Getting sick during Medifast plan?

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I rarely get sick. Last time I did it was around this time of year. I normally just get sinus infections. I would normally go to the doc and get some meds plus load up on OJ, water, cough drops, and tea with lemon and honey. But I no longer have insurance so doc is outta the question. I was wondering what you all have done when you get sick with staying on plan.

Took some benedryl last nite. I would love some tea with lemon and honey since that always helped but I want to stay on plan. Any suggests would be great...

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Take care of your body first! It needs time to heal. Can you go to a clinic in one of the pharmacy's? Hope you feel better...

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There is a tea made by Traditional Medicinals called Lemon Echinacea Throat Coat. It is caffeine and calorie free. I use it when I have a sore throat.Maybe that will help. If you can't find it where the teas are, check the health food section or health food store...

Comment #2

I took my son to the doctors last week with allergies/sinus problems. He was congested too. Doctor said allergies are bad this year and will last till the first frost. My daughter and I both have it this week. One thing the doctor said was for congestion to take mucinex but regular mucinex not the DM or cough one which I was giving everyone last year.......

I myself have a lot of sinus pressure but runny nose so I am trying benadryl but it is not really making a difference. I did find that steaming my face with my $15.00 facial steamer 3-4 times a week for about 15 minutes makes a big difference in that I can breath. I also use a salt nose spray..

I don't know if there is anything that will work when it is allergy season for weeks and weeks. I am now walking around with a box of tissues and have the sinus drip in my nose so there is nothing I can do to help that.....

I guess we can all do what might make us comfortable...

Comment #3

I swear by EMergen-C. I have used it for myself and five kids for a long time. If I take it right when I start feeling sick I almost never actually GET sick. WHen I do get sick, taking it twice a day speeds up recovery IMO. Since being on Medifast I have swiitched to the sugar free kind which is 5 calories and I think 1g carb (I count it as a condiment)..

I also have a "magic chicken soup" recipe on my blog which I make for my kids when they get sick. It is AMAZING... really helps you feel better fast. It has garlic which is antibacterial/antiviral, and cayenne to loosen congestion. I'd just leave the carrots out for MF...

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My doctors have suggested sinus washes - a neti pot or something similar. You can get them at regular drug stores. You can get saline solutions (usually a mix to which you add warm water) and use that to rinse out your nose and sinuses. I know people who do this daily and have cleared up all or most of their allergy and/or sinus issues. It has not worked for me, though, as I found it too irritating...

Comment #5

Emergen-C lite. I count it as a condiment. Might give me expensive urine but so far I have dodged the bullet..

Also look into a net pot...

Comment #6

Gargle salt water or drink chicken broth-both will help with your throat and you'll stay on plan. Get better soon!..

Comment #7

LOL - me too! It was the weirdest sensation I have ever felt. I will have to be sedated before I can do that again! My allergies/sinus issues will just have to be helped some other way...

Comment #8

I have been battling this for about a month now. I started of with an upper respiratory infection so my doctor gave me some antibiotics but I dont think the infection completely went away cause I'm deal with a serious sinus infection as we speak. Unfortunately, I tried all the over the counter medications before I had to resort and call my doctor back for her to call me in something. I just wish you could get better overnight!!..

Comment #9

I love my little Neti pot during cold and allergy season. It really helps wash all those nasties out. It's best if you use warm water and it is fascinating having the water run out of the other nostril. Anatomy is so cool...

Comment #10

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I dunno if it is a sinus infection now. It's mainly my throat so I'm gonna go to the health store and find that tea. I'm not a fan of neti pot..I've heard sooo many good things about it though...

Comment #11

LOL - So NOT facinating to me. Feels like a creepy something snaking around in there Tried it once...never will do it again!.

But hey...that's what makes us uniquely individual right?..

Comment #12

I get sick 1-2 times a year living in hot, humid so. Louisiana. I always have to go to the doc and get 2 shots and anti-bioitcs. A week ago Saturday I woke up with that very familiar feeling I get in my chest. "Darn it" I said. Well, I acutally said worse.....

Thought for sure I would be calling the doctor on Monday. DH insisted I take some vitamin C twice a day....OK I said....well, I felt so much better, I never did have to make the doctor appt. That has NEVER happened once I get that feeling in my chest. Can't believe it. I also do use a Neti-pot too...

Comment #13

I also live in South Louisiana and this hot/cold spell we had these past 2 weeks has really gotten to me. I actually went back to the doctor for a second time today and was diagnosed with an Upper Respiratory Infection for a second time in a month. I tell ya, when I say I can lay in my bed and sleep for 2 weeks, I'm so not lying!! I'm headed up to North Louisiana this weekend to deer hunt; hopefully I won't be sniffling too much in the stand!!..

Comment #14

This is my first week back on Medifast after a 1.5 year hiatus and I started with a very nasty cold. I've now had it since last Sunday but still managed to stick with the program. I definitely noticed that It's taking me much longer to heal than usual and yesterday with exams and never ending classes, I forgot to eat all day and had to skip a class because I was utterly miserable. Just remember to NOT do what I did and get all your meals in. As far as vitamins, you're already getting more than your daily needs so taking anymore would just be flushed right out of your system.

I've been taking some NyQuil and noticed there's a lot of hidden sugars (all the names that end in -ol) so if you're taking it, just be aware that it may throw your carbs out of whack a little...

Comment #15

OK, that NyQuil must really be working because I just said the hidden sugars were the ones ending in -ol....please shoot me now, I meant -ose!! OOPSS!..

Comment #16

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