

I wouldn't give too much weight to the Medifast suggestion, check out my blog post about it and the included link. Good luck...

Comment #12

I let Medifast decide my goal for me of 142. It is half way between the healthy BMI range for a female 5'8" 165-125.

I was 175 when I got married in 1998 at age 31, and wearing a 14-16 (no Ws) in regular store clothes.

When I met my soon-to-be husband in 1995 I was 145-150 and felt a little chubby but I was wearing 9-10 sizes. I lost weight in 1996 because I was working two jobs, with one of them on my feet a lot, so went down to 125 and was wearing 6-8..

With vanity sizing, and keeping a little on me to help hide wrinkles and crepey skin, I think 140 will be OK, but will also be OK with anything up to 165 if I'm wearing 8-10..

All that said, it all depends on how I look and feel the closer I get to a healthy BMI...

Comment #13

I'm 5'6", (used to be 5'7" but spinal surgery took my inch away). Medifast suggests my weight to be 114-154. At 145-150 I am a very comfortable size 12 (I am totally happy with being a 12). I have one of those bodies that "carry weight well". No one ever things I weigh as much as I do because I am proportionate. I also have 20lbs of boobs that are not going anywhere (LOL, TMI?) So I set my goal at 154lbs, the upper end of "normal" for me. I look good and feel good around that weight and think I can maintain it, so there it is, screw the charts..

Comment #14

At 5'2 every pound shows....I'm still in a 14 and at 155 lbs. I hate being so short. I set a goal of 135 and hope to be happy there, but we shall see.....

Comment #15

You'll figure it out when you get closer to goal. I'm 5'3 and 1/2. I look good at 125, actually got to 122 and was happy with that as well. Been hanging around 130 for about 4 months. Probably more at my happy weight. One nice thing about Medifast is you lose fat not muscle! On other diets you lose muscle as well which gives you the gaunt look. It's not something I'd worry about at this stage...

Comment #16

I wouldn't fixate on a number - just get to where YOU think you look good, your clothes fit the way that you want and you look healthy. I know that I always want to weigh somewhere in the upper 120's, but when I get down to the 130's, I am usually pretty comfortable and happy with my body...

Comment #17

I'm 5'10" and I've set my goal at 150. I chose this number because it's what I weighed on my wedding day. I was a size medium top and 8-10 bottom. I'm at 196 now and I still feel really fat. I definitely feel better about myself than I did at 253 but I'm struggling with lumps and bumps. Hopefully those will even out with a little more weight loss...

Comment #18

Thank you everyone for your input. It really is helping. I definitely will just go with the flow and see how I feel when I get to a certain weight. I'm not going to listen to those charts. I'm a size 10 now and would like to be a size 4 or 6. I think anything smaller would be too skinny.

I will just see how things go and see what I feel good at. Thank you!..

Comment #19

I am 5ft 7.5in and 51 years young I set my goal at 150 because It was my upper side of comfortable and thought if I ever HAPPEN to get there I would be thrilled! Well I got their and this plan was so easy to follow I thought I would go for 5 more...a little cushion. Well, at 147 I am seeing some bird legs and loose skin that I am not liking much. I will continue to try to get to 145 and hope the skin tightens with time. Point is it all depends on the person/body type/how you carry your weight/age/how you feel. Go to where you feel good!..

Comment #20

My goal weight was 140 but I ended up at 145. That's where I want to be again...

Comment #21

Can you explain that further? I've not seen that claim before. Thanks...

Comment #22

I struggled with this myself. I am 5'2" but not teeny so I set mine at 125 and am happy with it. It's been hard enough getting there, anything lower would not be realistic for me I think. Good luck!..

Comment #23

My first goal is set at 172. Once I get there I am going to have a body comp analysis done to help me find my goal weight. It's been 10 years since I have been a healthy weight so I honestly have no idea where I will set my final goal. I doubt it will be lower than 150 though because the one time in HS that I got below 145 I looked too thin but alot has changed with my body since then...

Comment #24

I am also 5'4 and I have my goal weight set for 140. I think once I get there I will re-evaluate. If I am happy there then I will stay. If I feel I still have more to lose then I will. I think a goal weight is individual to everyone even if they are the same height. Everyones body is different.

That is why I really do not have any idea what my final goal will be until I get there. It might be a good idea to set your goal for the top of your healthy range and then lower it after. That way if you get to 135 and that makes you happy you don't feel like a failure for not ever getting to 125. Hope that makes sense. Good luck!..

Comment #25

I've never been at a healthy weight as an adult so my goal weight is what I'm guessing I'll look good at..

Comment #26

To chime in, for me, I'm looking at resetting because I'm getting concerned about some "functional" issues. Size small things are looking baggy at 149.9 (whoo-hoo!) and I'm already a 5 in the juniors section. My bust hasn't changed despite losing over 40 lbs (still a G), and my band size has dropped from a tight 36 to a loose 32- they just don't MAKE that many 30G bras, it's not common enough (and yes, this was from a professional bra fitting recently). If I lose too much more, I won't have anything to wear off the rack, and I'm just not okay with having to tailor EVERYTHING.... my endocrinologist wants me at 120, max, to which I gave her a rather curt "BS" reply. My primary said we'll re-evaluate me at 140, but likely stopping at 135, which I'm even still a little nervous about- I've been dropping a size nearly every 7-8 lbs (I know, I drop quickly), so I'm concerned where that will leave me.

**PS- I'm 5'4" if I stand up REALLY straight **..

Comment #27

I know what you are saying about this. I don't want to get smaller than a 4. when you go to the stores they rarely stock sizes smaller than that. I am a lose size 8 right now. I can fit into a 6 but they are still tight in areas. I think if I lose more than 20 more pounds I will be too small for normal sizes...

Comment #28

I am also 5'4" and I would be sickly looking at 125. At 154 I had an RD tell me that was it no lower. Her big indicator was a third bone in the hand. Once that is visible you are below the healthy fat pad- then proceeded to show me it on several pictures of celebrities!.

I believe they used to call it the "Goldilocks Goal" you'll know when it is "just right.".

You may decide to pick up power lifting! Or Roller Derby! or Boxing! All of these will still have you lose fat, but you will gain muscle and your new goal will be higher..

Comment #29

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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